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Are you among the various Apex Legends enthusiasts who are curious about the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12? Have you been wondering who is the most well-known and most played legend of Season 12? If that’s the case, then worry not because we’ve got you entirely covered. 

For the validity of the information that we share, all of it is actually based on a database of almost 8 million Apex Legends players. Although this is not exactly the entire player base, it is quite a good sample size. Even though these statistics do not exactly portray who is “the finest” among all of them, the most popular Legend among them has been highlighted. 

Now that the Season 12 is properly underway, it was decided that every single data that has been provided will be extrapolated, even the information related to the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12, involving the most well-known, and the sly surprises waiting for you guys!

Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12

We present to you all of the Apex Legends pick rates of season 12 for every single legend till date. Keep track of this article because we’ll be updating it as the percentages continue to change and the pick rates fluctuate as well. 

Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12
CharacterPick Rate
1. Wraith11.8%
2. Octane11.6%
4. Pathfinder9.1%
5. Valkyrie8.8%
6. Horizon5.9%
7. Lifeline5%
8. Bangalore4.8%
9. Ash4.4%
10. Loba4.2%
11. Fuse3.5%
12. Mirage3.2%
13. Gibraltar 3.1%
14. Caustic2.7%
15. Revenant2.4%
16. Seer2.2%
17. Watson2.1%
18. Mad Maggie2.1%
19. Crypto2%
20. Rampart1.6%

Recently, according to the stats, Crypto and Rampart have been able to see quite a reduced pick rate than the previous times, hence leading them to ending up in the last two positions among the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12. But, you must keep in mind that just because of their low pick rate, it does not automatically make them any less valuable. However, the gamers may not exactly be chill with their abilities in majority situations in Apex Legends.  

After seeing the list of Apex Legends pick rates Season 12, you may notice how Horizon managed to get picked more once she received a buff in Season 10. But, due to the introduction of Seer, Rampart’s pick rate got much lower among all the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12. But, either way he finally managed to bounce right back after the legend’s nerf.  

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Most Played Apex Legends Characters in 2022

In case you were not aware, a higher pick rate does not automatically mean that its a much more effective Legend. But, you should be informed that in the present build, the same few characters have managed to hold the places of the top five for quite some time now. So, here are the most played Legends in the Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12. 

1. Wraith

Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12

No matter what the season is , Wraith always stays on top of the entire list of Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12. It is all because of her portal ability, and her fabulous invisible ability. Wraith is a completely squad-based character of Apex Legends Season 12 who can easily be utilized.

2. Octane

It doesn’t really matter what the season is or the update is, every Apex Legends enthusiast enjoys playing with this specific Legend because of his abilities and strengths. This automatically makes him quite a fun and easy Legend to play with. All of these factors contribute to its presence in the top two of the Apex Legends Pick Rates Season 12. 

3. Bloodhound

Apex Legends pick rates season 12

When it comes to reckoning, the Bloodhound is the perfect agent in the entire Apex Legends game due to his ability “Eye of the Allfather”. This allows him to easily track down the enemy squad. Another factor that adds on to the reasons for his presence among the Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12 is his Reckon ability.  The Bloodhound made it to the list when it, once and for all, defeated the Seer in the pick rate. 

4. Pathfinder

With a pick rate of 9.1%, the Pathfinder stands tall on the fourth position in the list of Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12. This specific Legends allows your squad to move much faster on the map all thanks to his grapple ability. There are times when he even plays a scout role for the team and it leads to him easily escaping from any fight that is going on. 

5. Valkyrie

Apex Legends pick rates season 12

Valkyrie stands tall on the 5th number in the list of Apex legends Pick Rates season 12 with a pick rate of 8.8%. With the assistance of this specific Legend, you can straight up rotate and get out of bad spots even if you happen to be trapped in a corner

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Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it! We have included all the information in relation to the Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12. We are actually expecting that the pick rates would undoubtedly change because Season 13 is definitely bound to have a lot of balancing changes! We genuinely hope our article managed to properly guide you with the necessary information. In case you have any more doubts, feel free to share with us in the comment box.  


1. Which Legend has the highest pick rate in Apex Legends season 12?

The most picked Legend in the entire gamer community of Apex Legends is the Wraith with a pick rate of 11.8%. 

2. Which Legend has the lowest pick rate in Apex Legends season 12?

Among all the Legends in the list of Apex Legends Pick Rates season 12, Rampart seems to be the least picked Legend with a pick rate of 1.6%. 

3. What is the average win rate in Apex?

The average win rate in Apex Legends really depends on whether you play with a bunch of randoms or not. But, the average wins should be about 5%, so 5 for every 100 games that are played. 


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