6 Benefits Of Using A Japanese Sobakawa Pillow

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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If your pillow is too flat, fluffy, or not the right size, chances are that it may not be giving you the proper support. Getting quality sleep is essential for your everyday tasks and overall health and wellbeing. If you’re not getting any restful eyes the past few weeks, it may be better for you to look for better alternatives out there. 

It will serve you to create your own regimen to help you sleep faster. Turn your phone off and place it away from your bed. That also goes for the rest of your electronics. Take a shower and use your favorite products to relax. Meditate a little to calm your mind in preparation for rest until you doze off to sleep. But if there’s any improvement you can do for your bedding is to replace your old pillow with a ‘Sobakawa’ option.

The following are reasons why you may opt to go for a Sobakawa pillow today. 

1. Uses Environmental-Friendly Fillers  

Your standard pillow is said to contain different carcinogens carried by polyurethane and polyester chemicals within non-biodegradable material. Upon disposal, they can harm the environment because they can’t decompose and return to the earth like natural materials or biodegradable materials. Because of it, these cheap foam-made pillows occupy more space at landfills. 

Buckwheat or Sobakawa pillow provides an eco-friendly option as the material serves as fillers themselves. They’re also organic because they are farm-grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These pillows are also vegan as they don’t contain animal products. They’re a better option for people with allergies due to their reported hypoallergenic features. 

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2. Best For Hot Sleepers  

If you’re finding it difficult to sleep, it could be that you’re feeling hot. Regular foam pillows can’t regulate temperature properly, which is why you can feel hot a few seconds after laying your head on them.  

Buckwheat hulls inside a Sobakawa pillow can’t absorb heat because they don’t form a compact structure. They’re small and loose which lets air pass around them resulting in overall better temperature circulation. At the same time, it can’t make you sweat for it has a poor heat retention rate. 

You can use it as a travel neck pillow or get one or two for your children’s bedrooms. It’s a perfect size for long car rides with your young ones that may want to sleep comfortably as you drive. The Sobakawa pillow could also provide support to their developing neck and lumbar area.

3. Sobakawa Pillows Are Moldable  

A good pillow can give your head the proper support it needs as you sleep. That also means it shouldn’t be causing you pains and aches. It’s believed that foam pillows can’t retain their shape for long and are unable to hold your head high enough to keep you comfortable during slumber.  

However, buckwheat pillows are different for they contain hulls that move around to accommodate the unique contours of your body. Hulls are tiny, solid matter that fills and covers more ground to support you. They’re completely unlike foam fillers that are said to be too soft and will eventually lose their form over time. The buckwheat hulls follow the curve of your neck and shoulders that properly aligns your body in its sleeping position. 

There are many brands of authentic Sobakawa pillows out there. But if you’re new to them and would like a glimpse of what they could look like, you can check out videos posted online like this one:

4. Say Goodbye To Dust Mites 

6 Benefits Of Using A Japanese Sobakawa Pillow

You might think that your bed and pillow are solely yours, but if you’re not changing your sheets regularly, it can become a perfect breeding ground for dust mites and allergens. If you’re suffering from allergies, they’re likely the cause of your misery. Dust mites thrive in suitable environments such as damp and humid conditions. They also feed on your body’s dead skin cells and moisture. 

Switching to Sobakawa pillows can help relieve your allergies. Because of the improved airflow inside the Sobakawa pillow, it’s not as humid as a standard pillow. Thus, buckwheat hulls can’t create the same type of conditions for dust mites and allergens to thrive.  

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5. Reduces Snoring 

You could be losing sleep if your spouse or partner has snoring problems. It’s believed that loud snoring is related to sleep apnea and could cause low oxygen levels in the blood. You can lose your focus and contract health issues for sleep depravity. The vibrational sound that escapes from the nose is due to soft tissues blocking the sleeper’s airways. It can worsen as to how narrow the pathways would go.  

One way that Sobakawa pillows can help is to reduce unnecessary snoring. Unlike foam pillows, they don’t sink and lower your head. The hulls compress with one another to keep your head elevated which may aid in lessening the blockage in the nasal passages. 

6. Relieve Aches And Pains 

Upper body pain, particularly in the head, neck, and shoulders, may be caused by different conditions. Some of them are cervical and lumbar misalignment. If you’re using a pillow that doesn’t support you in the mentioned areas, your body has to force itself to adapt to an unnatural position and curvature while at sleep. This is said to be the cause of pain and tiredness when you wake up in the morning. 

Once you start using Sobakawa pillows, the malleability might help ease the stiffness of your muscles, making it one of the best pillows for neck pain. It could also aid reduce the likelihood of morning headaches as the hulls shift around to support and realign your head.

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In Conclusion 

Sobakawa pillows can help you get better sleep as the mentioned benefits can help provide comfort and support that may ease or prevent pain. It could also help create better conditions for sleep so you’ll wake up refreshed, alert, and ready to face the day!


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