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Biomutant is a role-playing survival game in a post-apocalyptic world full of monsters. It’s a pretty weird game and can get challenging at times. That’s why we’ve made a guide on Biomutant tips and tricks for beginners.

Biomutant is a lot of different things. The playthrough consists of ramifications, tribal warfare, character alignment, third-person shooting, and more. It sure can get complicated and overwhelming especially if you’re a beginner.

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For an easier playthrough, you need to understand the story in order to make informed choices in the initial phases of the game. And so, a list of Biomutant tips and tricks for beginners will come in handy to make it through the early hours of the game such as looking out for faster modes of travel, abilities, and much more.

Follow the guide to get a better idea of what things to carry out through the game to make the playthrough more interesting and fun.

Best Biomutant Tips and Tricks for Beginners

To make the best out of your character story in a sensible way, without further ado, let’s take a brief look at the best Biomutant tips and tricks for beginners.

1. Don’t Give Too Much Effort in Character Creation

Biomutant Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Source: Kotaku Australia

With the Biomutant’s unique in-depth character creation system, it’s only natural to spend loads of time and effort into creating the perfect character. As a beginner, your first tip is to not pour your heart out while customizing your character as characters can be altered during your playthrough. 

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You can even change your character’s physical appearance at a couple of different locations in the Biomutant. So, it’s advisable that as a beginner, you should focus more on your choice of class as each class ultimately decides your unique set of perks.

2. Don’t Get Fixated on Loot

Yes, we understand that in order to survive the post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant, you need to have a good amount of loot. But stocking similar kinds of supplies over your desired needs can actually work against you.

The loot is easily accessible and can be found almost everywhere. Once you loot up within the initial hours, resist your temptation to pile up more loot in your inventory. The tip here is to not get fixated on loot with the exception of the rare good stuff marked by yellow or red lights glowing from the containers.

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3. Unlock faster travel options

If you didn’t know about Biomutant’s flexible and fast travel, these tips will come in handy. There are fast travel stations all over the map at strategic locations such as forts. You can use these fast travel stations to get out of hazard zones or while engaged in combat to save yourself in dire situations.

Biomutant Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Source: nullednow.in

You can even unlock different travel abilities in the open world of Biomutant. One of the best abilities that you should look out for is the Airglider which enables you to glide over hills to save your precious time. In order to unlock the Airglider, you need to finish the mirage quests.

Another amazing ability is the Turtleform that lets you take the form of a turtle and slide down hills at faster speeds. As this ability is Biogenetic, you can easily unlock this ability by spending Bio Points. So, it’s advisable to start racking up points from the start of the game.

4. Pick Your Tribe and Explore Weapon Types

Biomutant Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

At the start of the game, you need to align yourself with either the Myriad or the Jagni tribe. If you want to have a predominantly light aura, you can choose the Myriad tribe, but if you’d like to continue your playthrough with a dark aura, you can start off by choosing the Jagni tribe. 

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Each tribe comes with its own unique weapon along with a set of Wong-Fu combo attacks. There are, in total, six different tribes in Biomutant – Myriad, Jagni, Ankati, Netra, Pichu, and Lotus, with Myriad being the maximum light and Lotus being the maximum dark tribe.

5. Craft and Upgrade Your Gear

Biomutant Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Source: KitGuru

The open world of Biomutant lets you meet and trade with vendors during your travels. In order to have the latest gear, many of us will simply strike deals with vendors, but for a beginner, our best piece of advice will be to save money and craft your own loot.

If you don’t like any gear, you can easily disassemble it and save it in the scrap inventory. You can, then, craft your gear from scratch according to your own specifications. You can even upgrade your weapons and armor in this manner by finding a Biomutant Upgrade Bench. 

6. Unlock and Develop Your Wong-Fu Skills

Biomutant Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Source: gamingbolt.com

You can unlock your Wong-Fu combat combos for both melees and ranged weapons. As you progress in the game, you can reveal new combos by using the level-up tokens. One of the first combat skill upgrades that you’ll get inside the bunker will either be a two-hand slash combo or a gun combo. As a beginner, a great first choice will be the Wicked Wolf combo.

7. Make Sure to Enjoy the Biomutant World

Biomutant Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Source: cdr.cz

It can be easy to get sucked in the playthrough and quests of the game. And so, it’s recommended to enjoy the mesmerizing and scenic world of Biomutant. Just wander around and be lost in its open world and maybe you’ll explore a new vision for the game.

Wrapping up

This concludes our article on tips and tricks. We hope that you found the guide on Biomutant’s beginners tips and tricks useful. Now, begin your journey in the magnificent world of Biomutant and don’t forget to have fun. Let us know your choice of tribe in the comment section below. 

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