Apex Legends Lifeline Buff | Latest Leak, Patch Notes & Updates

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It may come as a surprise to many, but Apex Legends was genuinely arranging to bring on a brand-new feature called Lifeline buff. In simpler words, it is basically a shield and healer which is actually for all the Apex Legends enthusiasts. Many were not even aware but there was even an upcoming Apex Legends Lifeline Buff. 

So, the buff would straight up add some more skills to the abilities of Lifeline. We are expecting to see the enhanced passive ability and increased protection ability of the shield. But, there still has to be an official discussion by Respawn Entertainment about the buff of Lifeline in Apex Legends. 

Hence, with the ongoing season of Apex Legends Saviors, we could finally expect to see a buff for Lifeline in Apex Legends. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information that you need relating to Apex Legends Lifeline buff.

Apex Legends Lifeline Buff | Coming Soon!

The developers of Apex Legends are currently working on a new update 13.1. Now that the patch notes for Apex Legends Saviors are not officially out yet, we have a major revelation about Apex Legends Lifeline buff – the developers are planning to make the Lifeline Combat Medic’s Kit undergo some big changes. According to some leaks, Lifeline’s passive ability will be enhanced, healing time will be reduced, and also the drone and shield are to undergo some new upgrades.   

Apex Legends Lifeline Buff | Latest Leak, Patch Notes & Updates

Since Lifeline is one of the most popular legends and a fan-favorite one, the gaming community can’t wait for the Apex Legends Lifeline buff to get released. And now that everyone is so hyped, the developers of Apex Legends couldn’t get a better time to release the buff with the Apex Legends 13.1 update.

Basically, in conclusion, the legend Lifeline, who has had a shield to her passive ability earlier, would now be even more powerful and protected with the newly upgraded drone and the reduction in her healing time. This would definitely make her one of the most picked legends in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Lifeline Buff | Release Date

Although it is not officially announced yet, the release date of Apex Legends update 13.1 is predicted to be 14th June, 2022. Hence, we are hoping that the release of Apex Legends Lifeline Buff, following the update 13.1, would be 15th June, 2022.

Respawn Entertainment has recently released the patch notes for the new Apex Legends update 13.1, and the fans are equally excited for them as well!

We know the eagerness and excitement amongst you all is not letting you rest. Let’s wait for further updates from the officials relating to the Apex Legends Lifeline buff and the Apex Legends update 13.1 patch notes as well. Keep a track of our website to get more of such new and exclusive updates about Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Update 13.1 Patch Notes 

Apex Legends Lifeline Buff | Latest Leak, Patch Notes & Updates

Respawn Entertainment has always followed the trend of releasing patch notes to make the fans of Apex Legends aware about the new and upcoming updates in the game. Likewise, the fans are expecting the Apex Legends Lifeline buff update to be mentioned in the Apex Legends Update 13.1 patch notes.

Apart from the Lifeline buff, Apex Legends update 13.1 will bring to you new guns, better graphics, UI, a lag-free gaming experience, and much more! 

Watch Apex Legends Lifeline Buff

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Wrapping Up

There you have it all! That is all you need to know about Apex Legends Lifeline Buff and update 13.1 for now. We really hope that this article of ours genuinely helped you out. Do come back to our handle for more exciting updates. In case you have any doubt or queries regarding Apex Legends Lifeline buff, ping us in the comment box and we would be happy to help you out!


1. When Is The Apex Legends Update 13.1 Coming Out?

The Apex Legends Update 13.1 is releasing on 14th June 2022.

2. What Is The Gender Of Lifeline?

The legend Lifeline is a female

3. Are The Patch Notes For Apex Legends Update 13.1 Out?

Yes, the patch notes for Apex Legends update 13.1 are out now. 


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