Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love | Signs He is Falling For You

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Too tricky? Or super fun? What’s your Aquarius man like? I know, sometimes it gets super confusing when you are trying so hard to get along with someone. Does he like me? How does he feel about me? Ahh! A million bizarre questions!! Well, kick out your worries cause here are all the “Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love.”

Doing your proper research about your potential bae is super important. You have already stalked them all over Instagram and now it’s time for dwelling into some astrology. You will be surprised to know about his quirks and traits for sure. We have done all the research. Just ask him about his b-day and go through this article once. 

An Aquarius man will never be tired of being the smart owl in the room. Although it is flattering, you can be sure that he’s not a people pleaser. He only cares about his inner circle and close friendships. Also, Aquarius men are just as charming as Leos, if not more. However, they are pretty peaceful beings when it comes to handling couple fights. Curious to know more? 

What Are The Signs Of A Aquarius Man In Love?

Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love
Source: LoveToKnow Horoscopes

Nope, he’s not a nerd at heart. I know there are many assumptions about Aquarius men out there but we will tell you only the truth. These winter born aren’t really cold if you spend quality time with them, after all, deep conversations are their thing. Have a look at the basics of the Aquarius Zodiac and then we will move forward to their relationship traits.   

BirthdayJanuary 20- February 18
Ruling PlanetUranus
Represented byOwl

1. He Has An Open Heart And A Open Mind

If you have heard that Aquarius men are intellectuals then you are absolutely right. They put much effort into thought, which by far is a very sexy thing for some of us (including me).

An Aquarius man is not a people pleaser, rather he’s a rebel with a cause. Also, he’s just rightly passionate about things. 

Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love
Source: The List

Being an air sign, Aquarius men have an open mind and an open heart. Okay, I admit, he’s a nerd but he’s also charming and a very complex being. If you are beginning to understand this about him then it is the first sign of an Aquarius man in love. 

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2. You Can Rely On An Aquarius Man In Love

An Aquarius guy is a fixed sign, which means he’s steady and reliable in making decisions. He will always be there for you. Whether you need him or not. He loves to lend his ear to your problems and being an “intellectual” always gives the best advice. 

Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love
Source: Mantelligence

Also, an Aquarius man will be a rock in your relationship. Although it can take him a little time to open up to you. Give him a little space and you’ll see he’s worth everything. He will be your best friend, first and foremost. That is the true sign of an Aquarius man in love. 

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3. He Will Love You Even More If You Share His Passion

An Aquarius man is calm most of the time, but as I told you, he’s rightly passionate about some things. He’s fascinated by revolutions.

If he hears about a protest, he’ll quickly want to attend. But! But! But! An Aquarius man in love would want you to join him in his cause. 

Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love
Source: Love Devani

Political knowledge might not matter to most of us, but an Aquarius man will be fully involved in political debates. Maybe he doesn’t say it often but he is involved, you can be sure.

If you aren’t into political knowledge or activism, then I’m sorry, it’s a turn-off for Aquarius people. 

If you think about it a little, you’ll realize he’s passionate about things that actually matter the most. And he cares if you give a shit for it or not. If you do, then he’ll respect you even more. That’s another sign of an Aquarius man in love. 

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4. An Aquarius Man Prioritized True Friendships Over Relationships

When I said he’s not a people pleaser it doesn’t mean he’s not into people. An Aquarius man is the total life of a group. But he doesn’t believe in finding love on dating apps. He treasures a true connection. However, there’s something he treasures even more than a true connection and that is a pure friendship. Yep, Aquarius men are more likely to fall in love with you if you are his friend first.

Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love
Source: YourTango

An Aquarius man prioritizes friendship over a relationship. That’s why you should always be his best friend before you take the next step. If your smart owl is already friends with you there are a lot of chances he’ll have feelings for you. That’s another sign of an Aquarius man in love. 

5. An Aquarius Man In Love Is Not A Romantic Person

Ouch!! Did it hurt your heart? I know it did, but it’s true. Aquarius men aren’t into romantic gestures and fancy candlelight dinners. Having a lovey-dovey relationship isn’t their thing.

I’m sorry if you love being a little filmy sometimes, he’s not that romantic. But, he’s not romantic by the definition of ‘romantic’ by the world. He’ll be your man and love you in every sense, just not in a way that pleases everyone around you.

Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love
Source: popularastrology

He’s just like air, doing what he does, without a concern about what everyone will think of him. Also, if you push your Aquarius man in love towards being romantic, you will definitely fail. Remember when I said he’s a fixed sign and that brings some stubbornness with it. 

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6. He Can Detach Easily 

I don’t know if it is a good or a bad sign of an Aquarius man in love, you would have to decide it yourselves. An Aquarius man’s most used organ is his brain, it’s his power.

Everything he does or says or acts like is coming from his brain. That can get irritating sometimes. It can look like he’s super smart (which he is btw) and he has totally programmed himself in that way.

The reason why he has such strong political views is that he uses his supercomputer brain for every issue, even love (not that it’s an issue but you know what I mean).

Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love

Since he uses his brain even when it comes to love, he will have an intellectual opinion on his emotions and even yours. Not that we expect him to be a little silly, but it would cost him nothing to just stop using his brain for a while. 

On the other hand, this virtue of using his brain can also be helpful to you in a lot of ways that you can imagine. Whenever you want someone to guide you through a tough decision, you can come to him and you’ll get the best advice.

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7. A Fixed Sign Brings Some Stubbornness

Now, he knows what everybody thinks of him and he’s still being intellectual. What do you think that means? He’s totally aware of how people perceive him.

Uranus is a planet of disruption and Aquarius are ruled by it, I hope you are getting my point now.  

Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love

As Jake writes on Cosmopolitan, “He sometimes adopts a contrary nature just for the sake of being different, it seems, especially when he’s in a bad mood. You say “yes” and he says “no,” just to make a point of not following the status quo.”

Wrapping Up

Let’s not forget that an Aquarius can handle bizarre situations very peacefully. He’s a smart person and you should make use of it. That was all about this article on “Truths About An Aquarius Man In Love”. If this article was informative to you, then comment below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tell if an Aquarius man is in love with you?

If an Aquarius man is in love with you, he will make moves of affection. He will talk to you for long hours. Most importantly, an Aquarius man will be vulnerable in front of you. That’s a clear sign that an Aquarius man is in love with you.

How does an Aquarius man act when he’s falling in love?

When an Aquarius man is eager to meet you often, then that means he’s falling in love with you.

Does Aquarius fall in love easily?

No, Aquarius people need time to fall in love, in fact they like to be sure before they fall for anyone.

How do you win an Aquarius man’s heart?

Be a humanitarian, be passionate about certain goals in your life or some social activism. Moreover, you can also be honest and friendly to win an Aquarius man’s heart.

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