APP spends nearly $90K assisting; plans to double that figure this year (With Photos) – Dominica News Online

APP spends nearly K assisting; plans to double that figure this year (With Photos) – Dominica News Online

APP donates to new mom

Dominica’s youngest political party, the Alternative Peoples’ Party, has announced that since their formation in January 2020, over $85 thousand has been spent to cater to the needs of citizens here on the island.

Speaking to Dominica News Online (DNO) the party’s executive disclosed that financing came primarily from funding from members and friends of the party, with the highest single donation being EC$1,500.00 and the lowest at $2.65.

According to the executive team, within the past six months, the party has undertaken a total of fifty projects some of which includes, free public internet access (Wi-Fi) for the community of Tarreau, the refurbishment of a basketball court and youth bakery in Point Mitchel, back to school incentives and  Layèt donations to moms and pregnant women in need, donation of a fire hose to the Dominica Fire and Ambulance Service, partnership on Delices – Petite Savanne Road with Singoalla Blomqvist-Williams, and the initiation of a mobile and Children’s Library project to name a few.

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The party further revealed that for the past year, while surveying the entire island, they’ve also made several donations to numerous families in need, which includes, food supplies, clothing, and other essential items.

Notwithstanding the amount spent last year, the team says plans are in place to double that figure. Just this past weekend, the party held its first block meeting in the communities of Fond St.Jean and Bagatelle where several pronouncements were made.

“Following our several trips over the past six months, we have decided to adopt the area. We identified the needs of the residents in these areas and our team is ready to do all it takes to improve the lives of these individuals. We are one and we are in the struggle for progress together,” they made known.

Acknowledging that they’re not able to commit to all the needs at the present moment, in the first instance, the team has agreed to commence the construction of a new home for elderly resident Mr. Bonnie Fontaine of Fond. St. Jean.

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“The elderly man sleeps sitting down; on a pail and when it rains, he is not spared. Construction for this new house for brother Bonnie will commence almost immediately,” we were told.

Additionally work for the community will include the building of a  retaining wall that will protect vital properties and the creation of a more permanent crossing for the ravine in the community.

In the neighboring community of Bagatelle, plans are in place to assist the youth with the establishment of their business enterprise: animal livestock rearing, shrimps’ production, pesticide production, essential oils, and other commercial products development, and the development of the housing stock.

“These are not promises,” they state. “We have indeed declared what we have already begun to do. We shall build a house for Mr. Bonnie. We will organize the youth and give them all the support they need to become self-sustaining. We have gotten good signals of support for tarish and other materials needed for the back wall in Fond. St. Jean and we will work on constructing a permanent cross-over ravine in Fond St. Jean.”

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Moreover, in Pointe Michel, work started over the weekend on the Gomer Feeder Road, a project they say will greatly assist the farmers in that location.

The new party vows to unite the community to work for progress, and states, “together, we will take care of the needs of our people and work to put them in a position where they can fend for themselves. APP is ready to build together with the citizens of our dear nation from scratch. We just need the people to help us to help them, as we are here to serve.”

To anyone willing to join in the efforts be it cash or kind, they are encouraged to visit the party’s website to donate or contact them via their Facebook page for more information.

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