Apple VR Headset | Everything We Know Till Now

Apple VR Headset

Apple is ticking its customers with the rumors of mixed reality headsets. Apple’s mixed reality headset or VR and augmented reality headset will be quite challenging for Oculus Quest 2 or other headsets in the market right now.

Earlier in an interview, CEO Tim Cook teased Apple’s VR/AR headset strategy, and according to the reports in May, The Board of Directors tried the headset. The rumored feature of the Apple headset includes dual 4K OLED displays, 15 cameras inside and out and 2 chipsets.

Apple VR/AR Headset Release Date

The mixed reality headset has been in the news for quite some time. But this time an insider Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the VR/AR headset is likely to debut in January 2023.

Apple VR Headset VS. Apple Glasses

Apple Glasses is a lightweight AR Glasses. Apple Glasses is believed to be more feature-heavy than the Nreal Air AR glasses, and more like Google Glass. CEO Tim Cook recently hinted that Apple is undergoing major hardware developments.

Apple VR Headset Price

There are speculations about the price of the headset. The headsets that are present in the market rarely cost more than $1,000. According to a report by The Information, the price of a VR headset can be as high as $3000, which will be in competition with Microsoft Hololens 2, which costs $3500.

Apple VR Headset Design

Ming-Chi Kuo has described Apple as “a game-changer for the headset industry.” Only time can tell how the VR headset will compete in today’s market. According to tech journalist Mark Gurman, the headset will include external cameras which are currently being used to test features like hand-tracking and gesture control.

Wrapping Up

With the rumors of the Apple HR Headset around, the tech giant is likely to announce the release of its VR Headset. To know more about Apple’s mixed reality headset or augmented reality headset and Apple VR Headset, read the entire article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Apple released its VR Headset?

No, Apple has not yet released its VR Headset into the market.

When will the Apple VR Headset be available?

Apple VR headset will likely be available in January 2023.

Is Apple VR Headset and Apple Glasses the same?

No, Apple VR Headset and Apple Glasses are not the same.

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