Apex Legends Mobile Tier List 2024 | Legends Ranked From S-C

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List | List Of 2022

The developers of Apex Legends recently released the Apex Legends Mobile beta version and it proved to be quite a successful project. Now the developers are winning the hearts of their fans with the extraordinary characters in Apex Legends. In this article, we would convey to you the Apex Legends Mobile Tier list.

Respawn has recently released an extremely shiny new Apex for mobile with a completely platform-exclusive legend and even loads of exciting cosmetics which everyone seems to be hyped about. It was announced by the developer that Apex Legends Mobile is going to have limited characters. 

In case you were not aware, the developer of Apex Legends has put the PC character Loba right into the mobile version. Many such characters have been added to shake up Apex Legends Mobile. So, here is the Apex Legends Mobile Tier List of 2023.

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List 

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List | List Of 2022

We have mentioned the entire latest Apex Legends Mobile List. You’ll see how every Legend ranks in the Apex Legends Mobile Tier List. 

TierApex Legends Character
SBloodhound, Gibraltar
ALoba, Wraith, Lifeline
BFade, Caustic, Octane, Pathfinder
CBangalore, Mirage

Apex Legends Mobile S Tier: Bloodhound, Gibraltar

Every Apex Legends enthusiast would agree when we say that Bloodhound is hands down the best Recon character in the entire game. With the support of his Eye of the Allfather, this legend has the power to completely scan all of his enemies which automatically turns into extremely valuable intel for all of his teammates. He even has other various strengths such as the Beast of Hunt which adds in a mind-boggling boost that improves the character’s momentum and awareness.

Gibraltar, the war machine secures his place in the first tier with the help of his Dome of Protection, which saves him as well as his teammates. This protection type Legend can easily help you secure a win if paired with the correct Legend.

Apex Legends Mobile A Tier: Loba, Wraith, Lifeline

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List | List Of 2022

You must be aware of the latest character on the roster, Loba. If you consider her most successful stint on the PC, she’s guaranteed to be viable in season 2. A few advantages of this legend are that it can gain extra loot from crates and she even has the strength to steal the banner from her own teammates, which no other legend can do. Next comes Wraith who again, is a trustable option. This is because she can alert her teammates of the danger beforehand.

If you wish to up your rank, Wraith is a must-pick for you. When it comes to healing, your go-to legend is Lifeline. This legend is always ready with a healing D.O.C drone which heals everyone in a particular radius.

Apex Legends Mobile B Tier: Fade, Caustic, Octane, Pathfinder

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List | List Of 2022

Any Apex Legends enthusiast would know that Fade is the tenth legend in Apex Legends completely exclusive to only Apex Legends mobile. His main strength is toying with time with the help of his tactical ability: Flashback. He has the ability to completely rewind time by seven to eight seconds, which obviously makes it extremely difficult for enemies to actually keep track of him in a battle.

Although Caustic has not really been appealing recently, she is still picked for her Nox Vision, helping her to see enemies through the gas.

Octane is usually picked for his wild and aggressive abilities. His stim is the favorite feature for the newbies. However, it sure costs him quite a bit of his health.

Apex Legends Mobile C Tier: Bangalore, Mirage

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List | List Of 2022

Bangalore has the ability to pack an extremely good amount of energy and aggression which can even manage to increase the overall damage of a team. You’ll agree when we say that this strategic legend is a very amazing addition to the roster but you must keep note that she is quite easy to counter and there are various other legends who possess the ability to do her job.

Next comes the Holographic trickster Mirage, who is definitely a fun Legend but you might not consider him as your best pick. Mirage might not be able to meet your punch requirements which would help you climb up the levels in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Mobile Tier List is all that you need to bring out the best from the available characters. S-tier characters in the Apex Legends Mobile Tier list are the high-rated characters available to you, followed by the A tier, B tier, and C tier characters. 

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Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it all! All the relevant information related to the entire Apex Legends is concluded in this article on Apex Legends Mobile Tier List. Choose your favorite Legends, hop into the arena, fight your enemies and become the kind of Apex Legends by defeating them. In case you find yourself stuck, feel free to drop a comment and we will reach out to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Is The Developer Of Apex Legends?

The developer of Apex Legends is Respawn Entertainment.

2. Which Legends Come Under C Tier?

The Legends Bangalore and Mirage come under C Tier.

3. What Is The Main Ability Of Fade?

The main ability of Fade is Flashback.

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