Batman Combos in MultiVersus | Moves, Abilities & Special Attacks

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One of the best characters for one-on-one battles in the game is Batman. Players can benefit greatly from Batman Combos in MultiVersus. He performs admirably in 2v2s; he is neither too good nor too bad. Although Batman’s combo strings are short-range, they are effective.

As a result, you must use your Batarang to block strikes. Start your combo strings if it succeeds. If it misses, you need to take up a good position and wait until your opponent makes a mistake before you attack. Then, to divvy up the fighting area, use your smoke bomb. Batman Combos in Multiversus will make your gaming easier than ever.

Lastly, the grappling move is risky, so you should only use it if your opponent can’t retaliate. In this article, you’ll learn the best Batman combos in MultiVersus, along with moves and input legends.

Input Guide For Batman

Input legend for Batman combos in MultiVersus are –

  • Neutral Attack: Attack on the ground
  • Side Attack: Side attack on the ground
  • Down Attack: Down attack on the ground
  • Up Attack: Up attack on the ground
  • Up Special: Up Special on the ground

Batman Combos n MultiVersus

Batman Combos in MultiVersus

Batman combos in MultiVersus are –

  • Side Attack, Side Attack
  • Side Attack, Side Attack, Up Attack
  • Side Attack, Side Attack, Up Attack, Up Special
  • Side Attack, Side Attack, Up Special
  • Side Attack, Side Attack, Up Attack, Up Special
  • Side Attack, Neutral Attack, Side Air Attack, Up Special
  • Air Down Attack, Up Special
  • Side Air Attack, Up Special

Batman Moves In MultiVersus

Here are the best Batman combos moves in MultiVersus

Batman Combos in MultiVersus

Batman Basic Attacks

  • Batarang/Aerial Batarang – Neutral + Attack
  • Bat-Combo/Bat-Strike – Side + Attack
  • Clear The Air/Flying Uppercut – Up + Attack
  • Bat-Slide/Bat-Kick – Down + Attack

Batman Special Attacks

  • Bat-Bomb – Neutral + Special
  • Bat-Grapple – Side + Special
  • Rising Bat/Rapid Rising Bat – Up + Special
  • Smoke Bomb/Crashing Justice – Down + Special

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Batman Passive Abilities

  • NINJA TRAINING – While INVISIBLE, Batman gains HASTEN and his attacks apply 3 STACKS of WEAKENED. Batman can dodge upward or diagonally upward from the ground.


The finest move for Batman is the Batarang because you can manipulate it to zone your opponent. 

However, you’ll need to re-acquire it each time you use it because of the lengthy cooldown. 

He has a strong side air attack that allows you to glide and charge at the same time. 

The grappling hook from Batman is a fantastic recovery technique.

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Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, this article on Batman Combos in MultiVersus has been helpful for you. To know more combos like this one, stay tuned with the Path Of EX website. Happy Gaming!


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