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Know All About Apple Vision Pro Battery Life | Explained 2023

What are the points you consider while buying stuff like earpads and others? One of the key considerations, of course, is the battery life. You would never like to buy a product that does not meet your expectations and requirements. The same is the case with Apple Vision Pro battery life. The latest 1st generation Apple Vision Pro is severely criticized for some factors like battery life and high cost. Let us try to find out more about Apple Vision Pro Battery Life in this article. Stick around to know. 

Apple Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset that promises to revolutionize the ways of interacting with the world. This is deemed a unique addition to the world of Technology.  Some of the unique and distinctive features of Apple Vision Pro are Augmented Reality capabilities, attractive display, state of the art sensors. All these features set it apart from the rest. However, the battery life and the price of Apple Vision Pro have given rise to skepticism. But it remains to be seen what it turns out to be like.

One of the most concerning factors for users is the Apple Vision Pro battery life. Does it meet the requirement of a common user? Let us dive in to find out.

What is Apple Vision Pro Battery Life?

Know All About Apple Vision Pro Battery Life | Explained 2023

However, 2 Hour battery life by no means is suitable and good enough even for short-term tasks. The battery life of Apple Vision Pro lasts for mere 2 Hours. The battery life is by no means considerate and suitable for those who rely on such devices for an extended period.  

Whenever you set out to buy a portable device, battery life is one of the crucial factors that you consider seriously. Same fits in with the case of Apple Vision Pro. Everyone was expecting the battery to last for the day without worrying about charging it. 

For all those who use headsets for gaming and watching high-quality content, the battery drains even faster. So it will leave you in the middle of the task, and you are supposed to recharge since the Apple Pro Vision does not have an integrated battery. Thereby, you ought to carry an external battery pack all the time with you. 

In case you are in an important meeting and have an important presentation to make, and the battery of your device drains quickly. It will therefore affect your workflow, thereby adversely affecting your business. 


Know All About Apple Vision Pro Battery Life | Explained 2023

It will be quite a daunting task for Apple to find a considerable number of buyers for the product for the reason that the product is quite expensive. The price is somewhere slated at $3500, which is very high comparatively. Only a certain section can afford to buy a headset costing this much.

The other factor is the Apple Vison Pro battery life. Any product that can be used for prolonged and extended periods for a varied number of activities with a battery life of just two hours is not quite justified. 

Although, it is believed that Apple Vision Pro is much lighter in weight and gives good listening feel. However, in case you have to use it for a longer period, you need to keep it plugged into the charging port, thereby devoid you of mobility. The tagline could be, Use Apple Vision Pro, Listen to music but don’t move from the charging plug. 

Wrapping Up

So it has come to the fore that Apple Vision Pro battery life is just two hours. And it is not integrated therefore, you need to carry the external battery pack with you in case you are afraid of your device running out of battery midway or in the middle of the task. So that is what we have for now about Apple Vision Pro battery life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: When will be company ship Apple Vision Pro?

Ans: The company and its partners are expected to ship the Apple Vision Pro products in 2024.  

Q 2: What is the price of Apple Vision Pro?

Ans: The Apple Vision Pro is priced at around $3500.

Q 3: Does Apple Vision Pro have an integrated charger?

Ans: No, it does not have. You have to carry the external battery pack all the time to charge the Apple Vision Pro device. 

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