150 Anime Trivia Q/As | Best Test to Determine if You’re a True Fan

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Are you looking to test your memory of your favorite anime? Do you consider yourself a true anime fan? If that is the case, then you must go through our 100+ anime trivia questions to see how your anime knowledge fairs in this quiz.

Anime has been around for decades now and its popularity has only increased multi-folds. The typical Japanese manga-based animated adaptations have taken over the youth generation by storm.

Whether you want a healthy anime trivia competition among your friends or you want to find out if you’ve still got it, these questions will surely test your memory power to the edge. The trivia ranges from some of the best old classic series to the more recent masterpieces including Pokemon, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, and more.

To keep it fair, we’ve included the answers as well. Read along with the article as we begin the questionnaire across multiple popular anime series.

Best Anime Trivia | DBZ, Death Note, Pokemon and More

The trivia has been segregated into an easy and a hard list of questions for Dragon Ball Z, Attack On Titan, Naruto, Death Note, and Pokemon. Follow through the article or simply jump down to the subsection of your preferred series. 

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Easy “Dragon Ball Z” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: dragonball.wikia.com

1. What item is used to restore a wounded Z fighter to full health?

Answer: Senzu bean

2. What does the Scouter device do?

Answer: It reveals the power level of an opponent

3. What’s Goku’s wife’s name?

Answer: Chi Chi

4. Who does Captain Ginyu serve?

Answer: Frieza

5. Which DBZ character is Buu’s best friend?

Answer: Hercule

6. What planet does Vegeta come from?

Answer: Planet Vegeta

7. What happens when Dabura spits on someone?

Answer: They turn to stone

8. What does Videl want Gohan to teach her?

Answer: How to fly

9. Which tyrant is responsible for destroying Planet Vegeta?

Answer: Frieza

10. What technique does Goku use to get from one place to another instantly?

Answer: Instant Transmission

11. Can Frieza survive in outer space?

Answer: Yes

12. Is the Z Sword a perfectly invincible weapon?

Answer: No

13. What’s the highest Super Saiyan level attained by Vegeta in DBZ?

Answer: Super Saiyan 2

14. During the Namek Saga, which character did Bulma have a crush on?

Answer: Zarbon

15. Where is Goku when he transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time?

Answer: Planet Namek

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Hard “Dragon Ball Z” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: ricedigital.co.uk

16. What are the names of King Kai’s little buddies?

Answer: Bubbles and Gregory

17. During the Saiyan Saga, how does Goku reach King Kai’s planet?

Answer: By traveling along Snake Way

18. Why does Vegeta allow himself to be possessed by Babidi?

Answer: In order to fight Goku

19. At what point in the series do the Z fighters encounter Saibamen?

Answer: During the Saiyan saga

20. How is Krillin able to recover so quickly after the second form Frieza impales him?

Answer: He was healed by Dende

21. When Cell is in his first form, how does he slowly grow stronger?

Answer: By absorbing his victims

22. When Frieza is in his second form, what’s his power level?

Answer: 1,000,000

23. Was there any time in the series when Piccolo was the strongest Z fighter?

Answer: Yes

24. Who does Cell absorb in order to achieve his second transformation?

Answer: Android 17

25. Why is Pui Pui so confident during his fight with Vegeta?

Answer: He doesn’t think Vegeta stands a chance in 10X Earth’s gravity

26. How has Dr. Gero been collecting data on the Z fighters after all these years?

Answer: A mechanical fly has been following the Z fighters constantly

27. How does Super Buu destroy the entire human race?

Answer: From Kami’s lookout, he sends a stream of beams targeting each individual human

28. How do Goku and Vegeta fuse to become Vegito?

Answer: By using the Potara earrings

29. How does Dabura meet his end?

Answer: Buu turns him into candy and eats him

30. How do Gotenks, Super Buu, and Piccolo escape from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?

Answer: They use their energy to yell a portal into existence

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Easy “Attack On Titan” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: spoilerguy.com

