16 Best Brand Building Apps and Tools to Amplify Your Brand in 2021

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16 Best Brand Building Apps and Tools to Amplify Your Brand in 2021
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Branding and Marketing weren’t such a big deal a decade ago, but today they can make or break your business. Around 47% of small businesses invest capital in marketing as they know how impactful it can be. Doesn’t matter if you are a social media influencer or a small small business owner, these Brand Building Apps will boost your engagement and make you better at business communication

The apps listed below are super-efficient and used by billions (not exaggerating at all) over the world. It is because people are fully aware of Branding strategies and the results it has shown. Using these apps will help you get over with more than half of the branding. We have covered creating logos, editing pictures, managing ads, checking analytics, and a lot more. 

The Best Brand Building Apps and Tools include Canva, Unsplash, Hootsuite, MailChimp, and more. We have sorted all of these with the other best designing and editing tools below. 

Now that you are familiar with the contents, let’s begin with the article. 

20 Best Brand Building Apps and Tools in 2021

It is not necessary that you can only use these tools when working on a business or stuff like that. If you have a normal social media account on Instagram or Facebook, even then you can use these for having fun or enhancing your skills. Below you see various apps with their download links. 

Best Logo Design Apps

For making your brand stand out among the millions in competition, you need to have originality in your brand. Your logo should be able to express that sense of authenticity and creativity. If that sounded like a huge task, it is not. Just download any of the best logo design apps below and start making your first impression by designing your logo. 

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Logo Design Apps are a massively important part of Brand Building apps. Your logo is as important as your brand name if not more. 

1. Logo Maker – A Design Creator!

Logo Maker introduces fresh templates every season. Make logos, posters, and add new designs to your collection. You can get it on all your iOS devices.

2. Icona Studio

Icona Studio is a great app to make all the best logos that are stylish of all. Icona gives you the newest and most powerful design experience. 

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3. Logo Maker | Vintage Logo

Best Brand Building Apps and Tools
Source: AmazeInvent

Get the vintage look in your logo with Logo Maker | Vintage Logo. There are endless possibilities for the latest and oldest designs in this Designer App. 

4. DesignMantic

DesignMantic offers you the easiest and fastest way to make logos. The interface on this Brand Building App is so user-friendly that it is the first choice of many logo designers. 

5. Logo Creator: Label maker

You will get a complete studio to make your perfect design on Logo Creator: Label maker. The app is highly rated on the Apple App Store, so you can definitely rely on it. 

Best Design and Editing Apps (Tools)

If you are maintaining a Brand at this age, then you cannot do it without Best Design and Editing apps. You will require these every day at every step, from uploading images on social media to editing a profile picture. These are a must-have in the list of Brand Building apps. 

1. Canva

Canva has made editing so easy that it is because of this cool app that many people developed an interest in editing. It is easy, has thousands of designs, and abundant features to make your work stand out. 

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2. Lightroom CC

Have access to all your photos on every device you own. Lightroom CC is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and Android platforms. It is one of the best editing apps out there, so get your hand on this Brand Building App and start editing.  

3. Snapseed

Edit pictures for your brand, for your social media, or anything. You just need to have Snapseed on your device. This app from Google is highly recommended by us from our list of Brand Building apps. 

4. Unsplash

Search, edit, or find the best pictures from the world’s best photography community. Visit Unsplash for your everyday needs and work requirements. 

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5. Adobe Capture: Creative Kit

Get smarter with Adobe Capture. Just point your camera at anything and click once (or twice) to import it and create a colorful vector. 

Productivity and Management Apps

Best Brand Building Apps and Tools
Source: Harvard Business Review

You will need productivity and management apps every time you need to see how much your social media or site is working. To answer your questions like How much reach am I Getting, what is the improvement in my online business, check out the following options from the Brand Building apps. 

1. Evernote

Organize your work math and do it smartly with Evernote. It is quick, easy, sorted, and has the most useful featured for maintaining every brand. App integrations, Document Scanning, Web Clipper, and a lot of other tools are provided to help you with your work. 

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2. Facebook for Business 

If you work and promote your brand on Facebook, then you should definitely use Facebook for Business. It is compatible with every device and will show you what works for your audience and whatnot.  

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp offers you to create and send business ideas, campaigns, manage subscribers, keep your account active. Basically increases your Productivity exponentially, hence making it a must-have from the list of Brand Building apps.

4. WordPress

Best Brand Building Apps and Tools
Source: Press Customizer Documentation

You cannot get more creative than WordPress. It has the best blogging technology in this world. WordPress can prove to be super productive for you if you put in the right effort. 

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the leading social media management platform with the slogan “Social is your Superpower”. You can manage multiple networks, profiles, and social media accounts. Check your results on Hootsuite and dive into your social media strategies with Brand Building apps and tools. 

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6. Facebook Ads

Best Brand Building Apps and Tools

Manage ads by the tip of your hand on Facebook Ads. You can track ad performance, edit existing ads, create ads, and more.

Wrapping Up

Guys that was all about this article on 20 Best Brand Building Apps in 2021. Hope you found this article helpful. Comment below your favorite tool from this list. Stay Home! Stay Safe!

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