Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Kindle Paperwhite-October 2022

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Amazon is taking the Kindle generation to the next level for voracious readers. The company has recently introduced the all-new version of the Kindle family, i.e., Kindle Scribe. It is beefed up with many new features that happen to be discovered in Kindle Paperwhite. So, if you love to travel and want to have an On-Go reading device, then the lightweight Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperweight e-readers are the perfect picks for you.

Are you planning to buy the most promising e-readers for yourself or your loved ones? It can be complicated to pin down the right device for you. To make it easy for you, I will tell you the difference between the Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite and help you pick out the best.

The elaborative distinction will give you a thorough lookout for both e-reading devices i.e., Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite. The difference shown below is just a personal consideration and can vary according to the needs and use of the devices.

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Kindle Paperwhite-October 2022

Let’s not complicate the subject. I will break down all the features of Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite so that you can easily figure out the most pre-eminent and valuable devices between them. So take a look to find out which Kindle will meet your requirements.

1. Build and Design:

The build and design of The Amazon Kindle Scribe look premium and solid throughout. The Kindle Scribe is built from recycled aluminum and can charge the device via a USB-C cable. It is just 5.8 mm thin. It does not include any charger and requires a 9-watt power adapter to charge up the device.

It comes with a beautiful stylus that can be magnetically attached to the side part of the device. Amazon introduces two different types of pens: a basic pen and another that falls in the premium pen category. The premium pen has a dedicated rubber at the end and a short-cut button that lets you switch between the pen and highlighter. It has a thick bezel on the left side of the device and small bezels in other dimensions.

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On the other hand, The Kindle Paperwhite is made of plastic build with large bezels around the edges of the display. It just weighs around 7.3 ounces and feels robust. The light sensor is placed at the head of the display. The Kindle Paperwhite has a large chin engraved with the Kindle brand on it. A USB-C port is placed at the bottom of the device, along with an LED indicator and an ON/OFF button.

The device’s ergonomics are just on the spot, making it easy to hold on for long reading sessions. The Kindle Paperwhite also comes with the signature edition that is even 17 grams lighter than the regular Paperwhite. The device only comes in a Black color model.

2. Display 

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Kindle Paperwhite-October 2022

Here comes the beautiful part, The Display of the device. The Amazon Kindle Scribe has an aesthetic paperwhite 10.2 inches glare-free display with 300 pixels per intensity and a big font size for a personalized experience. The Display is large enough to read and write in the comfort of your own.

You can jot down this beautiful display by adding thoughtful sticky notes with the basic pen that comes along with the device that doesn’t require any charging. It is larger than the Kindle Oasis 7 inches display. It has an auto-adjusting front light that enhances the user’s reading experience.

Whereas, The Kindle Paperwhite has a 6.8-inch glare-free E-ink Carta display with 300 pixels per intensity. The device has an adjustable warm light feature making it easy on the eyes of the users. It has a comparatively larger screen than its previous generation, allowing more content to read on the screen.

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The device comes with an IPX8 rating and can easily survive accidental immersion in water. The front light consists of 17 LEDs, way more than the previous version of the Kindle Paperwhite. You can also adjust the yellowness of the screen so that your eyes dont need to suffer at night time.

3. Performance

Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite.

In the performance department, the Amazon Kindle Scribe consists of the MediaTek chip that works on a Paperwhite. Amazon said that its new boy Kindle Scribe could run up to 2 Giga Hertz in some applications requiring high-end performance.

It looks like this device can easily handle many performance-based applications. Amazon has offered the latest streamlined software on Kindle Scribe that allows the users to share the files via the kindle app, website, or email.

On the other hand, The Kindle Paperwhite sports a more powerful processor than its previous generation. With the immense improvement in page turn speed of 20%, it boasts the performance of the device phenomenally.

The navigation performance in speed has accelerated by 50% more than its predecessor. Based on specifications, the Kindle Paperwhite seems to be faster and more snappy on turning pages and feels more responsive compared to its older version.

4. Battery Life

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Kindle Paperwhite

The company claimed that the battery life in the Amazon Kindle Scribe could go for upto weeks, and you dont have to worry about it. It could reasonably last for a month with minimal usage. However, we have recognized that the Scribe will have unlimited access to the Kindle Store for buying ebooks directly on the tablet and will come with a 4 subscription to Kindle Unlimited, just like the company’s other e-readers.

However, The Battery life on the Kindle Paperwhite looks quite spectacular and can survive upto 10 weeks. This number comes from the minimal usage statistics of the device, where you use the device for 40 minutes daily, with the brightness level set to 12.

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The New Kindle Paperwhite comes with a USB-C port, and It simply means you can charge your device with the same charger as your smartphone. On paper, it is said to have a magnificent battery life of 2 months, claimed by the company.

5. Pricing and Availability

The Amazon Kindle Scribe launched at a phenomenal retail price of $339.99. It’s available for preorder, and users can place the order immediately without waiting a moment. It will be available in three storage variants, i.e., 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. It comes with two pen options; a Basic pen and the other is a premium pen. The kindle Scribe offers a premium pen at the cost of $59, while the basic pen comes free along with the device.

Whereas, The Kindle Paperwhite 11th generation is available at a retail price of $139 with 3 months of free access to Kindle unlimited. It comes in two storage variants, i.e., 8 GB and 16 GB, respectively. If you are bothered by the ads on the devices, you can always choose the ad-free subscription by paying $20 extra. Additionally, you can get the best deals on these devices on Amazon’s Prime Day. 

Difference Between Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle ScribeKindle Paperwhite
Price $339.99$139.99
Dimensions9.0x.7.7×0.22 inches6.9’’x 4.9’’x 0.32’’ inches
Display Size10.2 inches6.8 inches
Storage16,32,64 GB8 GB, 32GB
microSD cardNoNo
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)
Wireless ChargingNoNo
Battery LifeUp to 12 weeksUp to 10 weeks
Kindle Unlimited Free plan4 Months3 Months
Weight433 gm205 gm
WaterproofNoYes, IPX8
Cellular VariantsNoNo
Audible ReadyYesYes
Dark ModeYesYes
Release DateNovember 30, 2022October 2, 2021

Who Wins- Amazon Kindle Scribe or Kindle Paperwhite?

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs Kindle Paperwhite

After discussing the distinctive set of features of the Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite. There are a lot of features that set apart these respective devices. The Amazon Scribe allows you to write on display. You can jot down notes and make them a journal.

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Between the Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Scribe has a larger display than the Kindle paperwhite. The Scribe gives you a thinner design and has more storage options than the Kindle Paperwhite. The kindle scribe is rather more expensive but also offers way more features than the Kindle Paperwhite.  So, here we have caught the winner between the two: Amazon Kindle Scribe.

Wrapping Up

The discussion is never-ending when showcasing the Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite feature sets. I hope the aforementioned difference between the Amazon Kindle Scribe and Kindle Paperwhite helps you to choose between the one. Comment to let us know about your favorite e-reader and its features. Share the article with your friends and the ones who are planning to buy these two e-reading devices.


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