21 Apps Like Whisper | Post Anonymously in 2023

Best apps like whisper; Apps like whisper

We are GenZ; we live and breathe on social media. So we update our feeds and timelines whether Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other. As much as we enjoy social media but it makes us equally vulnerable. Social Media has become a vent for all of us, but sometimes we want to be anonymous while venting on social media. There are many platforms available that give the facility of posting anonymously, like Whisper. Today I will tell you about more such Apps like Whisper.

Whisper is a social media App that lets you post images and videos anonymously. The “whispers” posted consist of images superimposed by texts. The App is completely anonymous, as users are given spontaneous nicknames on joining. The users can post confessions, whether real or not. You can like, share and even reply to any confession. Although Whisper from removed from the  Apple store in October 2022, it continues to be on the Play store and has millions of users.

To be honest, the thought of getting things off your chest and posting it on social media without having to worry about being identified by someone you know and being judged for it. If you are wondering how many apps are out there that give you the privilege of posting anything anonymously. Let us find out how many apps like whisper are there.

Some Apps Like Whisper

Whisper is a popular App with millions of users, and that is quite popular among folks, especially women. Whisper garnered a lot of attention, but there are so many more Apps just like Whisper that may be better than it.

Some claims were circulating the internet sometime back about the safety and security of Whisper. So, here I have compiled a list of Apps like whisper that give you freedom and liberation by venting out anonymously without worrying about your security.

1. Reddit

The first alternative in Apps like Whisper should be Reddit. Just like Whisper, you can choose a username while joining Reddit to keep you anonymous. Once you have joined Reddit, you can join chatrooms or a community that interests you. Reddit has more than 50 million users, and it is easy to find like-minded people there. 

Reddit; Apps like Whisper

Not just for fun, Reddit can be used for finding answers to questions, discussing topics, and starting threads in the community you join. The place is perfect for people who want to discuss ideas and thoughts with other people while being completely anonymous. Reddit is safe and has moderators who monitor posts and groups, and they can delete posts or members who do not follow the rules.

2. ASK fm

ASKfm is another alternative to Whisper that is free and has more than 300 million users. It is a question-answer network that enables its users to post questions without revealing their identities and get answers from other people. The people can also communicate publicly or privately with other users on ASKfm.

Askfm; Apps like Whisper

ASKfm App is available on both Android and iOS. It also rewards a user on each answer with coins that can be later redeemed at the ASKfm market to download games, promo boosts, and activity stats. ASKfm also has a VIP program letting you access the features early and fast and with special backgrounds.

3. Stranger Chat

As the name suggests, this App lets you chat with a complete stranger without having to reveal your identity. The best part about this App is that you don’t have to register or log in. Just download the App and start chatting with random people, add people to your list, and make new friends, and all this is completely free. There are no subscriptions or hidden charges in Stranger Chat. The App also has the feature of sharing images and video calls.

Stranger chat; apps like whisper

Stranger Chat has a feature that lets you find people from a particular country by country picker feature. It has a geo-location as well as a mini-games feature too. It keeps the identity hidden and gives you control over whom you want to reveal it to.

4. Chatous

In the list of Apps like Whisper, Chatous is another option that is loaded with features that makes it perfect for contacting and finding same-minded people.  The App helps you to chat with people worldwide about the topics that you care about. Chatous also lets you bring the conversations to life through photo sharing. You can post about a topic by selecting a #Hashtag, and you will be connected to someone who chose the same tag.

chatous; apps like whisper

The Chatous App protects your identity through anonymity and gives you the choice of changing your display name anytime. The display names are not searchable, and also either party can permanently end a chat at any point. It allows photos, videos, audio messages, and even YouTube videos in a chat, and you can choose to make the chat expire.

5. AnonChat

Another App available in the anonymous category is AnonChat. Famous worldwide with millions of users, this App allows you to chat with strangers with photos, voice, and text messages. This app works like chatroulette. AnonChat does not ask for any kind of registration or Sign Up.  All you have to do is press the search button, and the App will find you a random chat Partner. In this App, you can send audio messages also.

chat for omegele; Apps like whisper

AnoChat lets you have multiple dialogs at the same time. You can add anyone to your friends and keep talking while you can find others too. The blur feature of all photos in temporary dialogues to avoid any inappropriate content is a cool feature. You can erase or edit chats for both parties and also make calls in the chat. 

