Ariana Grande Team Up With Epic Games For Rift Tour 2021

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Epic Games is one of the leading cross-platform that is known for creating a spark in the gaming world from time to time. Recently, it popped as a highlight on the internet after the introduction of Fortnite, which works on the idea of using celebrities’ skin as their main character of the game. And, this time, Ariana Grande team up with Epic Games.

Fortnite started with the idea of using a few singers as the default skin, but after a huge success, they are planning to expand their gaming characters to the pop world. Not only the singers, but they are on the quest to include the epic characters from the comic and gaming world like Harley Quinn and Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy.

From Marshmallow to Travis Scott, the Epic games have covered many celebrities by far. Still, now they hold the vision of using the top stars from the gaming, music, film, and fashion collide world, which is why now they have considered Arianda Grande for “Ariana & the Rift Tour.” 

But when will this game be released? And, what is the storyline of the game? Curious to know about it? Want to know about this? If that’s a yes, then keep up the curiosity and find the latest news about its launch below in the post.

Ariana Grande Team Up With Epic Games

Be it her wedding day look or the stage performance, Arianda always tops in the fashion game.

Damn! She is so pretty!

Also, she is one of the gorgeous pop singers who has been in the spotlight all the time because of her unique dressing style, and you cannot deny this!

Her incredible fashion sense and tremendous popularity made the Epic games take her as one of the lead skins in its Icon Series in Fortnite.

Ariana is confirmed to headline an in-game event dubbed in the Rift tour after Epic Games released a video exciting the digital Event.

But, do you know that this mysterious Event promises “magical new realities” and is also rumored to have challenges to be getting in within the meantime and rewards for the players.

There was gossip all over the internet that Ariana will be a part of the event. Today, Fortnite used their Twitter handle to reveal the most important news with a poster showing Araina’s character in full power mode confirming the rumors of Ariana Grande Team Up With Epic Games.

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But when is this Event happening? 

Epic Games has released a schedule for when her fans can have her glimpse in the game, and it will happen from August 6 to August 8. There you will experience the concert, and along with this, there will be the release of the big show that includes several in-game items and quests and a themed outfit.

Well, that’s quite interesting!

The Event will be rolled online with five different showtimes across America (twice), Global, Asia/Oceania, and EU/ME. The respective timings are:

  • August 6, 6pm PT / 11pm BST – America
  • August 7, 2pm PT / 7pm BST – Global
  • August 8, 12 am PT/ 5 am BST – Asia/Oceania
  • August 8, 10am PT / 3pm BST EU/ME
  • August 8, 6pm PT / 11pm BST America
Ariana Grande Team Up With Epic Games For Rift Tour 2021
source: gamesradar

But, being an in-game event, you are advised to arrive an hour before showtime, with the playlist live 30 minutes before each show. 

Highlights Of The Game

The rest of the epic games are popular among fans, but now, people have their eyes on the reveal.

This is a big deal for Ariana and her fans as well. And this is clear from her recent Press Release. Where Ariana quoted, “Working with Epic and the Fortnite team to bring my music to life inside the game has been so fun and such an honor.” She also added, “I can’t wait to join my fans and see all of your reactions to such an unforgettable, magical journey to new realities.”

Now, this might ignite the fire of extreme curiosity in her fans as to what extraordinary will happen in the Event, as a similar announcement was made by the Epic Games in 2020 during Travis Scott’s concert.

Do you know what was crazy about this concert?

If not, then you must know that this concert became the home to madness when the map evolved into a music video in real-time, turning players upside down and hurting them through space as the rapper danced around.

Well, we could expect such madness for Ariana’s concert as well! Or, They might have bigger plans!

Who knows?

How Much Is The Ariana Grande Fortnite Skin In The Item Shop?

Ariana Grande Team Up With Epic Games For Rift Tour 2021
Source: ESTNN

Since the news came to the Twitter of Ariana Grande Team Up With Epic Games, there has been chaos to know how much her skin would cost!

After all, this in-game event is all about using the skin of famous celebs in the town!

And, if you are concerned about Ariana Grande skin, then you must know that the Ariana Grande skin will arrive in the Item Shop on August 4, 8 pm ET / 1 am BST and will be similar to the poster released by Fortnite along with the tweet with a lot more items.

Isn’t Ariana’s outfit a matter of adoration?

I mean, look at the picture. It shows Ariana Grande in some crystal outfit. Well, she might wear a similar dress for her concert!

Fortnite Rift Tour Rewards

Ariana Grande Team Up With Epic Games For Rift Tour 2021: Rewards for the game
Source: Epic Games Store

This is a question to think about! After all, what is the fun of the game without rewards?

So, without giving you a spoiler, let’s see a bit of them.

Not one or two, there are rewards, Fortnite Rift tour, the Rift-sterpiece Spray, & Cloudy Kitty Emoticon, and lastly, Rainbow Cloudcruiser Umbrella.

You should know that you can win the Rainbow Cloudcruiser Umbrella only if you’re a Fortnite Crew member. If you are the one among them, then you can get a Skye up High loading screen and a Rift Tour Banner just for logging in between August 5 at 10 am ET / 3 pm BST to August 9 at 10 am ET / 3 pm BST.

Well, what more can you demand?

Wrap Up:

That was all for the news for Ariana Grande Team Up With Epic Games. I am eagerly waiting for this event to go on air to stop my adrenaline rush.

But what is your thought about this? What will happen there? Please share them in the comment section below, and let’s see who predicts the possible highlights of the Event.



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