As we move into Group 4, how will enforcement work?

As we move into Group 4, how will enforcement work?

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As North Carolina prepares to move into Group 4, CBS 17 wondered how enforcement will work. Each provider, be it county health department or pharmacy, appears to be handling it a bit different.

The Governor was asked about it during Thursday’s press conference.

“We’re going to rely on people’s good judgment… There’s no written proof, that’s required of this,” Governor Roy Cooper said.

Those with chronic health conditions or in congregate living facilities like prisons or shelters will go first.

With the COVID-19 vaccine still in high demand, how will providers know if someone isn’t telling the truth? It’s a tough one because the state doesn’t require people to show ID.

“I’m sure there are people that take advantage of the system… We do this on an honor system to ensure that we don’t deter anybody from getting vaccinated,” Halifax County Health Director Bruce Robistow said.

Over at Hayes Barton Pharmacy in Raleigh, Brent Talley explained their process.

“We get an ID so we know who it is and can make sure of that but we don’t know what aspect of Group 3 or now Group 4… what qualifies them to be in there,” Talley explained.

CBS 17 if he ever felt they gave a vaccine to someone who wasn’t eligible. “According to the way we’re doing it no,” he said.

CBS 17 also checked in with people getting vaccinated Thursday evening.

Sarah Butler said the Wake County Health Department said ask her to see a work ID.

“I signed up through my work, my government email so I guess that was well enough,” Tyler Everhart said.

Health providers stressed the focus remains getting shots in arms.

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