Four Best Alarm Clock Applications for Android Users 2021

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As humans, we have quite a lot of things in common. We eat, shower, use the washroom, sleep, and get to our daily tasks after waking up from slumber. Even though our bedrooms have a ubiquitous fixture in the form of an alarm clock, it is our smartphone that serves the purpose for most of us. However, at times, the in-built smartphone application in the phone just does not fit the bill.

So, now, what should you do? See, honestly, we would recommend you to give your phone’s in-built smartphone app a good try. In case that does not work for you, you can download one of the popular alarm clock applications on your Android phone.

Here in this article, we will look at some of the most popular apps you can try. 


It is a decent application and is a suitable replacement for your alarm clock. AlarmMon performs all the functions expected out of it and enables you to set multiple alarms within the app if required. I have been using the AlarmMon app for years because of its loud alarm and snooze tones, shares Jessica, an assignment help Sydney service provider.

Additionally, there are quite a few extras also that you get with this app. You can avail yourself of the cartoon characters that can help you wake up from your slumber, along with small things that will force you to use your brain before heading back to sleep. Though this application is free, you can bear a small fee of 16.99 USD if you need some bells and whistles.

Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

We have this incredible application next in line, which though simple, is a very effective alarm clock application. In this app, you can set an umpteen number of alarms. Beyond this, it also gives you features, such as recurring alarms, countdown alarms, and one-time alarms.

More so, this app supports Android Wear. So, you can get comprehensive sleep stats with your app. The app also has a challenge mode, which continually tries to wake you up, and ensure that you do not fall back to sleep. It also has alarms for bedtime to ensure that you are receiving adequate sleep.

To be honest with you, both the free and the paid versions of the application are more or less identical. However, the only positive that you may get with the paid version is getting rid of the ads. So, if you hate ads so much, you can bear a reasonable fee of 1.99 USD and get done with them. 


If the developers are to be believed, this is the most annoying alarm clock in the world. How? Well, this alarm clock does have a kind of unique premise. In this, when you set the alarm, it will go off just as normal.

So, what is the unique aspect? Along with the alarm, you can add an image of something from your half. So, to be able to stop the alarm from buzzing, you will have to get off your bed, travel to the spot of the image, and take a picture of that same thing for your alarm to stop.

For me, nothing but Alarmy works, and it has been my most used alarm clock app for years, comments Joycelene, an associate who offers python homework help services. Well, see, the ideology behind this app is that to click a picture, you will have to get off your bed, and once you do get out of the bed, it is easier for you to wake up from your slumber and get started with the day. Alternatively, you can also have the application ask you some random mathematics questions.

Though these will not be very difficult, you still have to wake up to solve them and for your alarm to stop. There is also an option of shaking the phone for the alarm to stop. It does not end here. If you try to stop the alarm without fulfilling the challenges, the app will not let that happen.

So, if you are a heavy sleeper, this is the perfect alarm clock for you. If you subscribe to the Google Play Pass, this can be free to use the application; else you will have to bear a fee of up to 26.99 USD. 

Challenges Alarm Clock

Last we have is the Challenges Alarm Clock. For me, the most preferred alarm clock app is the Challenges Alarm Clock as it tricks your brain into waking up, comments Ronnie, an online trigonometry tutor. This app also works very well as your traditional alarm clock. In this app, you can set multiple alarms, tones and even set snooze instructions.

Furthermore, this application has some phenomenal puzzle games and a photo mechanic to nudge you to wake up before hitting the snooze button. The application also has a soft wake feature to ensure that you are not jarring awake every day. Available at 0.99 USD, it is a great alternative and very cheap.

So, these are the top four best alternatives to your phone’s in-built Alarm clock application. If you have more to add to the list, let us know in the comment box below.


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