1. What surrounds the area where humans live?

Answer: Walls

2. What is the name of the innermost wall?

Answer: Wall Sheena

3. What is the name of the second outermost wall?

Answer: Wall Rose

4. What has been terrorizing humans?

Answer: Titans

5. What is the outermost wall protecting the humans called?

Answer: Wall Maria

6. Which branch of the military protects the Royal Family?

Answer: Military Police Brigade

7. Who is Eren’s adopted sister?

Answer: Mikasa Ackerman

8. Which family member does Eren watch get eaten by a Titan?

Answer: Mother

9. In the story, who is the first human shown to be a Titan?

Answer: Eren

10. Who is Eren’s best friend?

Answer: Armin Arlert

11. Which branch of the military tries to reclaim land from Titans?

Answer: Scout Regiment

12. Who is considered “humanity’s strongest soldier?”

Answer: Levi

13. What’s the equipment used for grappling called?

Answer: 3D Maneuver Gear

14. Who is the Female Titan?

Answer: Annie

15. What kind of Titan is Eren?

Answer: Attack Titan

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Hard “Attack On Titan” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: Wallpaper Cave

16. What was manga artist Hajime Isayama’s inspiration for Titans?

Answer: Drunks

17. What percentage of the Eren’s Cadet Core joins the Survey Corps in Season 1?

Answer: 10%

18. Who is the first person to be eaten by a Titan?

Answer: Moses Braun

19. What is the smallest a Titan can be?

Answer: 3 Meters

20. What number is Eren’s training squad in Attack on Titan?

Answer: 104th

21. How many of the robbers does Eren kill?

Answer: 2

22. What was developed especially to fight the Armored Titan?

Answer: Thunder Spears

23. Who is in charge of the defense of the southern region?

Answer: Dot Pixis

24. What nickname was given to Erwin when he was a child?

Answer: Eyebrows

25. Who is the shortest character at the start of the show?

Answer: Christa

26. What is the name of the race that can turn into Titans?

Answer: Subjects of Ymir

27. Who is the only character of Asian descent?

Answer: Misaka

28. How did Eren find out that he was the one who killed Grisha?

Answer: Rod Reiss and Historia triggered the memories

29. What is the only thing that protects the Colossal Titan?

Answer: The steam he releases from his body

30. Mike was the second strongest soldier in the Scouting Legion.

Answer: True

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Easy “Naruto” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: YouTube

1. What is Naruto’s last name?

Answer: Uzumaki

2. What’s Naruto’s mum’s name?

Answer: Kushina

3. Which famed clan was completely massacred?

Answer: Uchiha

4. What is the village where Naruto lives called?

Answer: Konohagakure

5. What is Tsunade’s “drug”?

Answer: Gambling

6. Who does Naruto eventually marry?

Answer: Hinata

7. Who was the youngest Jonin?

Answer: Kakashi

8. At the beginning of Naruto, what is Sasuke’s goal?

Answer: Kill his brother

9. What was the name of Madara’s Jutsu?

Answer: Eye of the Moon

10. What does Tsunade summon?

Answer: Slug

11. Which of these is another word for ninja?

Answer: Shinobi

12. How many tails does Kurama have?

Answer: 9

13. What team is Kakashi the leader of?

Answer: Team 7

14. What Jutsu is Naruto most proficient in?

Answer: Shadow Clone Technique

15. What is the first level of a ninja?

Answer: Genin

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Hard “Naruto” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: YouTube

16. What’s the name of the leader of the toads?

Answer: Great Toad Sage

17. Who is the last being that Naruto battled in Naruto Shippuden?

Answer: Sasuke

18. What is Sasuke’s team called?

Answer: Taka

19. Who created the Akatsuki?

Answer: Yahiko

20. What does Gaara’s tattoo mean?

Answer: Love

21. What piece of jewelry do the Akatsuki wear?

Answer: Rings

22. What does ANBU mean?

Answer: Special Assassination and Tactical Squad

23. Who performs the technique ‘Evening Elephant’?

Answer: Guy

24. Who held Naruto hostage when he was born?

Answer: Madara

25. What is Sasuke’s Kekkai Genkai?

Answer: Sharingan

26. Whom did Kakashi get his eye from?

Answer: Obito

27. What is the name of Tsunade’s boyfriend?

Answer: Dan

28. What is Tsunade’s biggest fear?

Answer: Blood

29. What legendary ninja was known as “Konoha’s White Fang?”

Answer: Sakumo Hatake

30. What is the name of Orochimaru’s strongest snake?

Answer: Manda

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Easy “Death Note” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: hiptoro.com

