9 Useful Apps Like Wattpad For Readers and Writers in 2024

Apps Like Wattpad

Wattpad is not the only online social platform for readers and writers. There are other good platforms and apps like Wattpad that will be good enough to quench your reading or writing or both thirsts.

Okay, you may be thinking about me as one of the critics of Wattpad. But I am not. I am one of the people who are now and then on Wattpad. I have been using it since 2009. In December 2014, my friend shared with me a novel written by KittyCrakers with more than 77 chapters. I read all of those in one go without taking a break. The same thing, not with that intensity, has happened repeatedly to me before and after that novel by KittyCrakers. This is my relationship with Wattpad. Yes, I am a huge follower of the Wattpad platform.

Honestly, there are some limitations with Wattpad, and I too often try other apps to get rid of those limitations and glitches. Here are the best 9 apps like Wattpad, which will surely help you. Let us get underway.

Top 9 Apps Like Wattpad

9 Best Apps Like Wattpad

So, if you love reading stories, fiction, and eBooks, then you are at the right place. I have selected the top 9 apps for you, which both the writers and the readers like. This list will also introduce different audiences and authors. Let us begin.

1. Penana

Penana : Apps like Wattpad

Penana is the best and my favourite on the list of apps like Wattpad. It has all features like Wattpad. Penana offers three modes for writers. You can write in ‘Story Mode’ if you have stories and fiction to share with your readers. The second is ‘Blog Mode,’ where you can share your articles, blogs, and creative compositions and essays. The third one is ‘Contest Mode,’ which allows an author to share an article in which readers become participants.

If you are a reader, you will find various topics and genres to read here. You can read novels and blogs and participate in contests. You can enjoy novels for free.

Top Features of Penana

  • Read and explore new and old writings
  • Write blogs, stories, and contests.
  • Engage with people and discuss topics.
  • Free content, stories, novels, blogs
  • Supports many languages
  • In-built translator feature to read a story in your own language.

User Review

“I’ve been in this community a while and it’s pretty good. Anyways I like it, there’s just a few issues I’ve noticed that have gone unfixed for a long time. First of all there’s no mystery genre, about half of the stories I write are mystery and I can’t put mystery as their genre. This second point I have isn’t a bug, but I still want to mention it. The covers are too small. I wish I had the option to keep my cover small or make it bigger. I’d really appreciate it if the devs fixed this stuff”.

Visit: Penana

2. Medium

Medium : Apps Like Wattpad

Medium is one of the appropriate apps like Wattpad. With Medium, you can earn money for your writings. It is a perfect online publishing forum for newbies as well as experts. Publishers can also use this platform to get their work published.

For readers, it has a large library, articles, and stories to read. However, Medium is not free like Wattpad. You have to pay a subscription fee of at least $5 monthly to access numerous articles. 

Top Features of Medium

  • Writers can get revenue for their work
  • There are no ads in the application
  • Embedding
  • Linked Images
  • Import your stories from other platforms
  • Anyone can create an account and start writing. 

User Review

“Surprisingly, I like it. It crashes every time I use it more than five minutes, though I’ve only been on Medium for two months. I was pleasantly surprised by the content. It wasn’t all clickbait. I went to a Medium live writing session and the teacher was charming and funny. So I decided to stick around”.

Visit: Medium

3. Commaful

Commaful : Apps Like Wattpad

Commaful is a great app for both writers as well as readers. It is one of the perfect apps like Wattpad you will find online. Unlike Medium, you can read any article, story, poetry, or novel for free. It offers writers to convert their stories into picturebook. Readers find this app more attractive because of this picturebook format, they love to read in this mode.

If you are a writer, then you should try this app today. It has a huge audience base. You can get famous with a single story or an article and get some followers as well. 

Top Features of Commaful

  • Huge audience base
  • Free content to read
  • Writer oriented tools
  • Various genres for readers 
  • Simple UI

User Review

“I love writing, and I wanted to create a story that people from around the world can enjoy, with no payments from them, or me. I was searching on google for some websites that I could create stories on, and came across this website. I immediately created an account and downloaded the app. Honestly, I love it! ….I believe this is a good app for short stories, and if you want to create a series you can create it in sections. The community seems kind and respectful, which I am glad to have an app with such great users”.

Visit: Commaful

4. Miraquill (formerly Mirakee)

Miraquill : Apps Like Wattpad

Miraquil is emerging better than the established apps like Wattpad. It was previously known as Mirakee. Miraquill allows users to read, write and explore anything within the platform absolutely free. It has many built-in tools to help writers. Writers, established or beginners, can share any work, any genre, and any topic unless it does not violate any rule of Miraquill. You can engage with millions of readers and writers. 

Top Features of Miraquill

  • Strict against plagiarism
  • Offensive language and activities are strictly banned
  • Tools to track your performance
  • Supports all major languages
  • Simple UI and reliable. 

User Review

“It is a good app. I enjoy writing in this app, there are so many features provided in it. You can change the background of your text, add picture and choose fonts by your choice. But I must suggest to remove the premium version because many people doesn’t interested on it.”.

