25 Among Us Hacks & Cheats (2024) | Hack MOD Menu For PC & Mobile

25 Among Us Hacks & Cheats (2022) | Hack MOD Menu For PC & Mobile

Hey! Are you striving to know the best Among Us hacks that will change your whole Among Us gaming life upside-down? Among Us hacks are surely all over the town now! Don’t worry and move along this page. Mentioned below includes the best Hack MOD Menu for Among Us and the top 14 Among Us Hacks working in 2024 that will make your gaming session a blast for you 

Where Among Us has always been a hit since its launch, many games like Among Us are also not leaving any chance to be the best version of Among Us. These Among Us hacks will be a bundle of jewels for you today where each one of them holds a different kind of quality. 

Among Us modes and different mods have always tried to provide us with the most thrilling gameplays but for these challenging versions, we need amazing Among us hacks. So, read along further and look for everything you need to know in reference to Among Us hacks, Hack Mod Menu, creative Among Hacks, and much more working in 2024

Among Us Hack MOD Menu | PC & Mobile

Unboxing the treasure! Hack MOD Menu in Among Us is amazing to download all of the important hacks in the Among Us game on the first go. Head on further to know how Among Us Hack MOD Menu works wonders for PC and Mobile players: 

25 Among Us Hacks & Cheats (2022) | Hack MOD Menu For PC & Mobile

Among Us Hack MOD Menu For PC

There is a bundle of Among Us hacks and cheats for PC available online but I am introducing you to the one that is most reliable for you today. Hack MOD Menu for Among Us is the best HACKERMODE for your PC that includes the further features:

  • Activates WallHack.
  • Includes map from where every player can be spotted
  • Ghosts and dead people can be looked for
  • Hatches can be put to use as a crew member
  • The impostor will be revealed

Interesting right! These features include everything that you have been looking for today in reference to the hacker mod on PC. 

Among Us Hack MOD Menu For Mobile

This Hack MOD Menu for Among Us is not so amazing for Android as it is for PC. However, it still includes a lot of hacks that will give you the best experience with the Among Us hack. It includes a lot of functions that can be enabled and disabled time-to-time. 

In order to download this Among Us hack: Hack MOD Menu for Among Us on Android, you need to install an APK file for it. 

Top 14 Among Us Hacks: Working In 2023

Check out the top 14 Among Us hacks working in 2023 and see how these further Among Us hacks will work out best for your Among Us characters: 

1. Among Us ESP Hack

Among Us ESP hack is said to be the ‘extrasensory perception’ hack that allows the players to attain more data than you usually acquire in Among Us. It can be any hack that increases your field of vision, grants permanent access to the admin map, or reveals an impostor. This hack not only boosts up your competitive spirit but also lets you be an undetected one if you are an impostor. 

2. Among Us Skin Hack 

Among Us does not allow you to acquire free purchases in Among Us, be it for free skin, hats, or pets, however, hosting a hacked lobby does give you leverage to equip the skins, hats, and pets that are not yours. The Among Us game operated on your device in Freeplay mode can be updated and hacked as per your desire. 

3. Among Us Radar Hack 

Top 14 Among Us Hacks: Working In 2022

Among Us Radar hack is the most popular hack among YouTubers and streamers. They are the simple hack that allows the players to look for all the locations of enemies on a minimap and know who the impostor is. Youtubers mostly use Among Us Radar hack with an external cmd window to not be detected on the stream. 

4. Among Us Force Impostor Hack 

Among Us Forcer Imposter hack allows the imposters to just set well into every gameplay easily and conveniently. However, the developers set the force imposter to a server-side in order to not allow this Among Us force imposter hack to work well. You, an imposter, must be the host of the lobby, in order to be an impostor with the installed mod. 

5. Among Us Speed Hack 

Another one on the list of Among Us hacks is the Among Us speed hack. These Among Us speed hacks allow you to set your own custom speed according to the current situation of the game. You can either increase or decrease it accordingly. 

6. Among Us Unlock Items Hack 

As the title speaks for its biggest feature, Among Us unlock items hack allows you to unlock every locked item in the game without buying it. You can use all of the items for free with this most popular hack: Among Us unlock items hack. 

