Arnold Schwarzenegger & Logan Paul’s Slap Fighting Championship: All Updates!

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Just when we thought Logan Paul will take a rest after his multiple business ventures, here’s a slap in our face. After his successful Prime Hydration Drink launch and an unlucky Pokemon cards setback, he has surprised us with another shocking news- A Slap Fighting Championship in collaboration with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Whattt?? Really..!! Shocked, aren’t you? Well, that was exactly my reaction when I heard the news. Though being the headline of the news is not a new thing for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul. They have constantly been seen in the news- whether it’s about a boxing match or a beauty pageant. But the launch of a new Slap Fighting Championship has blown all the ratings and within just an hour, everyone has gone Crazzzyyy..!! And I mean that in the literal sense.

There is so much to uncover and so much to discuss. And if you are one of those who are dancing in excitement, well this article is meant to cater to your curiosity. So without any further adieu, let’s discuss all the fascinating details we know about The Slap Championship hosted by Logan Paul and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Logan Paul and Arnold Hosting a Slap Championship!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California is a  five-time Mr. Universe Winner and a Holywood Actor that has stamped his name in the history of bodybuilders. His fan following knows no bounds. People from all over the world respect and admire him. 

While Logan Paul is a famous YouTube sensation and a GenZ boxing influencer. He have recently gained a lot of popularity by releasing his own Prime Hydration energy drink with KSI. 

They both have an immense fan following, but that is not what has bought them together. Rather an unexpected and a shocking reveal of an event has joined their names in one sentence.

On 22 February 2022, Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Logan Paul on his Impaulsive Podcast. They both used this podcast as a medium to announce about their upcoming event- A Slap Fighting Championship on March 5. These two sensations- Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul have teamed up and joined their hands for a Megaevent Slap Championship that will take place on 5 March in Columbus, Ohio.

Logan Paul also uploaded a post revealing a trailer about the Slap Fighting Championship. In less than 30 minutes, the post has amassed over 300,000 views and the fans are more excited than ever to see Logan Paul host the brutal yet exciting Slap competition

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul have surprised all the celebrities as well as all the fans with their shocking reveal of new partnership. This new Slap Championship tournament is exactly what we need to spice up your entertainment quota. Ley’s gather all the facts about this Logan Paul’s Slap Competition.

When is Logan Paul & Arnold Schwarzenegger Slap tournament? Slap Championship Date

“I love the absurdity of it, I love the idea that two guys could just stand across from each other and just slap each other and see who falls down first. It’s hilarious to me. It’s like, how is that a real event? What the (expletive) is that sport?”

-Logan Paul 

The Arnold and Logan Paul’s Slap Fighting tournament is slated for Saturday, March 5 at the Arnold Sports Festival.  The tournament will go live at 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST.

Where will Logan Paul & Arnold’s slap tournament take Place? | Location of Slap Fighting Competition 2022

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan paul revealed that The Slap Fighting Championship will take place on Logan Paul’s home turf in Columbus, Ohio.

Where to watch Arnold and Logan Paul’s Slap Fighting Championship?

The Slap Championship event will take place at the annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival in Columbus. And the tournament will go live at 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST.

You can easily watch Arnold and Logan Paul’s Slap Fighting Championship for free via different mediums-

  1. Logan Paul’s YouTube Channel    
  2. Logan Paul’s Facebook page Live
  3. The tournament will Live stream on Fanmio

Logan Paul wrote on his official Instagram Handle  that- “hosting the @slapfightingchampionship with @schwarzenegger, March 5 LIVE & free on my YouTube channel and @Fanmio. this is going to be fkn insane”

Tickets For The Slap Fighting Championship

If you love the adrenaline rush and are a sucker of physical sports, then you can watch Arnold and Logan Paul’s Slap Competition Live in person. By purchasing tickets to The Arnold Sports Festival for $30.00, you can book your slot for in-person viewing.

To purchase Arnold Sports Festival daily expo tickets for Saturday, March 5 for $30.00, click HERE or visit

“The Arnold Sports Festival is all about inspiring our fans to chase their dreams and find the sport that starts their fitness journey,”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Slap Fighting Championship Updates-

Though not much has been released yet about the schedule and the matches of the Slap Competition. But we still have picked on some fascinating details- Read along to get all the juicy details-

Arnold & Logan Paul's Slap Fighting Championship: All Update

Slap Championship Tournament events-

  • The main event featuring two of the world’s hardest-slapping super heavyweights will be showcased from the Arnold Sports Festival main stage in the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The Slap Tournaments event’s opening fight will be a women’s super-fight between battling beauties. The teen beauty queen and Polish celebrity Adrianna “Flychanelle” Śledź will take on the model and dancer Julia Kruzer.

Slap Championship Tournament Contenders

The two contenders taking part in Arnold and Logan Paul’s Slap Fighting Championship are-

  1. Undefeated three-time PunchDown Champion Dawid “Zaleś” Zalewski 
  2. A popular internet sensation and the first American slap fighter to win a Super Heavyweight Championship, Koa “Da Crazy Hawaiian” Viernes from Oahu, Hawaii, 

Many other amazing Slap fighters will also take part in this Slap Fighting Competition. But their names are not yet disclosed. If any further information will be provided, we will update it at the very moment. So do come back and keep yourself updated.

Other Matchups taking place on March 5 

Do you know about all the other Other Matchups taking place on March 5-

  • Maksymilian “Mad Max” 
  • Leśniak battling Nikolas “Predator” Toth
  • Pater “Aligator” 
  • Truchlik facing Karol “Pikolo” Wyłupek 
  • Jakub “Dudzio”
  • Dudczyk taking on Piotr “Mela” 
  • Hawryluk and Mateusz “Kazek” 
  • Kaźmierczak doing battle with Michał “Kucik” Kuciński.

Said Schwarzenegger, “I know we’re going to have a great time watching the slap competition as long as we don’t get slapped.”

Wrapping Up

That is all the information that has been released on the Slap fighting Competition hosted by Arnold and Logan Paul. This is no doubt, gonna be an intriguing event that we will be talking about for months. 

Keep your fingers crossed and keep checking Path of EX for all the latest updates on Logan Paul and Arnold’s Slap Fighting Championship.

I hope we satisfied your excited mind. Hope to see you soon.



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