10 Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022 | Classic & Free Games

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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If someone is looking for the best arcade games for Android, then this article would be very helpful for you. Arcade games or video games have now become the highest-ranking games around the world. Such games provide a lot of information related to advanced technology.

Creativity and concentration is the basic agenda for developing such games. It helps to improve the technical and mechanical skills automatically. Now enjoyment and creativity go with just one game, how great is that!

The below-mentioned list is the best arcade game for Android. I suggest these games to those who want to learn some creativity and technicality. For further information, read the article mentioned below.

10 Best Free Arcade Games for Android in 2022

These games are specially designed in a very plain manner. So that everyone can easily understand the basic abilities properly.

1. Angry Birds Classic | Classic Arcade Game for Androic

Angry Birds Classic; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

It is the classic game having multi-colored birds who want to save their eggs from enemies or green-colored pigs. Different variations are upgraded such as Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars 2, and many more. Each form has the same strategy to follow.

You have to just hold on to the position for a while to attack the enemies when the time comes.

Features of Angry Birds Classic; one of the best arcade games for Android

  1. Satisfaction for the game is convenient.
  2. Over 680 levels are recorded.
  3. Play for free. 
  4. No advertisement issue.
  5. Offline mode is available.
  6. For upgradation, online activities can be performed.

2. Crossy Road

Crossy Road; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

In this type of game you just have to dodge the traffic without hitting any other things. While dodging, you can collect coins and upgrade your level. 

Each level will provide you with some net (coins). With the help of those, you can unlock any other character easily.

Features of Crossy Road; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. You can easily install the upgraded version.
  2. Many pop-up characters are available.
  3. The gameplay is pure, secure, safe, innovative, and simple.
  4. No advertisement issue.
  5. Free to play.
  6. Some permissions are required while installing this app.
  7. Location permission is required.

3. Frogger

Frogger; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

This game is similar to Crossy Road. There’s only one difference that can be visible. Here instead of cars, bikes, and buses, a frog is hopping from one place to another. Multiple levels are there to play the role of a frog.

You can easily install this app on your android. Each level is having different pathways with HD graphics quality.

Features of Frogger; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. This game fits in all types of android mobiles.
  2. Easy to play and pick up ability.
  3. Basic and cool retro graphics for each level.
  4. Simple control points are visible on the screen.
  5. The gameplay is very addictive.
  6. Different levels are there to complete  

3. Pac-Man

Pac-Man; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

This is a maze arcade game in which the player controls Pac-Man. You can play the role of Pac-Man, who must eat all the dots inside the box or the enclosed maze. While eating the dots, Pac-Man must dodge the four or more ghosts. 

Some large flashing dots are also there which helps the ghost to look blue and more dangerous.

Before ghosts, Pac-Man needs to eat those flashing dots to gain points.  

Features of Pac-man; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. New mazes or boxes are available for each round.
  2. Daily bonus missions are available.
  3. Tournaments are there to lead you above the others.
  4. You can earn free rewards daily.
  5. No advertisement issue.
  6. Free to play.

5. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

This is the easiest and very simple game to install on android mobiles. You just have to cut the fruits by using your fingers on the screen. This is the basic gameplay. As your progress increases, more fruits come onto the screen. By doing this, you can make combos and gain some extra coins.

Features of Fruit Ninja; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. Easy to handle.
  2. No advertisement issue.
  3. Free to play.
  4. Upgradation is done after each round.
  5. You can gain more coins as much as you create combos. 

6. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

The best arcade game ever created is doodle jump. Officially, Macworld called it the perfect micro-game for kids, elders, and older ones. You just have to jump from one platform to another. Its gameplay is so simple and efficient. While jumping, you just need to focus on how to avoid black holes and gain jet bags.

All the given instructions are easy to understand. How to shoot, how to collect packs and all other things are shown onto the screen accurately.

Features of Doodle Jump; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. Many characters are available for each round or level.
  2. Platforms are highly contrasted so that players can see them quietly.
  3. This game has a high addictive ability.
  4. Easy to play.
  5. Pick up quality is good.

7. Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

We all know that racing games are the most favorite one for every individual. Crazy taxi is one of the most famous racing games on arcade platforms. There are many different versions of this game. Such as- crazy taxi 3D, crazy taxi simulator, and many more. 

Every version has the same functionality. You just have to drive the taxi from one place to another. Looking for the customers and taking them to their given destination is the main motive of each player, that is you.

Features of Crazy Taxi Classic; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. Both arcade mode and original mode are available.
  2. Free to play.
  3. No in-app purchases.
  4. New levels are updated every month.
  5. A free play option is available.

8. Pinball Arcade | Classic Arcade Game for Android

Pinball Arcade; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

This game is the most realistic and defined one of all the ball games. As you have to put the balls inside the blank hole to make a goal. Here, the goal is defined as the point that you are going to make. The more you fill blank holes, the more you get to lead.

An interesting factor of this game is that it involves lights and different colors of balls.to gather someone’s attention, such factors are used inside the game.

Features of Pinball Arcade; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. Easy to play.
  2. Efficient and gather attention easily.
  3. No advertisement issue.
  4. No in-app purchases are there.
  5. The display is quite good to play the game.

9. Star Wars

Star Wars; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

One of the best arcade games is Star Wars. This form of game involves adventurous features and functionality. Different types of themes are available as per the choice. Each contains different designs, animations, backgrounds, and sounds.

Different characters, weapons, scenes, and vehicles are having unique functionality. The growth of this game is automatically increasing day by day.

Features of Star Wars; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. You can choose your favorite character to play.
  2. Both classic and advanced versions have unique abilities.
  3. You just have to make an official id to play this game.
  4. No advertisement issue.
  5. No in-app purchases.

10. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded; Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022

This is a classic arcade game involving moderated designs and visuals. With each entry in this game, the performance level increases. Shooting is the basic fundamental for this game. 

Many different versions are created to make this one at a high level. Define each level with an elementary part. 

Features of Sky Force Reloaded; one of the best arcade games for Android in 2022

  1. The soundtrack is incredible in the background.
  2. Well, a balanced difficulty curve is created.
  3. Gameplay mechanics are very simple to understand.
  4. Intense effects are brilliant in this game.
  5. Objectives are completely defined with instructions.

Wrapping Up

All these above-mentioned games are very popular and mostly played on android mobiles. I can assure you that such games can make your skills better and more usable in the future. Having many upgraded versions is good. Each mentioned game provides proper knowledge as per your view and likings. 

That was all about this article on “10 Best Arcade Games for Android in 2022 | Classic & Free Games”. If you found it informative then comment below. You can also share this article with your friends and siblings.

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