Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date, Price, Features, and More

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There will be new and innovative tech launches in September. Apple’s latest one is Apple Watch Series 8. It will be launched at the ‘Far Out’ event as far as the rumors are true. The Apple Event will be held on September 7. This will be the one big night for all tech geeks. This event will be held around the same time as IFA 2022. So, let’s know about Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date, Price & More.

I know you are excited for the tech launches at the Apple Event ‘Far Out’. Along with the iPhone 14 series, you can expect a lot more Apple devices to be launched. As per the reports, we can expect new Macbooks and iPads. Macbooks will be aimed at a more general audience. This will make the new Macbooks more affordable.

These smartwatches will be for a more athletic and health-conscious audience. So, when will be Apple Watch Series 8 released? Here is all that you need to know about it.

Apple Watch Series 8 Release Date

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Event ‘Far Out’ will take place on September 7. Many speculate that the new Apple Watch Series 8 will be launched at this event. If it is not announced, Apple will give a release date. Apple Watches have been released every year since the first gen. Apple Watch was released in 2015.

Till now, now official date has been announced. From what we know, all significant announcements for Apple devices will be made at the Event ‘Far Out’. We will have to wait till September 7 to know the exact release date. Let’s see about the rumored prices of the Apple Watch Series 8.

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Apple Watch Series 8 Price

Apple Watch Series 8

The price of the Apple Watch Series 8 is still unknown. As per the leaks, Apple will be launching the standard model in Apple Watch Series 8 at $399. If Apple Watch SE 2 is also launched around the same time, it will cost $280.

Apple Watch SE 2 will be the follow-up of the Apple Watch SE. Apple Watch SE was lauched in 2020. The smartwatch has all the features of the Apple Watch Series 6 but is a lot cheaper. Let me tell you a bit about the model specifications of the Apple Watch Series 8.

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Apple Watch Series 8 Specs

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 will have only two color choices. But this series of smartwatches will have bigger screens than the previous ones. From what we know it will also have 3 size options. This smartwatch will be available in fewer color options. It will have starlight, midnight, and a Product (Red). Apple Watch Series 8 will have the watchOS 9 operating system.

The smartwatches will have an aluminum finish. There might be an Apple Watch Pro which might have a titanium finish. This smartwatch might be available in two color variants titanium and space black. Similar to the Apple Watch Edition. Now, about the features that will be added to the Apple Watch Series 8.

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Apple Watch Series 8 Features

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 has added new features and sensors to help you stay on top of your health. This smartwatch will have a temperature sensor. This will let the user monitor their body temperature through the watch. The smartwatch will also have enhanced sleep tracking. It will not only track your sleep but will also give you a better analysis of your sleeping pattern.

The smartwatch will also have blood pressure monitoring features. The Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch will also have a safety feature that will call 911 in case of an accident. As Apple Watch already has a fall detection feature, the Watch Series 8 will notify 911 in case of an accident or if a severe fall is detected.

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Wrapping Up

So now you know all about Apple Watch Series 8. This smartwatch will have added sensors to monitor your health. Series 8 smartwatch will be available in 3 size variants. We will keep coming up with all the latest news in technology. Keep visiting Path of EX!


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