Are You The One Season 3 Matches List | What Did Variety Say?

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American Reality shows are always loved by people, especially when MTV airs them. The concepts are super entertaining and the TRPs go all the way up when it’s a romance-themed show. Today, we are here to talk about all the love interests and Are You The One Season 3 Matches. We will also cover the reviews of the show, dive into the article cause we are spilling some beans. 

Are You The One is an amazing TV show that started in 2014 on MTV. The number of participants was 20 at that time. After 2014, we had 8 seasons by 2019. The show was so loved that it sometimes aired two seasons in the same year (2014 & 2017). Last year, Are You The One got nominated for an Emmy and that’s something very huge for a reality show. 

In 2020, the first two seasons of Are You The One were released on Netflix and again the show got hyped because of it. The fact that the winning couple will get a million dollars made the show even more interesting. Now, you must be curious about the Are You The One Season 3 Matches. Worry Not! As we have made a list of all the couples in the first three seasons of the show. 

What Is ‘Are You The One’ All About?

Are You The One Season 3 Matches List | What Did Variety Say?

Are You The One is a reality matchmaking show which was originally aired on MTV. The couples are matched by the ‘matchmaking algorithm’. Young singles (boys and girls) come to the show to find love and they are secretly paired. While living in a house with all the contestants, they have to find their “perfect match” that has been chosen by the producers’ matchmaking algorithm. 

The first seven seasons of Are You The One had all binary couples. However, in the eighth season, things changed. The matches of any person could be of any gender. Isn’t that cool? It’s really great to finally see some inclusivity on screen!

Reviews Of Are You The One Season 3

When we said Are You The One? is a ground-breaking show, we actually meant it. It’s quite possible that you do not believe us. Okay, understandable, for now. But you would definitely believe Variety and The New York Times. 

Can you guess what they said about Are You The One?


Well, Variety said that Are You The One was “Downright Revolutionary” and The New York Times’ reaction was pretty much the same as ours, they said, “We’re in love”. 

We cannot agree more. The show has been super entertaining for the past 7 years and we are still counting on it. 

Are You The One Season 1 Matches List 

In the Are You the One Season 1 there were three perfect matches at the end of the show. Here is the table of all the matches in the first season of Are You The One.  

Female Contestant Male ContestantResult
AmberEthanNot A Match
AshleighJohnNot A Match
BrittanyJoeyNot A Match
ColeysiaDillanPerfect Match
JacyChris S.Not A Match
JessicaRyanNot A Match
KaylaWesPerfect Match
PaigeChris T.Perfect Match
ShanleyAdamNot A Match
SimoneDreNot A Match

Are You The One Season 2 Matches List 

There wasn’t any Perfect Match in the second season of Are You The One. Couples couldn’t correctly match with their ideal partners but the journey from the start to the end of the show.  

Female Contestant Male ContestantResult
AlexandriaAnthonyNot A Match
AshleyDarioNot A Match
BrianaBrandonNot A Match
ChristinaLaytonNot A Match
EllieNathanNot A Match
JasmineAlexNot A Match
JenniJohnNot A Match
JessicaGarlandNot A Match
ParisPrattNot A Match
ShelbyCurtisNot A Match
TylerLaytonNot A Match

Are You The One Season 3 Matches List 

Finally, here’s the list you were looking for. Below are all the people that were Are You The One Season 3 matches. Only two of the couples were “perfect matches”. Check out the complete list below-

Female Contestant Male ContestantResult
AmandaAlecNot A Match
BritniAustinNot A Match
ChelseyConnorPerfect Match
CheyenneTylerPerfect Match
HannahHunterNot A Match
KaylaZakPerfect Match
KikiMikeNot A Match
MelanieChuckNot A Match
RashidaDevinNot A Match
StaceyNelsonNot A Match

Wrapping Up

Writing about one of the most entertaining shows on TV was surely fun. Tell us in the comment section if you liked the show or not. Do you want more seasons to come? Comment below your favorite contestants. 

I hope this Are You The One Season 3 Matches list was satisfactory to you. If you liked the article, do not forget to share it with your friends. Have a great day guys! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to watch all seasons of Are You the One?

You can watch the first two seasons of Are You The One on Netflix. If you want to watch all the seasons then you would need the CBS All Access subscription to do so. 

Did MTV cancel Are you the one?

Gianna Hammer spoke about sexual assaults and drug use while being on the show. Due to this, MTV has removed the streaming of all the seasons of Are You The one in the USA. 

How fake is are you the one?

Numerous contestants of Are You The One TV show have confirmed that no one tells you what to do. The show is not scripted at all. You have to survive on the show using all your brains and no one from the production or creators help you with anything. 

Are any couples still together from Are You the One Season 3?

Nope, none of the couples from Are You The One Season 3 remained a couple beside Ethan and Amber Diamond (they are married btw). The other couples broke up after they got out of the show. 

Are you the one season 3 What happened to Mike?

Mike was taken out of the Are You The One Season 3 because of his aggressive behavior. His anger might have harmed anybody, so the production removed him from the cast. 


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