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You must choose the best bike brands for your body type, money, and expertise when you are looking for a new high-end bike, irrespective of riding pattern, type, or expertise. Users will also need to know exactly what sort of bike ride they are searching for. The best bike brands in the market are determined by a number of criteria. Among important aspects are creativity, the durability of excellence, and who puts cyclists at the top of race wins. With that being said there is still a silent movement going on within the biking community.

There are millions of families looking, harried young adults, and middle-aged adults merely wanting to reduce the weight that needs to be served. However, recognition must also be given to bicycle manufacturers on the cutting edge of technology, which ultimately filters down to daily bikes. You’ll find companies formed by current MIT graduates as well as enterprises established in the nineteenth century that is still innovating.

Please go through this article to know in detail about the best bike brands in the US along with the top models and offers.

8 Best Bike Brands of 2022 in the US

Best Bike Brands

Based on the quantities offered at motorcycle stores, I’ve prepared data regarding the best bike brands, as per Statista. 

The site of each main office, customer base (in percentage points), and year of establishment are all listed.

Company NameMain OfficeMarket Share %Year of Establishment
Trek BikesWaterloo, WI22.51976
Giant BicycleNewbury Park, CA10.51987
Specialized Bicycle C components, Inc.Morgan Hill, CA9.51974
RedlineKent, WA61974
RaleighKent, WA51987
Haro BicyclesVista, CA41987
Electra Bicycle CompanyEncinitas, CA3.51993
CannondaleWilton, CT31971
Sun BicyclesMiami, FL2.51971
SchwinnWilton, CT21895

1. Trek Bikes

Best Bike Brands

Trek Bikes, based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, sells both traditional and electrical bikes, as well as components and equipment. 

Electric commuter, road, mountain, and hybrid electric bikes, as well as conventional and customized non-electric bicycles, are among their options. They are showing good interest and huge demand among customers.

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2. Giant Bicycle

Best Bike Brands

So far as the best bike brands are concerned, the headquarters of Giant Bicycle in the United States is in Newbury Park, California. Road, mountain, cross, gravel, electric, racing, and children’s bikes are among the business’s specialties. Bike clothes, equipment, and components are also available.

3. Specialized Bicycle Components 

Best Bike Brands

Regular, alpine, race, and children’s bikes, as well as turbo e-bikes, including mountain, road, and energetic bikes, are all available from Specialized Bicycle Accessories. 

The business is headquartered in Morgan Hill, California, and also sells equipment and components.

4. Redline

Best Bike Brands

Redline, based in Kent, Washington, specializes in BMX races and acrobatic bikes. 

Racing, block, large, and freestyle bikes, as well as fuel bicycle frames, are available from the firm.

5. Raleigh

Best Bike Brands

Raleigh, based in Kent, WA, makes electric, children’s, mountains, adventures, and sand bikes, as well as road bikes.

Tricycles, commuter, electric, luxury, exercise, and durability bikes, as well as bicycles for kids as young as two years old, are all available.

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6. Haro Bicycles

Best Bike Brands

Haro Bicycles, based in Vista, CA, sells bicycle designs, equipment, and components as well as bikes. 

There are acrobatic, racing, trim moldings, balancing, and children’s bikes available. The business also sells vintage custom bikes.

7. Electra Bicycle Company

Best Bike Brands

Senior and kid’s motorcycles, as well as e-bikes, are available from Electra Bicycle Corporation. They provide upright sitting, commuters, and informal bikes in a variety of styles. Electra is based in Encinitas, California.

8. Cannondale

Best Bike Brands

Cannondale, which is headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, makes the road, gravel, racing, race xc, alpine, athletic, electrical, and children’s bikes, and also components and clothing. 

Mountains, streets, urban, training, and vacation e-bikes are all offered from them.

9. Sun Bicycles

Best Bike Brands

Sun Bicycles sells normal and off-road mobility scooters, three-wheelers (both manual and electrical tricycles), bikes, reclining bikes, and three-wheelers, as well as equipment, in Miami, FL. 

Commercial, hybrids, double, electrical, foldable, cruiser, bike paths, and children’s bicycles are among the company’s offerings.

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10. Schwinn

Best Bike Brands

Pacific Cycle is now the owner of Schwinn. Motorbikes, three-wheelers, and scooters, as well as commuters, racing, alpine, cruisers, and hybrid bicycles, are all available under the Schwinn name.

Wrapping Up

I hope that the research done here will be beneficial to those looking for the best bike brands in the US. 

The information given here in this article is very crisp and to the point about the manufacturer, bike type, and equipment offered by the company.

Those who are looking to get a bike to embark on mountain tours, or daily commuting can consider this list of best bike brands.


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