9 Best Apps Like Snapchat in 2024 | Use Quirky Filters and Connect With Friends

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Remember when Snapchat was launched? It became an instant hit! With features like Snapchat tricks, disappearing messages, and stories, it was a fresh addition to our devices. However, soon many other apps like Snapchat were developed. And many other established apps started copying the unique Snapchat features. Yes, we are looking at you, Instagram.

Snapchat was launched in 2011 and was known as Picaboo at that time. It was all the rage at that time. However, many users started deactivating their Snapchat accounts with the launch of other apps like Snapchat, Snapchat is trying to regain its followers by using new features like ‘dress up’ and much more. However, these other Snapchat alternatives also offer great features. Now, we have many apps like Snapchat but not all of them work great. 

In this article, I have given you a list of the nine best apps like Snapchat. You can use these on Android and iOS. Scroll down to see the list of apps that work like Snapchat.

9 Best Social Media Apps Like Snapchat

Snapchat offers great features like Snap emojis and filters. It also lets its users keep in touch with their friends by maintaining and calculating snap scores. However, Snapchat has its own problems. Here is a list of social media apps like Snapchat. I have given you the key features of all these apps. You can test these apps and decide which one best suits you.

1. Instagram

apps like snapchat

Instagram is a great app. At this point of time, it can be considered an alternative to any app. Instagram has everything. You can upload stories, edit and upload pictures, message people, use live rooms, and so much more. This is the reason we have added Instagram to the list of apps like Snapchat. 

You can use so many features that are similar to Snapchat. You can upload stories that can be viewed only for 24 hours. Instagram lets its users send disappearing messages and pictures. Apart from these features, Instagram also lets its users create polls like Snapchat. You can easily promote your business to a wider audience, go live, and connect with other platforms.

Key Features of Instagram

  • Lets you share your content publicly and privately.
  • Stories are available for 24 hours only.
  • Vanish mode helps to send disappearing messages.
  • You can send disappearing images and videos on personal chat

Age Rating: 12+

Size: 203 MB

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

User Review: “It is a brilliant app with so many features which include photo filters, video posting, stories, reels, etc. You can make new friends, have amazing followers, and talk to them.”

2. TikTok

apps like snapchat

TikTok is an app where you can showcase your talent. You can make quirky videos and share them to gain followers. TikTok is on the list of apps like Snapchat because of the similar features it offers. This app was launched in 2016 and gained major prominence during the Covid pandemic. 

TikTok lets you create polls like Snapchat to interact with your audience. Due to a large number of users, this app creates a wider audience to reach. A user only needs to optimize their TikTok bio and upload good content to gain massive views and likes. TikTok also offers the option of using Dark Mode. Similar to Snapchat you can even message someone on TikTok. 

Key Features of TikTok

  • Record short-length videos.
  • Various filters and stickers are available.
  • Explore different categories of videos like comedy, sports, pets, etc.
  • A lot of creative effects are available.

Age Rating: 12+

Size: 332 MB

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

User Review: “TikTok is an amazing app and there is more than just dances there are crafts facts and so much more u can make ur account private or public u can see who views your Account!”

3. WhatsApp

apps like snapchat

WhatsApp was one of the first apps to promote free messaging. After its release, a lot of WhatsApp alternatives were developed. A lot of users started comparing WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal because of their similar features. However, WhatsApp still holds stands on the top of the list of messaging apps. 

Over the years, WhatsApp has introduced many new features. It is no longer only just a messaging app. This is why it has been included in the list of apps like Snapchat. Now, you can send disappearing messages on WhatsApp or permanently hide your WhatsApp chats. WhatsApp also lets its users upload stories that can be viewed only for 24 hours.

Key Features of WhatsApp

  • Best app for messaging.
  • The disappearing mode deletes the messages after some time.
  • Pictures can be sent to be viewed only once.
  • You can your day’s highlights as stories.

Age Rating: 12+

Size: 215 MB

Price: Free

User Review: “WhatsApp in 2023 is even more features now. The reaction update is really very useful and the ability to listen to audio files outside of the sender’s chat is cool.”

4. Facebook Messenger

apps like snapchat

Facebook is one of the oldest apps. It was one of the first social media apps to be launched. It helped us connect with our friends and family that lived far away. Facebook Messenger is a secondary app to Facebook that is meant to chat and call. It is one of the best apps like Snapchat. 

You can use Facebook Messenger to promote your business, upload stories, and so much more. Messenger lets you engage with a wider audience. Other Snapchat-like features that Facebook Messenger offers are creating polls, using filters, creating group chats, etc. 

Key Features of Messenger

  • You can connect to an Instagram user directly from Messenger.
  • Vanish mode lets you send messages that last only for some minutes.
  • You can set different themes and colors for different chats.
  • Set stories that can get deleted in 24 hours.

Age Rating: 12+

Size: 95 MB

Price: Free

User Review:It’s a great app to talk to friends, make video call, share photos and images. The image and video quality are good. It’s easy to switch between accounts on messenger.”

