Amsterdam protests: Huge clashes as police turn water canons on crowds throwing fireworks

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Amsterdam protests: Huge clashes as police turn water canons on crowds throwing fireworks
Shivangi Gupta
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Several hundred angry protesters gathered to Museumplein n the Dutch capital to protest against the outgoing cabinet. Nearly 5,000 people said they would attend the protest on social media but now police have resorted to using water canons to deter them as the march turned violent.

One person on social media tweeted: “Fireworks thrown at the police, bricks are thrown, riot police in action, police on horseback, arrests really wtf I watch.”

The official Twitter account for the municipality of Amsterdam urged people to go home and follow the strict social distancing measures.

They tweeted: “The triangle immediately issues an emergency order. 

“This means that no one is allowed to stay on the Museumplein.

“Go home and keep 1.5 meters away.”

According to local reports, riot police and officers on horseback have attended the “Never again a Rutte Cabinet” demonstration.

Police have arrested several people as protesters hurl fireworks and pavers towards the officers.

This morning the municipality announced the protest against the cabinet could not take place in the city.

However, hundreds of people attended the demonstration with some refusing to go home saying they will “drink coffee” in order to participate.

It is believed the demonstration was against Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s current cabinet and the coronavirus restrictions.

This week, the Dutch Government announced it is considering tightening their coronavirus restrictions.

Mr Rutte said he was considering implementing an 8pm to 4am curfew.

Despite facing criticism from MPs, Mr Rutte begged the House not to vote against the curfew. 

He said: “Please don’t throw it away.

“We have to push [the virus] down.

“I don’t think we’ll get there with the existing lockdown.”

The Netherlands have also imposed harsh testing requirements for airline passengers.

Those arriving from Ireland and South Africa will have to have a negative test result before their departure.

These measures are to reduce the spread of new strains of the deadly virus.

More to follow…

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