Applications and websites that are better than google

We’ve always ‘googled’ for anything and everything we want. From finding a local pub to sharing complex data with our colleagues. Google serves it all! However, this mega data platform has a lot of scandals and conspiracies added to its name. The major one is its privacy issues. Google tracks and collects your every click and sells it to the third party for a fair profit. 

Each one of us knows that Google exploits to a certain extent. But, we feel helpless as most of us think that there is no alternative. This article talks about the choices that aren’t “just alternatives” preferably better ones. So, here’s the list of applications and websites that are more trustworthy,

DuckDuckGo – While Google takes pride in knowing your every search and popping with the content that might get you to purchase the products. DuckDuckGo provides complete privacy to its user and doesn’t track anything you search on its platform. You can browse it from the comfort of your phone (iPhone & Andriod) along with customizable news and content for you to see. And ofcourse, the privacy it provides is by far the best than any other search engine.

Swisscows – It is another search engine alternative to Google which also provides privacy for its users. One advantage this search engine has over Google is its built-in filter that shows the results filtering all the malicious and pornographic contents. Swisscows is popular amongst parents for safe surfing on the internet. Swisscows servers come from the country with the most strict privacy laws in this world – Switzerland. So you can be assured to have family-friendly content & it doesn’t track or store your searches, IP addresses, etc.

DropBox – Andriod phones come with inbuilt Google apps. It also includes the Google Photos application in which every photo you take with your camera gets stored in their cloud server. Other files and documents are stored in Google Drive. However, with the help of DropBox, you can upload photos and other documents from any device. You can also get access from anywhere because of its AI-powered cloud server. – Google can help you find anything except the official email addresses of the professionals you’re looking to connect with. is just the website for your rescue. It is an email lookup tool powered by AI that will help you gain contact within just a matter of seconds. comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account wherein you can gather the email addresses of the connections you are searching for. 

Calendly – Gone are the days when you would open the Google calendar and book appointments or other meetings all by yourself. Now is the time of Calendly. This amazing app lets your team members book an appointment for you at your comfortable time. It then syncs with your calendar to remind you about the meeting. Calendly is user-friendly as well as a time saver.

Amazon Echo – Let’s be honest, don’t we all find Alexa far clear and smooth than any other applications that Google provides! Just as Google Nest, it comes with and without a screen. The audio quality is just excellent, and Alexa’s response to commands is accurate and precise. And every new version that Amazon releases is better and faster than the previous one.

Conclusion – There is a reason that Google is on the top of its game. The search engine giant uses extensive and powerful algorithms powered by artificial intelligence that gives the user its best personal experience. No wonder Google has a 90% market share in search engines around the world.

However, not everything is perfect in this world, and Google has its flaws too. You can use the apps and websites from the above-mentioned for a better experience. Though the user interface might seem different at first, once you get a hang of it – you will love the results.

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