What is BasedAI? Is Elon Musk’s AI Coming or Not?

BasedAI ; What is BasedAI? Elon Musk Tweeted Bluff or Reality

AI is the most searched and talked about a thing after the pandemic. Every tech giant, including Elon Musk, is running behind AI, so it looks like OpneAI literally has the power to change the world. The possibilities of ChatGPT are endless, which is why Google Bard and Microsoft New Bing are in our lap. Recently I have heard about one more AI that is BasedAI.

Can you believe one word of Elon Musk gained more than 15 million views on Twitter? It is only possible when the word directly comes from a well-known tech giant. The curiosity of users is understandable, and every day we hear something new about AI and its wonders! If you have not scrolled your social media for some hours or are not aware of the news of the new AI, then you are at the right place. I have shared all the details about BasedAI, so stick to the post.

What is BasedAI?

BasedAI ; What is BasedAI? Elon Musk Tweeted Bluff or Reality

Two days before, Elon Musk made the one-word Tweet that is BasedAI. So, it is possible that he has created his own AI and was doing planning for it for a long. However, it is just speculation. There is no official announcement of its release date.

Yes, there is no news, announcement, or information posted by Elon Musk. But, as we take a look at the past, Elon Musk was not in support of Microsoft Bing. So, maybe he was hiring a team for a chatbot. To give you a more deep idea, I am sharing below that Twitter image of Elon Musk Tweet so you will get a better idea of this.

When is the BasedAI Going to be Released?

There is no official date announced for BasedAI. But, as we can see, all the tech giants are releasing their AIs rapidly. Chances are higher that the BasedAI will soon get launched. Google has launched Bard, and Microsoft has launched New Bing, so now we can expect new AI with many more features and capabilities.

Is BasedAI Free?

BasedAI ; What is BasedAI? Elon Musk Tweeted Bluff or Reality

BasedAI has not launched yet, so we can not guess whether it is free or paid. But, ChatGPT is a free tool, and Microsoft New Bing is also free, so there are chances that this new AI will be free to use. This thing can only be confirmed after the official announcement that has not come yet.

Wrapping Up

In this post, I have shared all about BasedAI. It is again all about AI. ChatGPT is not leaving the ground of news for so long. We do not know much about new AI, but users are still comparing it with ChatGPT and Google Bard. I have shared all the details about the Tweet of the new AI. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BasedAI?

BasedAI looks like a new AI posted in Elon Musk’s recent Tweet.

Is BasedAI released?

No, BasedAI is not released yet, and there is no official announcement about BasedAI.

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