1. Who is the series’ main character?

Answer: Light Yagami

2. Light’s father works as what?

Answer: Police Chief

3. What is a Death Note?

Answer: A black notebook

4. What must you know about a person to use the Death Note?

Answer: Name and Face

5. Who did the original death note belong to?

Answer: Ryuk, the Shinigami

6. What is a Shinigami?

Answer: A Death God

7. What does L do for a living?

Answer: Solves mysteries

8. What is the name of the girl who idolizes Light and helps him complete his missions?

Answer: Misa Amane

9. What is Misa Amane’s profession?

Answer: Model

10. What do Shinigami eyes allow you to see?

Answer: A person’s name and lifespan

11. What is the default method of death inflicted by the Death Note?

Answer: Heart Attack

12. What is Ryuk’s favorite food?

Answer: Apples

13. What is the only thing that can kill a shinigami?

Answer: Saving a human’s life

14. How many pages are in a death note?

Answer: Infinite

15. What happens when a human loses their death note?

Answer: They lose all memory of it

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Hard “Death Note” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: myzitate.de

16. What color is usually associated with the Shinigami Eyes?

Answer: Red

17. How does L initially narrow down the area of investigation?

Answer: Showing a video in only certain regions

18. As the series comes to a head, who kills L?

Answer: Rem

19. What pseudonym does Light use when he makes public announcements?

Answer: Kira

20. Who is the second Kira?

Answer: Misa

21. What happens to the twelve FBI agents who investigate Kira?

Answer: Light kills them all.

22. Who is the third Kira who starts using a Death Note?

Answer: Kyosuke Higuchi, a greedy businessman

23. How do Kira and Misa escape after the fingerprints on a Kira tape are traced to Misa?

Answer: By having their memories of the Death Note erased

24. Who takes over the Task Force after L is killed?

Answer: Light

25. In the end, who kills Light?

Answer: Ryuk

26. Who is L’s successor?

Answer: Both Near and Mello claim the title

27. What country did L, Near, and Mello grow up in?

Answer: England

28. Who finally solves the Kira case (and lives to tell about it)?

Answer: Near

29. To which government does Near go with four years’ of data?

Answer: American

30. How many different humans have used a notebook’s pages to kill?

Answer: 7

Easy “Pokemon” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: Wallpaper Cave

1. What is a PokeBall used for?

Answer: To capture and store Pokemon

2. What is a Pokemon?

Answer: A magical monster with special powers

3. What does the word ‘Pokemon’ mean in Japanese?

Answer: Pocket Monster

4. What’s the show’s catch phrase?

Answer: Gotta Catch ‘Em All

5. Who gave Ash his first pokemon?

Answer: Professor Oak

6. What was Ash’s first pokemon?

Answer: Pikachu

7. What was the first pokemon that Ash caught himself?

Answer: Caterpie

8. How many types of Pokemon are there?

Answer: 18

9. What is the most common type of Pokemon?

Answer: Water

10. Which Pokemon’s song puts everyone to sleep?

Answer: Jigglypuff

11. What does Pikachu evolve into?

Answer: Raichu

12. What color was Misty’s bike?

Answer: Orange

13. What’s the most effective PokeBall in the game?

Answer: Master Ball

14. What’s the device trainers use to keep a record of their Pokemon encounters?

Answer: Pokedex

15. What type of Pokemon is Mewtwo?

Answer: Psychic

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Hard “Pokemon” Anime Trivia

150 Anime Trivia Q/As
Source: Forbes

16. What is Ash Ketchum’s name in Japan?

Answer: Satoshi

17. Who created Pokémon?

Answer: Satoshi Tajiri

18. When was the franchise created?

Answer: 1995

19. In 2019, which Pokémon series was directed?

Answer: Detective Pikachu

20. Who voiced the detective Pikachu?

Answer: Ryan Reynolds

21. What type of attack are Flying-type Pokemon immune to?

Answer: Ground

22. What type of move is Gyarados 4 times weak against?

Answer: Electric

23. In generation 1, which Pokemon is known for its lethal punches?

Answer: Hitmonchan

24. What about the Pokemon known for its deadly kicks?

Answer: Hitmonlee

25. What type of move is Hyper Beam?

Answer: Normal

26. What is Scizor’s pre-evolved form?

Answer: Scyther

27. If you’re facing an Electabuzz in battle, which of these attacks should your Pokemon use?

Answer: Earthquake

28. Who is the God of all Pokemon?

Answer: Arceus

29. How many Mega Evolutions does Charizard have?

Answer: 2

30. What type of Pokemon is Deoxys?

Answer: Psychic

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Wrapping Up

With this, it’s time to wrap up the article on the best anime trivia questionnaire. We hope you had a great time going through the list of some of the most popular anime series questions along with their answers. 

Play this anime trivia game with your friends to test their anime knowledge and see if they score better than you. And follow Path of Ex for more great content on Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Technology.

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