Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers | Shocking Moments and Cliffhangers

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As one of the most popular and successful anime series in TV history, Attack on Titan calls for its own space for discussing its unexpected storylines. And this is exactly what has brewed up with the show’s last season. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers, so, if you’ve yet to watch Season 4 part 1, consider yourself warned about potential spoilers.

If you’ve ever wondered the reasons to watch Attack on Titan or why people watch anime in general, you need to try out these amazingly crafted animated series since they tend to provide a better plot than most illogical shows on TV.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 - O...
Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 - Official Trailer

AoT is not just any other anime, its episodes have received an unprecedented number of scores of 9 along with 8 episodes scoring a 9.9 on the IMDB rating, which is the most for any TV series on the widely referred rating site. From top shocking moments to cliffhangers in AoT’s Season 4, we’ve covered the best spoilers for you.

Read along with the article as we discuss some of the best Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers and the best moments of the last season.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers: Top Shocking Moments

The last season part 1 had a lot of shocking revelations. In this subsection, we’ve covered the top moments that shocked fans to the core with major twists in the storylines. 

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Eren Turning Rogue and a Threat to Humanity

Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers
Source: CinemaBlend

In the early events of Season 4, Eren (backed up by his fellows) went on a rampage to raid Liberio which amounted to the casualty of Sasha Braus. Instead of being grief-stricken just like Mikasa and Armin, we notice that Eren was not phased by this loss. The only thing he cared for was winning.

Even after returning home to Paradis Island along with his fellows, we see Eren already planning his next moves. The character we’ve been rooting for the past three seasons turned into a rogue element hungry for more power.

Apart from being a powerful Titan Shifter, Eren also became a rebel leader inspiring an entire cult following. This so-called Yeagerists cult divided the Paradis island into two camps with their ideology that only decisive action and war against Marley will bring about true freedom to the Eldian people. 

Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers
Source: CBR

However, Mikasa and Armin weren’t exactly on Eren’s side. In the events of Episode 14 – ‘Savagery’, we see Eren taking it too far with Mikasa by telling her that he has always hated her and badly beating up Armin (who came to her defense). This change in Eren’s story arc comes off as a threat not only to the core dynamics of the show but also to the whole of humanity.

Zeke’s Euthanasia Plan

Apart from being a brute warrior, Zeke Yeager had deep sympathy for the suffering entities. This realization of the suffering of people affected him when he was just a young boy. He was of the ideology that all the suffering in the world is because of the power of Titans and in order to end it once and for all, he must take Eldia out of the equation.

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What seemed to be a nationalist movement at the surface to save and defend Paradis Island from the enemies, turned out to be a Euthanasian plan that will take out the entire Eldian race in a painless and gentle manner in hopes of finding peace in a Titan-free world.

Zeke Creating Pure Titans

Upon the arrival of Zeke and other Marleyans on Paradis Island, we see them bringing secrets of Marleyan seafood cooking and the Marleyan wine. Unaware of the special ingredient put into the wine, a lot of soldiers and officers treated themselves to the drink.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers
Source: CBR

In a turn of events, we find out that Zeke had placed his spinal fluid of the Beast Titan inside the wine that could transform each drinker into a Pure Titan form with just one shout-out from Zeke. By the time Mikasa and others could connect all the dots of Zeke’s plan, it was already too late as Zeke held the power to control the Paradis Island by holding the officers as hostages.

Eren Against Marleyan Forces

In a chain of events in the last episode of AoT’s Season 4 Part 1, we see Eren clashing with Gabi while being intervened by the Cart Titan, Pieck Finger. Claiming to be on Eren’s side, Pieck along with Gabi and Eren proceeded to the building’s roof. 

In a shocking twist, we see Porco’s Jaw Titan emerging from the building as Reiner Braun along with a Marleyan aerial fleet arrives to siege the Paradis Island. Even to Eren’s own surprise, he now finds himself against war at the doorstep of his home island. All these shocking turns of events only raised the bar higher for the final part of Attack on Titan Season 4.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers: Major Cliffhangers

With the final episode of the first half of the final season, the plot ended with a lot of cliffhangers. In this subsection, we’ve listed some of the major questions that the fans are left struggling with.

Is Zeke Dead or Alive?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers
Source: The Cinemaholic

In the final episodes of last season’s first part, we see Levi putting a thunder spear around Zeke’s neck leading Zeke into a dead-like state. But what begs the question of Zeke’s DoA state is when a pure Titan comes along placing Zeke’s body inside her pulled apart stomach in a way to protect him. So is he really dead? Only time will tell when the new episode of Season 4 part 2 airs.

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What about the Euthanasian Plan?

If Zeke is dead, what will happen to his Euthanasian plan to sterilize the entire Eldian race? Though now that other people know his ultimate plan and Armin really seems to understand the beauty behind the idea of a peaceful Titan-free world, will Arnin be the one to carry out this debatable plan to end the sufferings of his race? There’s so much build-up of suspense and we can’t do anything but wait for season 4 Part 2 to release.

Will Eren Destroy the World with Rumbling?

Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers
Source: CinemaBlend

In the fourth season, we came to know about the Rumbling phenomenon. With the discovery of the Founding Titan inside of Eren, he could now potentially destroy humanity by bringing the Titans inside the wall to life. And as Eren’s character has gone rogue this final season, it won’t be a far-fetched idea if he decided to carry out Rumbling in a move to destroy the whole world.

The final episode left us with so many hanging questions that fans really need answers to. All these will be answered in time when Part 2 of the final season will premier somewhere in early 2022.

Wrapping Up

With this, we’ve come to the end of our article on Attack on Titan Season 4 Spoilers. From most Shocking moments to major cliffhangers, this season has been a constant thrilling experience with a lot of twists and turns. Comment down below your favorite moments from the first part of Season 4 and let us know what you’re expecting from the final part of this epic masterpiece of anime.

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