Amazon’s Pay With Your Palm aka Amazon One is Making Payments Easy

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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Over the years, the methods of transactions have changed and evolved drastically. The latest entrant to fore is Amazon’s Pay with Your Palm. It further exemplifies the advancement of technology. Nevertheless, the entire journey of transaction and business started from a barter system to cash to cashless transaction, and now Amazon “pay with your palm.”

What if you have to buy a product, you are out there with no cash in hand, and you forgot your credit card at home? How are you supposed to pay? You don’t need to worry much about it if you are at Amazon’s whole food store. Amazon has come out with an easy and convenient method of Amazon pay with your palm.

To know the pros and cons, the method of payment, the security concerns, and the reliability and the working of Amazon Pay With Your Palm. In this article, I will try to answer all such queries of yours.

Amazons Pay With Your Palm/ Amazon One is Changing the Payment Industry

Amazon pay with your palm

Amazon pay with your palm is a huge leap forward in the field of transactions. It is deemed the easiest and most convenient method of making transactions. All you need to have is to store your palm print via an interface by scanning at Amazon Kisoks. The data of your palm print is encrypted and stored on Amazon’s server.

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How Amazon Pay With Your Palm Works?

In order to turn it into a workable idea, you have to make sure that the device ought to be installed properly with all the relevant information encrypted and embedded into it. The following steps explain how to materialize: 

Your Hand: 

Your hand is made up of certain unique and distinctive features both on and below the surface. Many of these minute elements are so tiny that they are invisible to human eyes or even to a standard camera.

Device to read Palm:

In this process, your palm image is encrypted by a device. It is a process of proprietary imaging and captures vision algorithms that capture, save and encrypt the details of your palm.

Creates Your Unique Palm Signature:

Information embedded in your palm is used by Amazon One, and a unique palm signature is created. It reads your palm print whenever you use it.


Palm pay device

Amazon palm pay has revolutionized the entire market of transactions. The following features substantiate the fact:

Simple: It simplifies daily transactions by offering free and contactless transactions. You can pay by hovering your hand over the reader, and the payment is made.

Cashierless Checkout Software: It enables customers just to walk out without facing the cashier and waiting for their turn. It is time-saving and convenient.

Seamless Checkout:  The checkout is quite comfortable and seamless without much hustle and less waste of time. All you need to do is pick up the thing, hover the hand over the reader, and walk out of the store.

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Convenient: Associate palm print with your credit card and provide your phone number, and you are entitled to make transactions by hovering your hand instead of using a Credit card. It implies that it is much more convenient.

Social Distancing: As the entire world was dwarfed by the deadly virus COVID, which makes us realize the importance of Social distancing, Amazon palm pay enables smooth social distancing.

Amazon One Security Concerns:

Although Amazon One is making headways, that does not mean it can’t be challenged. Several questions have been raised over its usage by security experts and some politicians. The following concerns are raised:

  1.  Storing biometrics by a company can be dangerous. It breaches your privacy and is a matter of security. Your biometrics can be stolen. In 2015, the US Office of Personal Management was hacked, and the data of 20 million US Govt was stolen, including the fingerprints of 5.6 million.
  2. What if your data is stolen, you can change your password but not your fingerprints. So it is riskier to rely on Amazon Palm Pay.
  3. Password can be backed up, but the biometrics can’t be backed up. Once a biometric is stolen, you lose it.

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The fact is that your biometric details are prone to be hacked, unlike Apple Face ID or Touch ID. Apple saves your data in a secure Enclave that can’t be breached. On the contrary, Amazon pay with palm is unsafe and unreliable. Besides, the feature of hovering over the reader is supported by Credit Card readers, which is similar to Amazon Pay Palm in a few aspects.

Wrapping Up:

Amazon pay with your palm is typically the innovation of Amazon. Amazon is using this technology in several of its stores, including 65 whole food stores in California. Amazon has decided to allow its usage by third-party apps, and, as of now, it is open for use by third-party apps. All the doubts and confusion aside, Amazon Pay With Your Palm is an innovation to look for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pay with my palm on Amazon?

Ans: once your palm is embedded and encrypted. You need to hover your hand over the reader, and your payment is made.

Q: Does Amazon have a contactless payment?

Ans: Yes, You can by hovering your hand.

Q: How does palm scanning work?

Ans: Associate palm print with your credit card and provide your phone number, and you are entitled to make transactions by hovering your hand instead of using a Credit card.


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