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Apex Legends Discord Servers | 5 Best Discord Servers Working In 2022

Are you looking for the best Apex Legends Discord Servers to embed in Apex Legends? Well, we’ve got you covered. Apex legends have always been a hit since its launch. And now, when Apex legends mobile version is also available for you, this is a major victory, indeed. Further are the 5 top Apex Legends Discord Servers working in 2023 that you need to check out right now. 

Talking about the new updates, Heirloom Shards, or Newcastle in Apex legends; players have always been drooling upon this beasty gameplay. However, these below-mentioned Apex Legends Discord Servers will upgrade your experience with Apex Legends to a whole nother level. 

Go along this page and encounter the 5 best Apex Legends Discord Servers working in 2023. Read along and walk into the Apex Legends with a style. I have added the top Apex Legends Discord Servers that include LFG Global, Apex Console, and Apex Legends Status Discord Server.  

Top Apex Legends Discord Servers | 2023 Updated

A wholesome Apex Legends characters are the heart and soul of this Apex Legends gameplay. And these further dropped Apex Legends Discord Servers will ease out the planning of different strategies involved in the game. Head on further!

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1. LFG Global Discord Server

FG Global is the best Apex Legends Discord Servers that sounds a perfect choice for players looking for a new duos partner. This Apes Legends Discord Server also works wonders for the ones who wish to make a team of three. Players can spot new teammates with this Apex Legends discord server, not only in this game but in other games as well. LFG global is the best choice on the ground, known for its content, skills, experience, hacks, cheats, and codes. 

Features of LFG Global Discord Server:

  • One-stop-shop for everything and anything
  • Regular updates about new upgradations in Apex Legends
  • A reliable platform for Q/As

2. The Official Apex Legends Discord Server

Another discord server on the list of Apex Legends Discord Servers is The Official Apex Legends Discord Server, developed by Respawn Entertainment. Be it about new updates, access to any type of content (new or old), new versions, or cheats; The Official Apex Legends Discord Server has proved itself to be one of the most reliable Discord Server available. 

Features of The Official Apex Legends Discord Server:

  • Free discord server 
  • Best for team build-ups and new challenges
  • New update versions are available

3. Apex Console Discord Server

Holding one of the largest communities ever, Apex Console Discord Server is the exclusive Apex Legends Discord Server working on the PC platform. Players can form new teams on this Apex Legends Discord Server which makes this one a worthy option to be on the list today. Players can also spot the secret passages, codes, and cheats on the Apex Console discord server which is much required to knock down the enemy. 

Features of Apex Console Discord Server:

  • Players can form new strategies throughout the gameplay
  • Made exclusively for Apex Legends
  • The latest updates of Apex Legends content are updated timely

4. Battlecard Discord Server

Die-hard Apex legends Fans- This is for you! Battlecard is one of the feasible Apex Legends Discord Servers that allows you to shoot up your ranks throughout the game. With the new opportunities knocking on the door regularly, the Battlecard Apex Legends Discord server allows you to get better in the game after every tournament. New challenges, competitions, and missions upscale the gameplay all along, leaving players in sweats and rewards. 

Features of Battlecard Discord Server:

  • Many challenges and rewards involved
  • Suitable for hard-core Apex Legends fans
  • Involves a competitive mindset

5. Apex Legend Status Discord Server

The last one on the list of Apex Legends Discord Servers is Apex Legend Status Discord Server. Well, Apex Legend Status Discord Server might not be the perfect fit for a community but it works well for regular Apex Legends players. It provides all of the detailed information and updates which is a win-win for the players.

Features of Apex Legend Status Discord Server:

  • Many occasional giveaways are involved
  • Players can talk about different gameplay strategies 
  • Many hacks and cheats included

LFG Global, Apex Console, and Battlecard are the three best Apex Legends Discord Servers that hold a massive community of players. Battlecard Discord Server is exclusively for the hard-core fans of Apex Legends. However, Apex Legen Status Discord Server is popular for its frequent giveaways and hacks involved

Wrapping Up

Summing up the list of 5 Top Apex Legends Discord Servers, The Official Apex Legends Discord Server, developed by Respawn Entertainment, is the most reliable one, known for its timely updates and hacks involved. Do drop your current favorite Apex Legends Discord Server in the comment box below. 

I hope all of your questions regarding Apex Legends Discord Servers are answered well. Path of EX welcomes any kind of opinions or suggestions with pen arms, Do write one to us underneath. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get Discord on Apex Legends?

Yes, you can get Discord on Apex legends. Simply go to the gaming activity option in the settings, click on add a game to Discord, and embed Apex legends to Discord.

2. How do you use Discord on Xbox?

Link Your Xbox Account with Discord by following the steps mentioned below:
1. Head to the upper left-hand corner of the main menu.
2. Once there, select Settings.
3. Now, head towards Account.
4. Move towards the Linked Social Accounts option.
5. Once there, you’ll be asked to enter your Xbox Live / Microsoft account password.
6. Select the Link option under Discord.

3. Is Discord coming to PS5?

Yes, Sony has partnered up with Discord to bring Discord to the PS5 and other Sony consoles by early 2023.

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