5. Telegram

apps like snapchat

Telegram became an instant hit when it was released. It is a great messaging app. Telegram has been added to the list of apps like Snapchat due to the certain features it offers. It is a safe and secure way of messaging.

Telegram lets its users create group chats and quickly add users like Snapchat. You can also send self-destructing messages like Snapchat. Telegram is considered a great app since it lets the users create groups with more than 2000 users. You can use these Telegram channels for Crypto trading, finance, and so much more. However, Telegram has gathered a bad name for itself for having movie channels that let you download free content. 

Key Features of Telegram

  • Instant messaging without using your number.
  • Fastest messaging app.
  • Available on phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Send media files without any size limit.
  • Safe and secure platform

Age Rating: 17+

Size: 207 MB

Price: Free

User Review: “It’s really good, the best thing about it is that we don’t need to share our phone no. like WhatsApp, also so many channels, chat groups, bots and a lot of useful features are there that’s great.”

6. Wickr Me

apps like snapchat

Next on the list of apps like Snapchat is Wickr Me. It is one of the similar apps like Snapchat. It has a lot of great features for both Android and iOS users. It has many features similar to Snapchat like disappearing messages, sharing pictures with your friends, and much more. However, it does not let a user create a public profile like Snapchat. 

Wickr Me is primarily a messaging app but it lets the users have a little fun by using filters like Snapchat for click selfies. Finding friends on Snapchat is not an easy task and this is where Wickr Me takes the upper hand. 

Key Features of Wickr Me

  • Safe and secure platform for messaging.
  • Messages are encrypted.
  • You can create a private group of up to 10 users.
  • The Shredder tool overwrites all the deleted content.

Age Rating: 12+

Size: 134 MB

Price: Free

User Review: “This app has quietly become better than almost all the other encrypted communication apps. They’re the best American app in my opinion.”

7. Bigo Live

apps like snapchat

Another app on the list of apps like Snapchat is Bigo Live. This app is known for 24-hour live streaming. Bigo Live does not have Snapchat features like playing games but it lets the users live stream games like Fortnite, PUBG, etc. This app lets you enjoy public and private content. 

Bigo Live does not have many other features like self-destructing messages or filters, but it is still a great alternative to Snapchat if you are interested in live streaming. Bigo Live makes a great app for aspiring influencers. So, if you are searching for apps like Snapchat to live stream, then Bigo Live is your best bet.

Key Features of Bigo Live

  • You can watch live streams 24/7.
  • Watch different genres of content like gaming, dance, music, etc.
  • Watch live streams from around the world.
  • 1:1 video chat or create a chat room of up to 9 people.

Age Rating: 17+

Size: 398 MB

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

User Review: “This app is definitely the top dog when it comes to live streaming apps. Its potential of how far and how useful it can/is going to be is really something that is going to impact the whole world.”

8. SnapSeed

apps like snapchat

SnapSeed is a great app for editing your pictures. It lets you choose from a wide variety of tools and filters. SnapSeed also gives you the option of using great styling tools. This app does not have a lot of Snapchat features like pinning someone or promoting a business, but it has a great set of filters similar to other apps like Snapchat. 

If you want a simple app that lets you edit your pictures like Snapchat, SnapSeed is the right app. For all these reasons, SnapSeed is added to the list of apps like Snapchat.

Key Features of SnapSeed

  • A wide variety of tools and filters.
  • You can select different filter brushes.
  • Supports JPG and RAW files.
  • Precise styling tools.

Age Rating: 4+

Size: 81 MB

Price: Free

User Review: “The finest image editing app available for free, which has lots of useful features; I personally like the “Expand” feature, along with the various other filters and adjustable options.”

9. Snow

apps like snapchat

The last app on the list of apps like Snapchat is Snow. It is a great app if you are searching for filter apps. You can create custom filters for editing your pictures.

Snow does not let you add music to your snaps but it does help the users to include stylish filters in their pictures. This app is great for amateur editors. It lets the users add realistic filters to their pictures. Another great feature of Snow is that you can easily recover a deleted account very easily. Snow has features similar to other apps like Snapchat.

Key Features of Snow

  • Use and save custom beauty filters.
  • A wide variety of effects.
  • Use stickers to enhance your pictures.
  • Stylish makeup features.
  • Edit your pictures like professionals

Age Rating: 4+

Size: 212 MB

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

User Review: “My all in one photo editing app! I love the cute stickers and filters and border options for resizing. I keep it cute with fun filters and stickers!”

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this article, I have given you a list of the nine best apps like Snapchat. These apps are a great way to showcase your creative and fun side. You can perform so many functions using these apps. My favorite apps like Snapchat are Instagram and WhatsApp. These two apps are reliable and trustworthy.

I have given the iOS link for downloading these apps like Snapchat. If you want to download the Android version, you can go to Google PlayStore. I hope you like this article. For more such content, keep visiting Path of EX!

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