6. Virtual Friend Shoulder

In Apps like Whisper, Virtual Friend Shoulder is another name on the list. The app helps you make new virtual friendships, vent and meet new friends anonymously.  The users can get advice, a vent, and a virtual shoulder in times of difficulty or need. Users can publish their doubts and get relevant answers and solutions anonymously.

Vent app shorts; Apps like whisper

Virtual Friend Shoulder provides you to customize your avatar, provide lasting friendships from around the world, and relieve anxieties by providing an ear and a shoulder in times of difficulty and joy.

7. Connected2.me 

A brand new social network that allows you to chat with people anonymously is Connected2.me. The App can be accessed by creating a profile with a photo and a little bit of information about yourself. You will be given a nickname, and you can chat with people without revealing your identity. The App claims to have celebrities, experts, and specialists who are using the App.

21 Apps Like Whisper| Post Anonymously in 2023

A shuffle feature is available to see who is online and available for chat.  The App can be used to share secrets, confessions, gossip, feelings, thoughts, and emotions freely without having to reveal your identity.

8. Vent

The Apps like Whisper consists of Vent. It is described as a social diary, a place to express how users really feel. Vent connects you to a community that is fun, optimistic, uplifting, and understanding. It makes sharing your feelings easy with people around the world. The vent has unique reactions to its user’s posts instead of just liking; it provides Hug reaction and is a great one for someone who might have had a rough day.

vent app moods; apps like whisper

The vent is a great place to be anonymous and is a fabulous community for mental health support. It also provides you with a one-on-one chat feature to share your feelings with someone in particular. The users of Vent are known to be empathetic and sensitive while listening and understanding someone’s thoughts and feelings.

9. Slowly

If you are still scrolling to find Apps like Whisper, then Slowly might be the one for you. This App is for people who are kinda old school and still believe in writing letters and having pen pals.  Slowly is for people looking for meaningful conversations in the era of the internet. The App connects people around the world at a slower pace in this fast-moving world. It allows you to send only one letter at a time.

Slowly; apps like whisper

The Slowly brings the pen pal experience on our internet devices. The mailing time depends on the distance between the two people, ranging from hours to days. The app lets you create a nickname and an avatar that suits your personality. You can collect and unlock stamps from various cultures and countries. The App also has paid features.

10. Curious Cat

curious cat logo; apps like whisper

Apps like Whisper are incomplete without mentioning Curious cat.  The social media App lets you be anonymous and is a Question and Answer platform. It has millions of users worldwide, which connects its users to followers and friends uniquely.

You can ask any questions and get answers and even answer some of the questions yourself. Getting questions in Curious Cat is simple, and you can share your profile with others too. Curious Cat offers a group chat mechanic called the Party Function, and the messages on it are deleted after 72 hours.

11. We3

The We3 App is an interesting prospect for Whisper. This App has a unique feature of connecting three people at a time instead of two. This feature makes it easy to make conversations flow and makes talking more interesting. Talking to just one person sometimes makes it difficult to start a conversation or break the ice, while in a group of three, awkwardness is swayed away easily.

Tribe formed on we3; apps like whisper

We3 app matches people based on personality, interests, and values shared. The app can make you meet people in your area who are looking for new friends to hang out with. It makes you meet the most compatible people, making making friends easy.

12. ChatSpin

The apps like Whisper catalog are patchy without ChatSpin. The ChatSpin app gives its users a feature to connect to strangers through video chats. Having over a billion connections worldwide, ChatSpin allows you to use it anonymously. The app has a wide variety of face filters that makes meeting new people fun and interesting. You have to swipe right to start a new live chat to meet someone new.

Three people on chatspin; apps like whisper

ChatSpin makes you connect with people from nearby, or you can filter based on locations. You can connect with guys or girls based on your preference. Hd quality video calling feature makes it quite popular.

13. Kik

The Kik App is a messaging app that allows its users to connect to people online and also can be used as a regular texting app for your friends. Kik messaging app supports video calls, emojis, and many more features. Users can add their regular friends either by searching their usernames or scanning them on their devices. You can join public groups and even talk to various bots on the Kik app.

Chatspin chat profiles; Apps like whisper

When you want to get connected to new people on Kik, at the bottom of the App, click on  Meet New People, and you will be connected to a random person. Sometimes you can even be matched to someone on the basis of your common interests. While connecting to a new person, they can’t see your username at first, and the same is the case with you which helps to keep identities hidden and makes it anonymous.

15. TalkLife

An app with a purpose and a goal to provide people going through mental hardships with support while keeping their identity anonymous. This is a kinda support group for people who are feeling low in their lives. The TakLife app allows a person to create an anonymous profile with a username of his choice to hide his identity. You can share an emotion while sharing a post and connect to the people going through the same struggles and emotions as you.

