Apex Legends New Character | Abilities Of The Hero of Season 17

Apex Legends New Character | Abilities Of The Hero of Season 17

Are you also looking forward to exploring the Apex Legends new character? In Season 17 of Apex Legends, players have been introduced to a fresh character known as Ballistic. Today, in this article, we will learn about everything about this new character of Apex Legends. Come on in!

This new Legend Ballistic brings a wave of excitement as we delve into the details of his abilities. It’s worth noting that Season 16 did not feature a new Legend, instead focusing on a range of changes such as the remastering of the Legend Class and the introduction of the Nemesis Burst AR. But Season 17 is going to be so much fun with Ballistic!

Now, let’s dive into the comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about the latest Apex Legends new character for Season 17, Ballistic. We’ll explore Ballistic’s complete kit and official abilities. Head on to know!

Who is the Apex Legends New Character?

Apex Legends New Character

Ballistic, launched on May 9, 2023, is the Apex Legends new character for season 17. The captivating “Encore” Stories from the Outlands video will unfold the journey of Ballistic, known as August Brinkman in the real world. 

Driven by a father’s unwavering love, August Brinkman’s son secured a spot in the renowned Apex Games. 

To safeguard his beloved child, the now 63-year-old August made the courageous decision to emerge from seclusion and join the arena himself. Embracing the persona of Ballistic, he would go to great lengths to ensure his son’s protection and success in the exhilarating competition.

Abilities of Ballistic | Apex Legends New Character 

Apex Legends New Character

Ballistic, the Apex Legends new character has been introduced with a ton of abilities. Have a look below and explore!

Official Abilities for Apex Legends’ Ballistic –

  • Class: Assault
  • Passive–Sling: Ballistic has three slots for weaponry, however, the third slot isn’t compatible with attachments.
  • Tactical – The Whistler: Fires a missile that hinders the adversary. As enemies fire, their weapons will begin to heat up, and overheating will result in a response and damage. The Tactical will lock on if you hold it.
  • Ultimate – The Tempest: When engaged, neighboring teammates gain limitless ammunition, increased movement speed, and quicker reloads. The sling weapon used by Ballistic will also be equipped and upgraded to gold.

Watch Apex Legends New Character Ballistic Trailor

Wrapping Up

While the Appex Legends new character, Ballistic’s abilities appear formidable, the true extent of his impact remains to be seen. It is only with time and further exploration of the Apex Legends Season 17 update that players will truly gauge his influence in the game. We eagerly await the moment when players can delve deeper into his capabilities and witness the potential he holds within the ever-evolving world of Apex Legends.

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