Authorities Investigate Loud Explosions in Brockton

Authorities Investigate Loud Explosions in Brockton

Authorities in Brockton, Massachusetts are seeking information about loud explosions heard across the city late Sunday.

According to the Brockton Fire Department, two explosions were heard just before midnight Sunday. Social media posts said the explosions were accompanied by “white flashes of light,” the department said.

Some residents reported the explosions as fireworks, while others said they sounded “bigger” than fireworks, according to fire officials.

Similar explosions have been reported in recent months, the department said.

Residents with exterior cameras on their homes are asked to check them for flashes of light that occurred between 11:45 p.m. Sunday and midnight.

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Anyone with information about the explosions is asked to contact the Brockton Fire Prevention Bureau at 508-583-2933 or the Brockton Police at 508-941-0200. Information may also be sent to [email protected]

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