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Best Adventure Games On Roblox

The Roblox adventure games will take you on a spectacular experience that you won’t soon forget. The best adventure games on Roblox combine extensive exploration with robust combat and original ideas. So let’s find out what are the best adventure games on Roblox.

There are a few adventure Roblox games you might enjoy. Choosing which game to play on the platform can be challenging, with thousands of options available. As a tycoon, RPG, obstacle course, and RPG game, Roblox is available in various formats.

Contrary to other genres, adventure games won’t appear on Roblox’s main page frequently, but many adventure games are available. Here is our list of the 10 best adventure games on Roblox to help you find your new favorite game.

Top 10 Roblox Adventure Games You Must Play

Adventure Games On Roblox

Roblox keeps becoming better and better every day. Nobody else offers a forum like Roblox, so they ought to be. Who doesn’t enjoy playing engaging adventures? They are, without a doubt, among the most popular categories on Roblox. Because fans of this genre are so devoted to it, they are constantly looking for timeless masterpieces or new platform improvements. I have compiled a list of the 10 Best adventure games on Roblox for you to play with your pals to have an epic gaming experience.

1. Royale High

Adventure Games On Roblox

Since its debut in 2017, Royale High has had over 5.4 billion visits from its dedicated fan base. This game is among the best adventure games on Roblox. You can discover secrets, play entertaining games, travel the world, and earn money to advance your character. 

You may even level up by going to classes. In this fantastical adventure, which many people deem one of the best adventure Roblox games, you must balance your obligations while you build a life for yourself.


  • The game lets you explore the world and earn money.
  • It has different levels of adventure.

2. Build A Boat For Treasure

Adventure Games On Roblox

Except for the fact that you can construct anything you want, the title explains everything. The game’s goal is to build a vessel and sail it through the course of obstacles without sinking. 

If you succeed, you’ll receive treasure for ship upgrades. It becomes a true adventure when you challenge pals and try out fresh, absurd concepts. You can enjoy this sailing’s best adventure games on Roblox.


  • You can enjoy constructing anything you want to build.
  • You will enjoy sailing throughout the game.

3. Escape The Carnival Of Terror

Adventure Games On Roblox

It’s up to you to escape the carnival after a wicked clown imprisoned you there. There are more than 25 obstacles for you to overcome at this level, and there are a few little jumps and scares to keep you on your toes. 

You won’t be dissatisfied because you may go on this terrifying trip with up to ten other people, making it one of the creepier but best adventure games on Roblox.


  • The carnival of the wicked crown can be seen in this game.
  • It is one of the spooky games among all the adventure games on Roblox.

4. Piggy: Intercity

Adventure Games On Roblox

This is a more recent game that was only made in 2021. However, it has already received more than 26.9 million visits. In this open-world adventure, your task is to discover the cause of a mysterious sickness and enjoy resolving mysteries in the best adventure games on Roblox.

It was once just a demo, but since then, a lot of stuff has been added. It follows the well-known Piggy and includes things like hunger, survival, conflict, and exploration.


  • Team games to play with others
  • Utilize its complicated advancement system to improve your character.

5. Treasure Hunt Simulator 

Adventure Games On Roblox

The Roblox level Treasure Hunt Simulator is the one for you if you’ve always wanted to be a pirate. As in Minecraft, you use your tools to break down blocks and discover treasure chests that can be spent to purchase pets and more effective tools. 

Although it may seem like digging will go on forever at first, it is well worth it to play one of the most original and demanding best adventure games on Roblox.


  • Make your calculations based on reasonable distance and weight considerations.
  • Utilize a massive collection of blocks to collect treasures

6. Hide And Seek Extreme

Adventure Games On Roblox

Make sure to select the authentic version of this game, which was created by Tim7775, as there are several imitations of it on Roblox. This hide-and-seek game has a unique twist because the person hiding can be reduced to the size of a Lego brick. 

In the meantime, the character that becomes “it” receives unique abilities that enable them to search for the other players. It pushes the boundaries of hide-and-seek. These unique features of the game make it the best adventure games on Roblox.


  • Find the best equipment and weaponry to make your adventures more mysterious.
  • Build complex constructions using limited blocks available while hiding.

7. Vehicle Legends

Adventure Games On Roblox

Players can pick from various cars and aircraft in Vehicle Legends when they want to travel. This is one of the best adventure games on Roblox, combining action and adventure. The game lets you race and explore the map to earn money for upgrades. 

This idea has been used in many games before, but it works particularly well for Roblox because of its multiplayer emphasis.


  • Depending on the moral decisions, you determine your fate.
  • Explore various vehicles, such as aircraft, bikes, and planes.

8. Little World 

Adventure Games On Roblox

One of the most exemplary ideas in any Roblox game is included in Little World: you start as a minor bug, and if you survive, you grow into a more significant bug. You’re striving to climb the food chain in this expansive survival adventure with arcade action. 

After becoming the top predator, players can level up indefinitely to attempt to climb the world leaderboards if they become bored. Although the idea of Little World has been used in various video games, it’s still amazing to see it on Roblox. These unique features have made the best adventure games on Roblox till now.


  • An adventure that leads to survival of the fittest.
  • It can be played at different levels.

9. Mega Fun Obby

Adventure Games On Roblox

Mega Fun Obby offers around 3,000 Broxton in the game. Graphics are what the players like the most about this game. Mega Fun Obby is one of the best adventure games on Roblox.

Thanks to its simple platforming, even non-speed runners can have fun with this game. The magic is in how many different stages there are and how each one yet manages to seem unique.


  • Striking animations and graphics can be enjoyed while playing.
  • Simple platform playing.

10. Anti-Blox Legends 

Adventure Games On Roblox

The gameplay of Ani-Blox Legends resembles a partially finished 3D anime fighter. There are well-known characters with distinctive talents and weaponry from popular series like Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z. 

Even if there aren’t many characters in the game right now, and there may be more stages, the battle can become one of the best adventure games on Roblox if the developer keeps creating more content.


  • 3D anime adventure fight
  • Multiple levels of war 

Wrapping Up

So this was everything about Best Adventure games on Roblox. Now you can choose any one from the list mentioned above and enjoy this adventure gaming experience with your friends and family.

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Happy Gaming!

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