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Pallvi Khajuria
Pallvi Khajuria
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Beauty apps for Android are in many forms. Someone likes to add filters to their photos. Are you okay with your looks? Well, I think yes. Most of the time we feel like there is something on our face, but in actuality, there is nothing at all. Nowadays, everyone wants to share their pictures on social media with or without filters. And only because of such reason, some unique beauty apps are created.

These applications have some special features that make you look more attractive and cool. Beauty apps differ from each other because everyone has their features and abilities to perform. Now here, we are going to discuss some most famous beauty apps for android.

Some of the Best Beauty Apps for Android are-

  1. BeautyCam 
  2. B612
  3. Sweet Selfie
  4. Candy Camera
  5. Beauty Plus
  6. YouCam Perfect

These are some most famous beauty apps with so many different filters and other items too.

Best Beauty Apps for Android

So now, we are going to discuss some factors about these beauty apps with their features and performance.


BeautyCam-Best Beauty Apps for Android 2021
Source: AndroidOut

This is one of the best-known beauty apps with many features. High maintenance apps are always recommended by many users. Some basic features like-

  • AI portrait mode.
  • HD photos.
  • Soft Focus.
  • MovieCam
  • High-quality filters.

Ratings: 3.5 stars on Google Play Store.

Updated Version: November 8, 2020


  • Skin editor.
  • Perfect eye shaping.
  • Magic brush
  • Various makeup effects.
  • Cropping feature.
  • Auto-recognition. 

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B612-Best Beauty Apps for Android 2021
Source: Line Corporation

The most favorite beauty and filter camera. Having the most unique filters and features. The most famous beauty apps consist of some basic quality and appearance.

Features like-

  • 1500 unique stickers.
  • Adjustment quality.
  • Video editing.
  • Real makeup.
  • Body fitting.
  • Perfect beauty.
  • Creative tools.
  • Stylish stickers.
  • Boomerang videos
  • Quick accessing technology.

Ratings: 4.3 stars on Google Play Store.

Updated Version- February 9, 2021

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie-Best Beauty Apps for Android 2021
Source: Compara Plano

One of the best photo editor beauty apps having the best quality features and appearance. More than 100 million users across the world take selfies. Some basic features like-

  • Blur effect.
  • Slow-motion effect.
  • HD quality photos.
  • Live stickers.
  • Beauty camera.
  • Quick editing.
  • Easy to add music.
  • Share pictures with your friends.
  • Create your own meme chart.

Ratings: 4.4 stars on Google Play Store.

Updated Version- 7th of February, 2021

Candy Camera

Candy Camera- Best Beauty Apps for Android 2021
Source: Google Play

Everyone wants to look perfect in their selfies or pictures. Candy camera involves some of the best photo editor quality with beauty apps filters. It includes some features like-

  • Beauty editing.
  • Perfect selfie.
  • Natural selfie editor.
  • Body editing mode.
  • Collage maker.
  • Unlimited video editing.
  • More than 6 million users are fond of this beauty app.

Ratings: 4.4 stars on Google Play Store.

Updated Version- 19th of January, 2021

Required some permission like- Camera, internal storage, location, record audio, and external storage.

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus-Best Beauty Apps for Android 2021
Source: Medium

There are many ordinary beauty apps on Play Store. But the most famous and known is Beauty Plus having photo editing quality with a lot of cool filters and stickers. Some of its features are-

  • Selfie beauty plus filter.
  • Body shaping mode.
  • Attractive filter quality.

Ratings: 3.4 stars on Google Play Store.

Updated Version- February 13, 2021

Other versions are-

  • Beauty sweet plus.
  • Beauty face plus.
  • Sweet snap and many more.

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YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect-Best Beauty Apps for Android 2021

This app involves some of the basic photo editing quality with the best beauty apps filters. Some basic features are-

  • Decorate photos.
  • Create memories.
  • Magic retouch.
  • Layer up photos.
  • Edit with a magic brush.
  • Get bright white teeth.
  • Remove objects.
  • Remove watermarks.
  • No advertisement issue.
  • Free to play.
  • 1000+ exclusive effects and filters.

Ratings: 4.5 stars on Google Play Store.

Updated Version- February 16, 2021

Final Verdict

There are so many beauty apps in the Google Play Store. But most of them are awesome and beautiful attracted. So many features are included with special effects,  mind-blowing HD quality, photo cropping, and more.

This article will provide you a full detailed description of every single application. It included its basic features, ratings, version, and relatable things.

Such apps are used in our day-to-day activity while we perform some action in a funny way or in capturing important moments of life as a memory.

I hope you find all the relatable information accurately without facing any type of problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which country app is beauty plus?

Developed by China’s Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd., the app (which is particularly popular with the selfie set) is used for everything from correcting skin tone and brightening smiles to slimming features and airbrushing away blemishes, all with a few simple drags and clicks.

What app makes face flawless?

More Beaute is a quick fix app for flawless skin in every shot. CHANGE IT UP! No need for Botox. Beauty Plus is like plastic surgery (or at least a visit to the dermatologist) in an app.

Is B612 a Indian app?

B612 is not banned in India as it is not a Chinese app. The country of origin of B612 is South Korea and it belongs to Snowcorp Company, South Korea. The B612 works on android and iOS platforms and thus can be downloaded from the Google play store app.

Feature Image Credits: Gihosoft


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