Best 3 Clicking Methods To Click Faster In Minecraft

Best 3 Clicking Methods To Click Faster In Minecraft

While playing games, clicking speed becomes a boog issue. Mainly in Minecraft, the players want the fast clicking speed to perform well in PVP battles. So in case, you are one f the players who are searching for how to improve mouse clicking speed to click faster in games. Here, we are going to explain in detail the three best clicking methods to click faster in Minecraft. I guarantee you that this discussion will help you to solve the problem. 

Why You Need Fast Clicking Speed In Minecraft?

Clicking speed can directly influence the overall performance of gameplay. The players want the maximum mouse click speed to excel in Minecraft games.

In the concept of Minecraft PVP combat, players suggest swinging their swords at least ten times in a second, that is, 10 clicks per second.

The fast clicking speed can reduce knockback from the opponent. So we can easily move forward.

Best 3 Clicking Methods To Click Faster

Mouse clicking speed refers to the time you take to press the mouse button. According to a new player, they think double-clicking is the last step of clicking. Here are the 3 best clicking methods to click faster. 

1. Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is a technique for clicking more quickly in video games and is designed to produce more clicks per second. This method is employed, particularly in games like Minecraft, to obtain an advantage through faster clicks and greater efficiency. 

Steps to Perform Jitter Clicking: 

1. Tense your forearm muscles, causing your entire forearm to vibrate all the way down to your fingertips.

Important: Don’t move your fingers; your forearm does all of the work.

2. Apply your fingertip grip to your mouse as your hand begins to vibrate and click. The vibration must only make contact with the mouse’s surface with your fingertips; otherwise, it will not reach the left mouse button.

3. Make sure your hand’s heel and wrist are not in contact with the table or the mouse. Tilt your wrist slightly upwards to achieve this.

4. If you want the vibrations to reach your clicking finger, make sure that your entire clicking hand is always slightly lifted.

5. When your finger begins to vibrate, you can utilize it to generate a series of mouse clicks.


  • It is possible with your office mouse. 
  • Increased CPS for fast actions.
  • The average CPS is 6.
  • Maximum CPS  up to 9 to 12.


  • Potential strains and injuries to the arm.
  • Using it for a long period of time makes it uncomfortable.
  • Mastering jitter clicking requires extensive practice and training
  • Not suitable or allowed in all games with specific click rate limitations.

2. Butterfly Clicking

In order to increase the click rate in a game, the gaming community invented the Butterfly Clicking technique. Placing any two fingers on the mouse button’s tip and tapping it back and forth with each finger is known as Butterfly Clicking. 

Usually, to produce as many clicks as quickly as possible, Butterfly Clicking is done with the middle and index fingers. 

In order to improve your Butterfly Clicking techniques, take the following principles in mind. 

1. The clicking pattern should be regular. For example, you should not change the finger for a different click. Click with the same finger each time. 

2. Keep on tapping the mouse continuously. Once you get used to the first challenge, it will automatically increase the speed.

3. Don’t apply greater pressure on one finger than the other. Apply an equal amount of pressure on both fingers 

4. Always go for the quality gaming mouse and the mouse pad, as this will lead to stability in clicking. 


  • Can use two fingers.
  • Strong control of the mouse.
  • Allows for rapid and consistent clicking, potentially exceeding 20 clicks per second.
  • Butterfly clicking works with many standard gaming mice


  • Bannable in some Minecraft servers like Hypixel.
  • Mastering the technique of butterfly clicking requires considerable practice and dedication.
  • Butterfly clicking involves rapid and intense clicking, which can put additional strain on the mouse.

It is best to find a click test tool that displays your game’s clicks per second. This allows you to track your progress and notice when you improve. 

3. Drag Clicking 

You can literally “trick” a mouse button into recording more clicks by dragging your finger across it firmly (to the left or right). It is also known as Fazer taping or tap clicking, but the principle is the same. 

One of the biggest benefits of the drag click is that the friction between the mouse and your skin will help you to take your finger through the surface quickly.

The most effective mouse for drag-clicking must possess two things:

1. A matt gripping surface. The matting surface will facilitate the dragging clicks.

2. High-quality mouse switches. A highly quality mouse will help you to better handle the stress of drag-clicking. 

Bear in mind the following things for For performing better drag clicking:

1. The first step is to ensure that your hands are dry and the mouse’s surface is clean. Sweat and dust might cause friction when dragging your finger across the mouse button.

2. Hold the mouse normally, with your thumb supporting the left side and your ring/little finger grabbing the right side. Accordingly, place your index finger on the left mouse button and the middle finger on the right mouse button. 

 3. Unless and until you are not good at rotating your wrist and softly pressing the mouse button, downward drag clicking will not yield the optimum results. Allow your fingers to go through the button without asserting much force. In case the grinding noise behind. It means everything is going correctly.  


  • 30 CPS is the maximum.
  • No strain on your arm or finger.
  • Perform multiple clicks with minimal effort.
  • Increased control and precision.


  • Wear and tear on the mouse.
  • Banned for some games.
  • Mastering drag-clicking can take time and practice.

What Affects Mouse Clicking Speed?

Faster mouse clicks make you do better reflexes in quick time. One of the primary factors that can affect the result of your game is the mouse-clicking speed. Several factors that affect your mouse clicking speed are enlisted below. 

