7 Surprising Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Dark chocolates are a mouthwatering delicacy. They come in numerous shapes, tastes, and sizes and are loved by people worldwide. Did you know that besides being superbly delicious, dark chocolates also offer a number of benefits?

Here are some of the most surprising benefits of dark chocolates:

1. It’s very Nutritious

Proper nutrition helps in maintaining the overall health of a person and is a major factor in avoiding chronic health conditions. There are a number of fruits and vegetables that people include in their diet in order to get a proper amount of nutrition content in their body.

Did you know that you can make dark chocolate a part of your diet? That’s because 100 gm of dark chocolate contains about 70-75% of cocoa, some fiber, iron, and magnesium. Thus, eating a bit of dark chocolate on a regular basis will help your body consume more nutrition and boost your health.

2. It is a powerful source of antioxidants

Dark chocolate is made by using cocoa seeds. They are one of the best antioxidants available in the world. If you opt for dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa or an organic one, you will receive a healthy dose of antioxidants.

Antioxidants help neutralize the free radicals present in our bodies. They are known to provide a number of health benefits including reduced chances of heart disease and cancer and improved vision and brain health.

Making dark chocolate a part of your diet will help your body get a sufficient number of antioxidants which will go a long way in improving your health and lowering the risk of future chronic diseases.

3. It lowers blood pressure

Among the various antioxidants that are present in dark chocolate, a major one is Flavanols. Flavanols help in stimulating the lining of the arteries to produce Nitric Oxide. The gas leads to a reduction of blood pressure as it helps in relieving the arteries.

High blood pressure is a cause of severe chronic illnesses that can cause a lot of problems. Consumption of dark chocolate can keep you healthy by leading to comparatively lower and more healthy blood pressure.

4. Leads to a lower risk of heart diseases

Heart diseases are a major killer all across the globe. The number of people suffering from chronic heart conditions is increasing by the day due to various reasons. Eating dark chocolate can help you lower your risk of getting one yourself.

A UK research showed that consumption of 100 gms of dark chocolate on a daily basis leads to a lower risk of heart disease and strokes. This is because dark chocolates can lower bad cholesterol levels and boost the good cholesterol levels in our bodies.

Moreover, as discussed earlier, they help in lowering blood pressure as well. Thus, this delicious food item can give you a chance to avoid developing a severe heart condition.

5. Controls insulin resistance

As mentioned earlier, dark chocolates are very rich in antioxidants, especially those with a high cocoa content. Antioxidants play a major role in improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Consumption of dark chocolates in moderation will make your body more sensitive to insulin which in turn will lead to lowering your blood sugar levels. This leads to a lower risk of developing diabetes.

If you are someone who’s already diabetic, you should still eat dark chocolate in moderation as it can help you in controlling type 2 diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels in check. 

6. Protects the skin against the sun

Dark chocolates contain a lot of bioactive compounds as well. They help in increasing the blood circulation to the skin and improve hydration. Thus, they make your skin look better and also protect it from the glare of the sun.

If you’re planning a vacation to a sunny place, it’s a great idea to start eating healthy recipes that contain dark chocolates to protect and improve your skin.

7. It helps improve brain function

Not only will dark chocolates help you lower your risk of developing a chronic heart condition, but they will also help you improve the functioning of your brain.

Dark chocolates are known to improve cognitive thinking. Not just that, contents like caffeine in them will help improve brain function by a lot for short durations.

Over to you…

If you are someone who loves to eat dark chocolates, great! You are getting all of these benefits.

In case you’re someone who doesn’t consume a lot of this delicacy, you need to start now if you want to relish all the benefits mentioned above!


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