Bedok condominium tenant refuses to leave « Current Affairs « Opinion « TR EMERITUS

Bedok condominium tenant refuses to leave « Current Affairs « Opinion « TR EMERITUS

Today, I will post some light-hearted commentary.

It was reported in Shin Min news that a Bedok condominium tenant refuses to leave even after choking up 17 months of rental arrears. He even torn up a lawyer’s letter on the spot.

I strongly suspect that there is more than meet the eyes in this episode. Let me explain.

The owner was reported to be some businessman. He is unlikely to be some helpless and ignorant person. Under any normal circumstances, any tenant owning a maximum of between 3 to 6 months rental arrears would have been met with much more severe eviction actions. His is 17 months. 17 months hor!

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It is beyond any reasonable explanations that in all those 17 months, the owner not only tolerated his lost of rental income, the opportunity cost, his paying the management fees and he might very well still be servicing his bank loan on that property even.

His 17 months long tolerance of no rental payments must have conveyed to the tenant his implicit approval and acceptance of non- rental payments until something went wrong between him and his tenant recently that resulted in him resorting to firmer eviction actions.

Singapore is not a lawless society. It maybe better for the police to be involved.

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