1. Mouse Type

Selecting the proper mouse is a major factor in this criterion. Use of a gaming mouse will be better than other standards ones it is made for speed. The gaming mice are built to be more durable than conventional mice and appropriate for quick-clicking speeds. Additionally, they offer extra mouse buttons. 

Wireless mouses give people more room to do things, and especially in games, they will be more useful. The sensitivity of the mouse is also a primary factor. If sensitivity is high, it will be easier to click. Remember not to use Laptop trackpad for better results. 

2. Hand Positioning

Here are some of the crucial tips enlisted that you must keep in mind when it comes to hand positioning. 

1. Maintain your finger as close as you can while you use Mouse.  In between the clicks, avoid moving your fingers too far away from the mouse. 

2. Click as gently as possible.

3. Hold the mouse firmly to prevent it from slipping out of your hands.

4. Avoid anything like scrolling while clicking on the Mouse. 

5. Try to utilize both of your hands as well. You might try clicking the mouse with different hands at different times. 

6. If you are still unable to achieve a higher click rate, you may want to consider using an auto-clicker. 

Note: Using an auto clicker, a tool that automates mouse clicks, is not allowed in many games, and its usage can lead to permanent bans.

3. Seating Posture 

Gaming posture is quite crucial, considering the amount of time gamers spend seated. The static alignment of your body while standing or sitting is referred to as posture. If you are sitting in a relaxed position, it will give less strain to your body. Keep in mind the following points with regard to seating posture.

1. Find Seat Height: Your optimal seat height is where your knees meet the floor, right below the kneecap. 

2. Feet On The Floor: When seating, your feet shud be on the floor. Your knees should b t a 90-degree angle; your hips should be higher than your knees, and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. If your chair is too high to allow your feet to rest flat on the floor, place them on a box or footrest. Adjust accordingly. 

3. Chair Back at a 100–135 Degree Angle: Open your shoulder, place your lower back against the chair’s backrest, and avoid leaning forward. Some gaming chairs with continuous lumbar support and headrests, like the OM5, can help you to relax into a better posture. 

4.  Discover The Monitor Height(s): Count the distance between the ground and your eyes. Place your monitor such that the top third of the screen is where your eyes will be. Simple height adjustments include stacking books under your monitor or mounting it on a stand or arm. If you move to a standing position, retake the measurement.

5. The center of your screen should generally be at arm’s length from you while using the monitor. You need to adapt accordingly if you have short or far-sightedness. It is advisable to put your monitor closer initially, then slide it back if necessary. 

6. Find your keyboard’s height by measuring the distance between the floor and your palm when you are typing. If you switch to a standing position, reassess.

7. Elbows At a 90-Degree Angle – Almost like your hands are resting on your lap, your elbows should be close to your body while you are typing. Adjustable keyboard trays can help you maintain this neutral position for your elbows while also freeing up desk space.

4. Mouse Grip Style 

Choosing the best mouse does not mean that you opt for the one that has the best features and specifications. You need to choose the mouse with the proper shape is an important factor. Take into consideration the following factors. 

1. Palm Grip

This is the most relaxed grip among the three. A palm grip simply connotes that your palm and fingers should rest on the mouse. When compared to the other two grip types, the palm grip is more comfortable and minimizes hand tiredness.

2. Fingertip Grip

In this category, you simply work with the help of your fingertips. And do not use the palm for the task. This is one of the best grips that yield good speed, but it is not easy to work this way. 

3. Claw Grip

This is a combination feature of the other two types of grip. Before the hand arches over the mouse in a typical claw hold, the lower portion of the palm rests on it.  Now, let the finger go down and glide at an angle on the bottom. 

Identifying the optimal mouse grip is important as it will help you to become a better gamer. It can help you relieve the hand strain and calm you. So the efforts will be the maximum, and the output will be the best. 

Certain grips work best with particular hand sizes. Large hands that are lengthy enough to rest the palm behind the mouse and still reach the left and right buttons benefit from a fingertip grip. 

Small hands benefit from the curled finger position of the claw grip, but any size hand uses the palm grip, which is a good compromise. 


You may master a game by using a variety of clicking techniques. Although they appear simple, they are not. Practice is necessary for each clicking method,  including Jitter, Butterfly, and Drag clicking. 

Don’t forget to keep this in mind and avoid overdoing the practice, as you risk damaging your arm or fingers. However, if you take your time and work to perfect the technique, you can end up becoming the player with the highest CPS. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is Butterfly Clicking Harmful?

Ans: Currently Butterfly click technique has been very popular, and people gain an advantage over rivals in competition. Daily usage may make you feel discomfort and lead to the form of calluses on the fingers.

Q 2: Is Drag Clicking hard to do?

Ans: It takes a lot of practice and mouse maintenance to master the drag-click. However, applying sticky tape to the mouse buttons will help you get over this learning curve more quickly.

Q 3: Is Drag Clicking legal?

Ans: Drag clicking is found to be legal for most games, but in some, it is considered cheating. Making more clicks can automatically ban you. It would be better to go through the policies and guidelines of the game.

Q 4: Which Is Better, Jitter Clicking  Or Butterfly Clicking?

Ans: Butterfly clicking is better than jitter clicking as it is faster. As compared to butterfly click jitter clicking can hurt your arm, wrist, fingers, and hand. One-click in butterfly will be counted as two and is another benefit compared to jitter. On the other hand, a jitter click can be useful for office work.

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