Benefits of installing LED wall packs on your building

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Exterior of any building needs adequate lighting because it enhances the overall look and feel of the place. Not only does it increase the appeal of the place but it helps with safety and comfort of the place for passersby, visitors, employees etc. 

Wall pack lights are suitable for a range of applications in industrial, commercial and residential areas to create an exterior lighting layout which enhances the look and security of the place. There are several benefits of installing integrated LED wall packs around your property. 

  1. Facade lighting

Led wall packs are available in different cut-off designs which direct the light in any desired direction while shielding the light from other regions. This helps in creating an outlook which satisfies both lighting and highlighting of important elements outside the building. 

Most industrial and commercial spaces require this kind of lighting to highlight a company’s logo or to enhance the features of the building as cut off designs help with focusing the light in the desired direction. The different cut off designs are: 

  • Forward throw 

Forward throw wall packs provide open angled light. The lens material is either glass, acrylic or polycarbonate which is highly resistant. 

  • Semi cut off 

The light is hooded and directed downwards usually. 

  • Full cut off 

Full cut off is sharply angled in one direction and used for accenting or highlighting. 

  • up/down wall packs

The spread of light is adjusted according to the angle of elevation and mounting options, the cut-off overlay is of high importance. 

  1. Security lighting 

LED wall packs help create the best security lighting layout for industrial and commercial spaces. They can be layered with flood lights and placed on walls around the courtyard or outside wall. In residential areas, they can be placed around entrances, driveways or around the property for an extra layer of security. 

In commercial areas, wall packs can be placed in parking lots, stairways, entrances etc. 

  1. Low cost 

LED wall packs are available in a range of sizes and lumen output at a very feasible price. The make and design features enhance their appeal and efficiency at relatively better prices than traditional lamps as they are not as efficient and longer lasting at the same rates. 

  1. Low maintenance 

LED wall packs have the best efficiency as they are IP rated and UL listed against harsh environmental factors, despite the occasional changes they work very efficiently and do not require any maintenance or frequent replacement. LED wall packs support both integrated LEDs and screw-in LED lamps. 

  1. Eco friendly 

Due to the directional way of lighting and use of LEDs these wall pack lights are quite eco-friendly. They reduce light pollution and follow local area safety standards like dark sky compliance for outdoor lighting which prevents accidents  and glaring light for usual traffic and people. Moreover, these lights do not contain any toxic chemicals so it makes them very convenient to use and recycle. 

  1. Longer lasting 

LEDs are longer-lasting than their most counterparts. They have an average lifespan of over 5 years depending on the quality, usage and lumen output of the light. They barely malfunction over the course of their functional life and are very efficient as they produce more light and less heat by consuming less power. 


A wall pack light is traditionally a much economic option for outdoor lighting and provides several benefits along with just general outdoor lighting. Previously halogen lamps or CFl lamps were used because of their brightness but ever since the introduction of LEDs they have been subsequently replaced as LEDs are available in higher lumen outputs at the same wattage rating without any compromise on quality of light. They are also adjustable and glare free which further factors to the aversion towards traditional lamps. 


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