7. Among Us Kill Cooldown Hack 

Top 14 Among Us Hacks: Working In 2022

This one is my favorite! Not that I am the cheater one in the game but this Among Us kill cooldown hack allows the players to kill every player live in the game for merely one second. This Among Us kills cooldown hack can be looked for on any website. However, we have dropped-down 

8. Among Us Show Crewmate & Impostor Hack 

Among Us show crewmate and impostor, hack allows you to look through the detailed information of all the players including their name, death, status, role, and a lot more. You can even spot the impostor easily which makes it a commonly used hack in Among Us. 

9. Among Us No Door Cooldown Hack 

Mostly used by Impostors, Among Us No Door Cooldown hack is preferably used to close the door for some time and after that time expires, this cooldown doesn’t allow the closing of the door before it is finished. 

10. Among Us Torch Distance Hack 

In order to increase the vision of your character, this Among Us Torch Distance Hack is a treasure. It extends the distance from 0 to 15, allowing the torch distance to be as broad as it can. This gives the player a wider view than the normal one and he gets access to a lot of things even if the impostor switches off the lights. 

Top 14 Among Us Hacks: Working In 2022

11. Among Us Close Doors Hack 

Looking for a perfect hack to close all the doors or any specific door in Among us? Well, we have got something for you. Among Us Close Doors Hack allows the player to close any door in the Among Us or close all of them until it is turned off. This is a perfect Among Us hack to trap anyone you wish to. 

12. Among Us See Ghost + Chat Hack

Spotting the ghost and their chats is not easy in Among Us, however, Among Us See Ghost + Cheat hack is the savior here. This Among Us hack allows you to see the ghost characters and look through their chats. This will let you know what dead players are chatting with each other. 

25 Among Us Hacks & Cheats (2022) | Hack MOD Menu For PC & Mobile

13. Among Us Instant Win Hack

Among Us Instant Win Hack is another mind-blowing hack that allows you to instantly win the Among Us game just when it starts. No need to engage yourself in various missions or tasks, all you need to do is activate Among Us instant win hack and do wonders. 

14. Among Us Player ⅔ = Impostor Hack

Last but not the least, Among Us Player ⅔ = Impostor hack allows you to assign more players as an Impostor even if you have less than 6 players in the game. 

Possible Cheats In Among Us 

There are many timely updations in regard to the list of Among us possible cheats available in the game, however, the current one includes:

  • See who is impostor
  • Set Kill Timer to 0s
  • Infinite vision / Line of Sight / Light Mod
  • Force Imposter (Always Imposter)
  • All Hats unlocker (single player only)
  • All Pets unlocked (single player only)
  • All Costumes / Skins (single player only)
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings
  • No Meeting Cooldown
  • No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
  • Instant Complete Tasks
  • Colour Picker
  • Instant Win
  • No Ads
  • Chat Always Visible
  • Anti-ban
  • Walk Speed Hack
  • Seeing Throught Walls (Glitch)
  • Invisibility / Be invisible (Glitch, basically God Mode)
  • Walking through Walls (Glitch)
  • No Player Name (Glitch)
  • Always Imposter (Glitch)
  • Name Color Hack / Glitch

Among Us Cheat Hacks

Further are the Among Us cheats you need to check out right now. Learn about them, scroll through their features, and download the best among the Among Us cheats available on the list.

1. Among Us Steam Cheat- Players Info, Fullbright, Speed Changer

Version: 2021.12.15s

Developer: coderbox1

How to use Among Us Steam Cheat? Check out the below requirements:

  • Run Among Us through the steam client.
  • Visit AmongUsHack.exe
  • Good to go!

Features of Among Us Steam Cheat:

  • Local player info
  • Speed Changer
  • Fullbright
  • Nocip
  • Name changer
  • Free chat unlock

2. AmongUsMenu (2021.5.10s)

Version: 05/08/2021

Developer: v0idp, fix by osomegamer

How to use AmongUsMenu? Check out the below requirements:

  • Inject AmongUsMeny with any injector you acquire
  • The folder ‘Resources’ should be in the same place
  • Enjoy!

