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Whenever you hear about Apple company, you expect a quality product with advanced technology. Apple has launched the most advanced smartphones till date. Nowadays, many people are into new technologies and wearables. So, the hot topic is Apple Glasses, the most awaited wearables. But Google also has launched Google Glasses, so the question is which is better, Apple Glasses and Google Glasses.

You might think about which one has the best features and technology. These are questions that almost everyone is asking themselves. There are many similarities between them, but there are also some key differences that can make one better than the other. The release of Google Glasses got the attention of everyone. So, could this new generation of technology have a future in the world of eyewear?

Well, Apple Glasses have not launched yet, but people are expecting them to be the most advanced in technology like its other products. So, if you are excited to know the real truth of Apple Glasses vs Google Glasses, then stick to the post.

Apple Glasses vs. Google Glasses

AR Glasses ; Apple Glasses vs Google Glasses | Get Quick Update for Apple

You can call Apple glasses Apple Glass or AR Glasses. Basically, Apple Glasses is a combination of AR and VR. VR means virtual reality helps users to bring digital information and images onto the user’s view of the real world. According to the news, Apple Glasses have multiple exciting features like Siri integration, facial recognition, and head gesture control.

Google Glass, on the other hand, is a kind of smart glass that was launched by Google in 2013. The user can see the text message, emails, and directions on a small display that is located on the right eye of the glasses. The best part is users can take pictures and videos from it. However, Google Glass was not deeply accepted by users, so Google decided to discontinue it in 2015.

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If I compare the Apple Glasses and Google Glasses, both are completely different products in many ways. Apple Glasses are more advanced in terms of technology, while Google Glasses focuses on both AR and VR technology.

Overall, Apple Glasses is much better than Google Glasses. You can get Apple Glasses at the price of $399. While Google Glasses was launched at the price of $1500. The most important thing is Apple Glasses have not been launched yet, and Google has discontinued the glasses after launching them because of poor product.

When is Apple Glass Going to be Released?

Apple Glasses ; Apple Glasses vs Google Glasses | Get Quick Update for Apple

Apple Glasses has not launched yet. The company has not officially announced the product, but there have been many patents and reports indicating that Apple is working on AR glasses. You can expect the AR/VR headset first then Apple Glasses will release. But the chances are higher that Apple Glasses can get released in 2023, spring or summer. Hope you have got enough for Google Glasses and Apple Glasses.

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Know About Apple Glasses vs. Google Glasses

Wrapping Up

In this post, I have covered all about Apple Glasses vs Google Glasses. Apple Glasses has not launched yet, but you can expect it in 2023. On the other hand, Goggle Glasses AR/VR glasses have been launched and discontinued due to poor product. So, I hope Apple will soon launch AR glasses. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Google glass discontinued?

Google stopped selling its Google glass just after two years after launching because of poor products.

Are smart glasses worth it?

Smart glasses are useful for those who always want to be hands-free and while working out or going out with the dog.

Which are better, Apple glasses and Google glasses?

Apple glasses are better than Google glasses as it is more advanced. You need to wait for the Apple glasses launch as they have not launched yet.


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