Visit: Miraquill

5. Movellas

Movellas : Apps like Wattpad

One of the easiest apps like Wattpad, where you can read anything without creating an account, is Movellas. Account creation is only needed if you want to follow a writer or you have a story to tell. I personally love this feature. I think websites, platforms, apps, and libraries that allow people to read without any account creation promote reading culture. This platform is specially created and designed for teenagers.

Movellas promotes new writers to write and motivates readers to read. This app has a Discover feature which allows you to find new writers and writings.

Top Features of Movellas

  • Read many famous novels of the past
  • Offline reading allowed
  • Free ebooks available
  • Upload your work from your smartphone
  • Receive notifications for your interests

User Review

“I love Movellas it’s been one of my top sites.”

Visit: Movellas

6. Inkitt

Inkitt : Apps like Wattpad

Inkitt offers writers and readers a great platform as apps like Wattpad do. Over a million users are engaged on Inkitt monthly. Readers can comment, review and appreciate the writers’ work. Inkitt is a great platform for newbies and those who want to polish their writing skills. It even offers them money for their work.

For readers, there are novels and stories in many genres. You can read any article for free.

Top Features of Inkitt

  • Ad-free app
  • Offers money to new writers
  • Uploading content for free
  • Offline reading allowed
  • Customize app colors and fonts according to your choice

User Review

“I’m an inkitt writer who started on Wattpad but wanted to branch out. Being so familiar with one app I was scared and hesitant. I like things to be familiar. The inkitt writing app is helpful if you are constantly writing, but it is not necessary. You can edit your works inside the app as well which I appreciate because I enjoy both reading and writing and I would hate to HAVE to switch between apps but here I have the choice. I still use it for when I have a lot of work to do because it is more writing focused.”

Visit: Inkitt

7. FanFiction.Net

FanFiction.Net : Apps like Wattpad

FanFiction.net is a great app like Wattpad. It is one of the oldest in this category. It has a simple and not-so-modern view, yet it does its work. You can read comics, fiction, and poetry along with the different contents available in the app. You can write, edit and publish your content easily on FanFiction.Net.

Top Features of FanFiction.Net

  • In-built translator
  • Multi-language support
  • Uploading content for free
  • Read millions of stories, articles, and other content for free
  • Traditional yet attractive UI

User Review

“Love the app, it facilitates offline reading VERY WELL. As a result, I listed numerous stories to read whenever I’m in transit or in need of entertainment and unable to access the Internet. It worked flawlessly so far, and all that’s needed is to synch every once in a while to reel in those latest chapters. The only reason I did not give a full score is because currently no chapters will load on the app. I think an update messed something up.”.

Visit: FanFiction.Net

8. Tumblr

Tumblr : Apps like Wattpad

Tumblr is a great online microblogging platform. It has many features apps like Wattpad has. Writers can post their stories, videos, and photographs as well. Apart from writers, it also allows other artists like singers, musicians, and painters. They can also post their content on Tumblr.

Tumblr allows readers to view articles, videos, and other content. It is one of the famous Wattpad alternatives used worldwide.

Top Features of Tumblr

  • Free and easy to use
  • Themes and plugging available
  • Open to all artists, writers, painters, and musicians
  • You can upload short, medium, and long content
  • Simple UI and reliable. 

User Review

“Tumblr is not for everyone, and it isn’t meant to be. It’s a weird place where people let their freak flag fly. It’s for people who want to immerse themselves in stories and ideas. Some of those stories are NSFW….I, personally, enjoy reading/writing fiction that would be inappropriate for younger audiences but, like many content creators, am responsible enough to indicate that it isn’t meant for children. Most writers include disclaimers on their work stating that underage users should not engage”

Visit: Tumblr

9. Sweek

Sweek : Apps like Wattpad

Sweek is one of the popular apps like Wattpad. It is worldwide famous. Readers have plenty of attractions in the app. From fiction to poetry, everything is getting uploaded in tons every day.

Writers can monetize their content by posting it on Sweek. They can earn by publishing their book through Sweek and get 60% of the sale. The best thing is that Sweek is free for readers and writers both. Unfortunately, the Sweek app is currently only available for Windows and Mac. 

Top Features of Sweek

  • Clean writing interface
  • Chapter-based writing tool available
  • Offline reading allowed
  • Free books available
  • Publish the content on the go

User Review

“The app is great for writing and reading and is definitely one of if not my favorite writing app I’ve tried out yet. There is one bug though. Every time I try to go on the book I’m writing and write more it freezes and then crashes. I have put a lot of effort into that book and if it’s not fixed I’m going to delete the app because I don’t want that to happen again to another book I write.”

Visit: For ReadersSweek| For writers Sweek

Wrapping Up

I am personally attached to Wattpad more than other apps like Wattpad. However, if I have to switch from Wattpad to another Wattpad alternative for a while, I go to Commaful, Tumblr, or Inkitt. Tumblr is my favorite to upload my graphical work and get ideas for designing. I would love to hear your favorite app on the list. Please share it with me in the comment box below.

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