Features of AmongUsMenu:

  • Good Functionality 
  • Updated version
  • Default Hotkeys
  • Show Menu: DELETE
  • Show Radar: INSERT
  • Show Console: HOME
  • Repair Sabotage: END
25 Among Us Hacks & Cheats (2022) | Hack MOD Menu For PC & Mobile

3. Among Us Hack For Steam Version 2021

Version: 2021.11.9.5s

Developer: coderbox1

How to use Among Us Hack For Steam Version 2021? Check out the below requirements:

  • The must-have Cheat Engine program
  • Enjoy!

Features of Among Us Hack For Steam Version 2021:

  • Player Sort/Imposter view
  • Imposter vision
  • Vent always
  • Game settings hacker

4. AMODUS- Among Us MultiHack (2020.12.9s)

Version: V4.5

Developer: devilb2103

How to use AMODUS- Among Us MultiHack? Check out the below requirements:

  • Download the Exe.
  • Operate the game and Exe
  • Tap on the inject dll option from the bottom left side.
  • Restart the cheat
  • Done

Features of AMODUS- Among Us MultiHack :

  • Speed hack
  • Show impostors
  • Change number of emergency meetings
  • Switch between Ghost or Alive
  • Max Vision
  • Fake trash animation
  • Major UI update

5. Among Us PP Cheat Mode (2020.12.9s)

Version: V6.0

Developer: PoseidonPhoenix

Features of Among Us PP Cheat Mode:

  • Role changer
  • Speed changer
  • Vision updates
  • No-kill cooldown
  • Teleport
  • Become invisible
25 Among Us Hacks & Cheats (2022) | Hack MOD Menu For PC & Mobile

6. Among Us Ocean (legit Tools)

Version: V1.4

Developer: thelordgermany

How to use Among Us Ocean (legit Tools)? Check out the below requirements:

  • An easy and basic cheat scrip can be downloaded 
  • Works on current version 12.5
  • Doesn’t work on any mobile device

Features of Among Us Ocean (legit Tools):

  • No inject DLL required
  • Impostors changer between 1-3
  • Map changer
  • Pet changer

7. Among Us- Cheats For iOS

Version: v2020.11.17 (iOS)

Developer: Laxus

How to use Among Us- Cheats For iOS? Check out the below requirements:

  • Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch required 
  • iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS.

Features of Among Us- Cheats For iOS:

  • All skins unlocked
  • All pets unlocked
  • All hats unlocked
  • Custom move speed
  • Destroy room
  • Instant kill


Version: v31

Developer: Alizer

How to use  H@cker Mode? Check out the below requirements:

  • Begin HACKERMODE_among us.exe 
  • Wait for its launch
  • Play

Features of  H@cker Mode

  • Convenient
  • Good functions
  • SKin changer
  • Quick move around the map

9. Amogus Item Changer


Developer: VirtualX

How to use Amogus Item Changer? Check out the below requirements:

  • Start Among Us
  • Run the cheat
  • Select any item from the cheat list
  • Press ‘Set’
  • Rejoin

Features of Amogus Item Changer

  • Hat changer change your hat, skin, and pet
  • Skin changer
  • Pet changer
  • Massive items and clothing are available

10. Among Us Hack PC Steam v2021.6.30s Fr | Simplicity Cheats

Version: v2021.6.30s

Developer: xLamantine

How to use Among Us Hack PC Steam v2021.6.30s Fr? Check out the below requirements:

  • SO: Windows 7 SP1+
  • Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 250 MB of available space

Features of Among Us Hack PC Steam v2021.6.30s Fr

  • No delay of killing
  • Speed hacks available
  • Functions of imposter, player, and ghost
25 Among Us Hacks & Cheats (2022) | Hack MOD Menu For PC & Mobile

Among Us hacks are all you need to cheat and win the Among Us game with a bang. Download all of the Among Us hacks with the Hack MOD Menu in one go or select the Among Us hacks that best suit’s your choice 

Wrapping Up

Summing up the wealth of Among Us, these above-mentioned Among Us hacks are a wholesome thrill and pleasure that allows you to be the best among the rest. My favorite one is Among Us see ghost + chat hack. What do you think? Drop your favorite in the box below!

I hope all of your questions regarding Among Us hacks are answered well. Path of EX is open to every suggestion or opinion so do write it to us if you have any!


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