Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3 | 8 Points You Must Not Miss 

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3 | 8 Points You Must Not Miss

It’s officially announced! On 5th June 2023, at WWDC, Apple announced the release of iOS 17 and also confirmed that it would release the Apple Vision Pro next year. iOS users must have heard about a headset with the Vision Pro as an AR (Augmented Reality) device with VR (Virtual Reality) experiences in technology. So in the tech race, Why will Meta remain back in the queue? That’s why! Meta will also release a similar headset named Meta Quest 3 headset. Are you confused about Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3? Stay tuned and get the comparative points. 

Because of these innovative gadgets, the Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 are trending. Meta Quest 3 is the next level of Meta Quest VR 2, which will release a few months earlier than Apple Vision Pro. So, if you have decided to purchase Apple Vision Pro, it will be available next year. But, if you are ready to get Meta Quest 3, you can get it later in the year. 

In today’s guide, I will help you compare the price, availability, and other details between Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3. 

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3: 8 Comparison Points

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3 | 8 Points You Must Not Miss

Identifying the best gadget is a challenging scenario in the race for technical innovations. Therefore, I have taken a round on different platforms and brought up 8 points to help you compare Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3. So check the below points and find which VR suits you the best. 

1. Price Difference

The price of Apple Vision Pro will be around $3,499. The price is higher than the long-rumored headset of Apple. The price of the rumored headset was around $2,000 to $3,000. But the actual price of the headset is way more. 

But for the main Quest line in “Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3,” Meta is focusing on the customer target. The starting price of Meta Quest 3 will be $500. It is the one-seventh price of Apple Vision Pro. After dropping the price, the more effective Quest Pro sells for $1,000 instead of $1,500. 

2. Availability Details

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3 | 8 Points You Must Not Miss

While looking for the availability of Apple Vision Pro, I found that it will launch Vision Pro early next year. Apple also announced the same in its WWDC event on 5th June 2023. But 

Contradictorily, after researching, I understand that Meta will launch Quest 3 later this year. So, if you want to buy the VR headset, you can select Meta Quest 3. 

3. Comparison in Design

The Vision Pro looks like the existing design sensibility of Apple. If we talk about “Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3.” The Vision Pro will look like a curved iPhone. You need to strap the device to your face, which will be paired with the Apple Watch.

The looks of the Apple Vision Pro are appealing and expensive. Vision Pro has all manner of sensors and cameras. These cameras and sensors are not only for augmented reality but will show the eyes and expressions of the person who will wear them from inside the device. This is something no one has seen before in AR and VR headsets. 

But on the other hand, Meta Quest 3 seems chunkier plastic than the sleek glass-and-metal Apple Vision Pro. Moreover, Meta claimed Quest 3 would be 40% slimmer than Quest 2. 

4. Hardware Facts

You can control the Apple Vision Pro with hand and finger gestures and voice commands. Apple will not include any motion wand or a controller with the Vision Pro. Instead, via Bluetooth controller, you can play Apple Arcade games. For productivity needs, the Vision Pro headset will support the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard. 

Meta Quest 3 will have external cameras and a depth sensor.  The depth color sensor will enable you to enjoy full-color augmented reality. But you cannot showcase your face while wearing the Meta Quest 3 because it will not have an external screen. 

The Meta Quest 3 VR technology supports voice, finger, and hand gestures and also enables you to enjoy the motion controllers. These controllers are mainly built for immersive applications and gamers.

5. Display Quality

The twin internal display of Apple Vision Pro will give a better than 4k resolution picture. Though there is no official data yet, Apple said that the screen of Vision Pro would pack in over 23 million pixels. These pixels will blast straight to the eyeballs of the wearer.

Meta claimed that Quest 3’s picture resolution would be sharper than that of Quest 2. Quest 2’s resolution is 1,832×1,920. But a Bloomberg hands-on says that Quest 3 doesn’t look crisper than Quest 2 in practice. 

6. Processors for Power

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3 | 8 Points You Must Not Miss

Apple will use its M2 Processors from recent Macs to power the Vision Pro. In addition, the Vision Pro will pair with a new R1 chip. The main feature of the R1 chip is that it will handle the data that will come from sensors and cameras.

Meta will use the Snapdragon Qualcomm XR2 chip in the Quest 3. This chip is designed for these types of devices. But it is different from smartphone chips.

7. Battery Difference

Apple claims that Vision Pro has a plug-in pack because Vision Pro lacks the onboard battery. With this battery plug-in, you can enjoy up to 2 hours of up-time. In addition, you can easily handle this plug-in or keep it in your pocket. 

Regrettably, I have not found any battery coverage details for Meta Quest 3. Therefore, I cannot commit to how long Meta Quest 3 runs after holding a full charge. But, on average, it will last for 3-4 hours, as Meta Quest 2 lasts for three hours after carrying a full charge. 

8. Software Availability

There’s a vast difference between Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3. Apple Vision Pro is not a gaming destination. Instead, you can play existing Apple Arcade games. On the other hand, the Apple Reality Pro is designed for productivity and is an entertainment device. 

But Meta Quest 3 has a lot of VR games like Resident Evil 4, Beat Saber, and Pistol Whip. These games will run better on Meta Quest 3. Meta also has a plan to develop AR games. 

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3: Comparison Guide

Wrapping Up

At the WWDC event, Apple announced the launch of its new gadget, Apple Vision Pro. Both Vision Pro and Quest 3 are good in their ways. If I compare the price and software of Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, I can say Meta Quest 3 wins the race. But if I compare the display and hardware of Vision Pro and Quest 3, I can tell Apple Vision Pro is the clear winner. So, it depends on your preferences which things you look at as a priority. You can compare all important points in the above data for “Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest 3.”

Which headset do you think is the best? Please share your opinions and views with me. Also, share my post with your friends and relatives and ask them to please the comments with their views as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of the Apple Vision Pro?

The price of Apple Vision Pro is $3,499.

2. What is the starting price of Meta Quest 3?

The starting price of Meta Quest 3 is $500.

3. Which chip is Meta going to use in Quest 3?

Snapdragon Qualcomm XR2 chip.

4. Will the picture resolution of Vision Pro be better than 4k?

Yes, the picture resolution of Vision Pro will be better than 4K.

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