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The Google Phone app is the default dialer and connection app on many Android devices. There are many great apps like Google Phone. These apps have unique features in each of them. All of the apps on this list are free and include all the necessary functions.

Dialer and connection management functions are in every app. A few of these apps provide the required qualities only as a quick fix. While the majority of these applications have added functionality in the form of features and a few in the form of the user interface.

You can choose from a basic, simplistic to an advanced yet small interface in these apps suitable for you. After that, there are the extra features, which include caller ID with spam detection, call recording, social network syncing, customizable call screens, T9 dialers, smart search, etc. Do check out this list of the best apps like Google Phone that will work for you.

9 Best Apps Like Google Phone To Make Your Search Easy For You

One of the most widely used apps is Google Phone. The interface is easy and quick. It is great for making calls and connecting with your friends and family. However, it is not without its problems. Many other apps like Google Phone work exactly like it or better. I have listed the 9 best apps like Google Phone for your convenience.

So, let me take you through these apps one by one.

1. Simple Contacts Pro

apps like Google Phone

First on the list of apps like Google Phone is Simple Contacts Pro. A simple communications app, it has no clever tricks under its sleeve and doesn’t need any additional permits. Simply put, it’s a contact management app. Events and email contacts can both be managed. A dialer is also present. This software only does that, which is fine.

Sometimes you just want a specific location to organize your contact list without the extra luxuries. The Simple Contacts Pro program excels at doing that. Additionally, it is open source and ad-free. There is a no-cost variation. However, in support of the premium version, it is no longer actively developed. Consequently, the actively developed version costs $1.19.


  • Use the search box or the helpful scrollbar with letters to find any contact easily. You can add favorites to some of your regularly used contacts.
  • It connects flawlessly with other phone and texting programs. When calling your pals, you can do it fast using WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, or Telegram.
  • You can choose which of the many other contact fields, including emails, addresses, events, and notes, to display in the app.
  • A top contender for apps like Google Phone.


  • Commands are limited on the Simple Walk app.
  • Social media coordination is not easy on the app.

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2. Drupe

apps like Google Phone

One of the most used mobile dialer apps is called Drupe. It is one of the best apps like Google Phone. Including a call recorder, call blocker, smart dialer, and ways to handle duplicate contacts, it has a contemporary, lovely UI. Even sending GIFs over the phone is possible, but only if Drupe is installed on both parties. So, if you are looking for apps like Google Phone that let you send GIFS, do try Drupe!

The software performs many of the fundamental functions faster than the stock app and covers all the essentials. It occasionally has bugs, but nothing major. Most of the time, downloading it is free. In-app payments are required for the purchase of several features. All these features make it one of the best apps like Google Phone.


  • Single Spot Accessibility: The app enables multiple actions to be performed from a single point, including calling, sending messages, sending videos, etc.
  • Cross-app dialing is quick and simple with the smart dialer.
  • It is linked with other services, including WhatsApp, Waze, Viber, and Telegram. These traits make Simple Contacts Pro a perfect choice for apps like Google phone.


  • It keeps receiving this annoying, random 3-dot splash screen.
  • Other programs are interrupted, and when this occurs, games and films freeze or stop.

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3. True Phone Dialer

apps like Google Phone

True Phone is a flexible program that can take the role of stock dialers, making it one of the best apps like Google Phone. This app offers extra functionality on top of matching every feature of the Google Phone app. Users can customize a robust T9-style dialer to suit their preferences. This trait makes it a perfect choice for apps like Google Phone.

As users begin calling, the dialer’s smart search displays contacts that match their search criteria focused on numbers and names. Additionally, it has a built-in caller ID that displays spam and unauthorized callers. There is a call recorder included as well. All these features make True Phone one of the best apps like Google Phone.


  • The straightforward color user interface is more elegant and practical than the phone’s original dialer app.
  • Users will be able to use functions like caller ID, call recorder, contact organizer, favorites, etc.
  • Staying in touch is made simple by social networking.
  • The option to import and export contacts between different locations.
  • A perfect pick for apps like Google Phone.


  • The privacy issue would be one of the most significant ones.
  • If your 3G connection is down, you may not be able to see the caller contacting you.
  • It’s possible that the software won’t work properly everywhere.
  • Any unknown number can be classified as spam at the recipient’s discretion.

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4. Eyecon

apps like Google Phone

Next on the list of apps like Google Phone is Eyecon. You can store all of your contacts in one location using this software. It retrieves the contact information from various well-known social media apps by syncing with them. Users may connect with their contacts on the phone or through social media by having all of their contact information in one location. Standout as a choice for apps like Google Phone.

Additionally, Eyecon offers a sophisticated caller ID feature with call recording. ”Availability Check” is one of this app’s distinctive features. This app can inform users if a contact is available for a call at any given time if they are both using Eyecon. All these features make Eyecon one of the best apps like Google Phone.


  • The caller ID on the Eyecon displays high-resolution images from social media accounts.
  • For reasons of privacy, Eyecon does not synchronize with any external social media platform.
  • Since Picture Phonebook offers a range of themes for customization, you may personalize your address book.


  • When the phone is locked, the app is inoperable.

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5. Koler

apps like Google Phone

This Android dialer app is possibly its most fundamental app. It is one of the best apps like Google Phone. It contains a nearly minimal set of functions to do the task at hand, including the ability to send and receive calls with no issues.

However, third-party dialers continue to be widely used for several reasons, including greater usability and interface.  Compared to other dialers on the market, it is far more intuitive because it is a tap-based tool. Additionally, users choose it as an alternative to apps like Google Phone.