Talklife app details; apps like whisper

TalkLife is available on Android, iOS, and a desktop version too. Even if you are not struggling mentally, you can be there for people who require support, and this way, you can give back to society.

16. F3- Make New Friends

A social discovery app to make new friends from all around the world and communicate with existing ones. A question-answer social media app where you can send and receive chats, photos, and videos and also messages that too anonymous. You have to create an account to get started. You can ask questions and add images and videos to the answers; it is possible to even draw on the images. 

F3; Apps like whisper

F3 App has in-app purchases that offer its users the feature of knowing who answered their questions, who viewed their posts, and more. With over 25 million people on the app, it makes making new friends easily with the feature of private messages too.

17. Meetup

Meetup is just one more name in the index of apps like Whisper. The app helps you to meet new people, and join a club or community, both local and online. It helps you to pursue your interests with people who share both in person and online. Meetup, in addition to meeting new people, is a great platform to build a career network, create a personal brand, and make time for your hobbies with people of similar interests.

Meetup app on mobile; Apps like whisper

Meetup lets you create a group where you can host events, save events you might be interested in, and choose people you want to meet at events. It also lets you have discussions with people you meet, and you can use private messaging to stay in touch with your friends.


A live video chat app to match with strangers and meet new people and make new friends is all about HOLLA. It is a popular random video chat social media app. With millions of people from almost 190 countries, you can meet people from different countries and cultures through video calls, free voice chats, and free text chats.

HOLLA App; Apps like Whisper

HOLLA has the features of meeting new people face-to-face; it is a way to find new people across countries and provides a real-time translation facility too. HOLLA has a moderation system to protect its users. The screen is blurred in a new match until their face shows. There is also a feature for reporting someone who you find inappropriate or offensive.

19. Chamet

Chamet is a one-on-one and multiplayer online video and voice chat app allowing its users to make friends from all over the world. The video calling feature is a great way to connect to new people. Chamet has users from over 150 countries in the world. The translation feature makes it possible to converse with people from other languages and cultures. Chamet also provides a feature of connecting with 5 people at the same time.

Chamet app; apps like whisper

The Chamet app also provides a solo live room option, where its users can show their talents, like singing, dancing, and gaming. The app supports a wide variety of languages like English, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, French, and many more. It has filters and beauty effects features also. Chmaet also has gifts and diving machines, and medals that you can send to your friends.

20. Moco

Moco is another app that has apps like whisper features. With Moco, you can chat and hang out with people living nearby who are online. You can make new friends, have fun and even play games with them, and all that is completely free. Moco has a feature of watching live streams from people nearby or around the world. You can even start your own live stream and earn real money.

Moco app; Appps like whisper

Moco has chat rooms with lots of people online, including public, private video, and group chats. Users can search and filter people based on age, gender, location, and much more to get connected to the people of their choice. It has been said that Moco contains the largest network of African Americans and Latinos in the world.

21. MeetMe

MeetMe is the last but definitely not the least app in apps like Whisper. An app where users can meet, chat, and Go live to get connected to other people. meetMe connects you to new people nearby who share common interests and want to chat. It is claimed to be friendly, fun, and free. The app has video and live-streaming options both.

meet mee login; apps like whisper

With a community of about 100 million people, users can strike a video call or a text to someone they find interesting, or you have the option of broadcasting themselves into the world and letting people come to you by streaming on Live. Users can even receive gifts while on Live.

Wrapping Up

The App store is filled with apps like Whisper that provide you with fun, friends, new people, and many more features to explore. The basic thing to be kept in mind is that your preference is what matters. The kind of app you want to join depends on your personal choice, and it is a matter of individuality. The kind of features you are looking for can be a deciding factor when trying to find apps like Whisper.

There are millions of people out there just like you who are finding someone to talk to without having to reveal their identities and be free of a judging world. All you have to do is find an app that suits you and goes forward and meets new people.

Hope you found your alternative of whisper in the above list. If you enjoyed this article, do read apps like Omegle too.

Did Whisper App shut down?

The Whisper App was removed from the Apple App store but is still available on Play Store.

Is Whisper a Dating App?

No, Whisper is not a dating App. It is a social media app that allows you to post stuff anonymously.

Is there a minimum age to join Whisper app?

Whisper allows users who are at least 13 years old but it asks users below 18 years to use the app with parental permission.

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