  • Reject the call, then send an SMS.
  • When you receive a call, you have three additional options: reject the call, hang up, and send the caller an SMS.
    When you receive a call, you get 3 additional options: reject the call, and send the caller a text.
  • Straightforward pick for Apps like Google Phone.


  • Extra accent color options need to be introduced.

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6. iCallScreen

apps like Google Phone

Next on the list of apps like Google Phone is iCallScreen. On Android, this software also provides dialers and contact displays in the style of iOS. It has dark and light themes and can identify incoming callers by name.

In addition to the necessities, users can choose the ringtone and backdrop for the call screen. Additionally, it offers components like a flashlight during incoming voice calls and calls recordings built right in. If you are an Android user searching for a dialer like iOS, then iCallScreen is one of the best apps like Google phone.


  • Speed Dial Screen Added, Contact Info & Options Redesigned, Fake Call Feature Added.
  • Additional Change Option Call button accept and decline fashion
  • Call Log Grouping was added.
  • Flash on Call added.
  • Enhanced User Experience & Performance.
  • A great pick for Apps like Google Phone


  • The dialer’s lack of sound is the first of these.
  • Once the phone is locked, the personalized call buttons are invisible.

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7. Emeral Dialer

apps like Google Phone

Next on the list of apps like Google Phone is Emerald Dialer. This feature-rich alternative to your phone’s stock app is Emerald Dialer. Numerous helpful features are available, including caller ID, call recording, adding undesired numbers to a blacklist, auto-answering calls, creating custom ringtones, and more. The software also offers themes, allowing you to personalize how it looks. All these points put the Emerald dialer on the list of apps like Google Phone.


  • A search for T9 contacts is available.
  • The best feature is the speed dial.
  • Dark and light are the themes.


  • The Emerald Dialer app is unable to read the contacts data saved on the device because just numbers, not names, are displayed for the contacts you saved.
  • Without the assistance of the Stock Call software, the Emerald Dialer app is unable to carry out the essential duties of a phone dialer.

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8. Truecaller

apps like Google Phone

If you are looking for apps like Google Phone, look no further. Truecaller includes a dialer, contact management, and other relevant functionality. In reality, while using Truecaller, a dialog box asking to make it the default phone app is constantly displayed. The popularity of apps makes it a definite choice in the list of apps like Google Phone.

One of the greatest caller ID features available is Truecaller, which unifies calls and SMS under one roof. Additionally, it creates a spam-free folder and filters SMS. It also offers themes that users may use to alter the app’s general appearance. If you are looking for apps like Google phone that will help you clean your phone clutter, look no further, Truecaller is perfect for you.


  • The primary benefit of the software is that it enables you to monitor and manage spam calls and messages.
  • Makes it quicker for you to find the population’s numbers.
  • It might aid in getting rid of robocalls.
  • This will expose who people are even when they are able to call you from private numbers.
  • A great pick for Apps like Google Phone.


  • One of the biggest issues you would run into with this is privacy.
  • You might not be able to see the person calling you if your 3G connection is down.
  • The app might not function properly in some locations.
  • Any number that someone doesn’t recognize can be labeled as spam at their discretion.

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9. Blacktel

apps like Google Phone

Next on the list of apps like Google phone is Blacktel.io. Online phone Blacktel.io gives virtual numbers that may be utilized in apps or on the web. Without a SIM card or a phone, you may send and receive text messages, make and receive calls, and much more with our virtual numbers. You may establish your digital phone using our virtual numbers and control your calls and SMS messages. If you are looking for apps like Google Phone that give you more control, then Blacktel.io is your best bet.


  • From the Appstore, you can download the free Blacktel iOS App for iPhone and iPad.
  • Blacktel has features for calls and messages, so it continues to operate in the background even when you receive a call.
  • The Android app is available for download for free from Google Play. Also, Blacktel’s best feature is to be on the list of apps like Google Phone.
  • Blacktel has benefits for calls and messages, so it continues to operate in the background even when you receive a call.


  • When a representative will be ready to take the following outbound call, the predictive dialers utilize specialized algorithms to forecast this.
  • Need to Send Out More Agents.
  • Inability to Accurately Determine Answering Machines.

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Wrapping Up

We have reached the end of this article, and now that you know the best apps like Google Phone, the alternatives mentioned in the list will give you information to judge and choose an app as per your comfort. I hope this list of apps like Google Phone helps you find the alternative that fits your needs. Happy dialing! Browse the Path of EX website for more interesting content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download the Google Phone app to your phone?

It is now far simpler to get a phone by Google on your device because it has passed the beta stage. All you have to do is stick to these instructions:
1. Your device should now be in the Google Play Store.
2. In the Apps area, type “Phone by Google” to find it.
3. Verify that your phone is suitable.
4. Select Install from the menu.

Is the Google Phone app any useful?

The free Phone app from Google is a fantastic dialer for Android. Here are a few of its strongest qualities. Although Google’s Phone app is simple, it has some useful features that make calling more convenient. The app is available at no cost and is frequently pre-installed on select gadgets, notably the Pixel lineup from Google.

Is the Google Phone fully free?

Most all Google Voice calls to the USA and Canada when made from the US are free. In the US and Canada, some calls to specified phone numbers cost one cent per min (USD). Calls made from abroad are charged at different rates.

What are the best apps like Google Phone?

Here are some of the best apps like Google Phone:
1. Simple Contacts Pro
2. Drupe
3. True Phone Dialer
4. Eyecon
5. Koler
6. iCallScreen
7. Emeral Dialer
8. Truecaller
9. Blacktel


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