Top 7 Amazon Kindle Scribe Features (January 2023) 

Amazon Kindle; Top 7 Amazon Kindle Scribe Features- October 2022

Amazon has recently unveiled a newborn in its listing of the Kindle family, Kindle Scribe. The new E-ink Kindle focuses on being the e-reader’s cordial writing device. After a long span of fifteen years, the Kindle Scribe is advanced with a stylus and pertains the ability to even write on the device. Many of us are curious to know about the features of Amazon Kindle Scribe. Here I will take you on a feature expedition and weave down the best Amazon Kindle Scribe Features

Amazon actually knows what the modern e-reader has the longing to acquire in the existing model. With the introduction of the stylus, the device assists you in penning down notes, making documents, and even marking up annotations in the e-book you are reading. The device is not meant to knock off with this limited set of features. There is a lot more to be discovered. 

This article will describe the most useful Amazon Kindle Scribe Features. Let’s sneak into the feature list of Amazon Kindle Scribe.

List of Amazon Kindle Scribe Features

Having the newest Amazon Kindle Scribe is not just an overhaul for the bookworms but also a green flag to those who crave to write down on the same device. It looks so alluring to see the technology growing so rapidly. We are indeed living in a Technological era. This section covers the various aspects of the Amazon Kindle Scribe Features comprehensively.

Here is the list of the Top 7 Amazon Kindle Scribe Features.

1. Superior Build and Design:

Amazon Kindle;Top 7 Amazon Kindle Scribe Features- October 2022
  • The build and design of The Amazon Kindle Scribe look premium and solid throughout. 
  • The Kindle Scribe is built from recycled aluminum and can charge the device via a USB-C cable. 
  • It is just 5.8 mm thin.
  •  It does not include any charger and requires a 9-watt power adapter to charge up the device.
  • It comes with a beautiful stylus that can be magnetically attached to the side part of the device. Amazon introduces two different types of pens: a basic pen and another that falls in the premium pen category.
  • The premium pen has a dedicated rubber at the end and a short-cut button that lets you switch between the pen and highlighter. It has a thick bezel on the left side of the device and small bezels in other dimensions.

2. Best Display:

  • The Amazon Kindle Scribe has an aesthetic paperwhite 10.2 inches glare-free display with 300 pixels per intensity.
  • The Device has a larger display than its predecessors with big font sizes for a personalized reading experience. 
  • The Kindle Scribe has a “warm light” feature for the screen like any other E-Ink Kindle device.
  • The Display is large enough to read and write in the comfort of your own. You can write down on this beautiful display by adding thoughtful sticky notes.
  • The stylus that comes along with the device requires no charging.
  • It is comparatively larger than the Kindle Oasis 7 inches display.
  • It has an auto-adjusting front light that enhances the overall user’s reading experience.

3. Amazing Performance:

Amazon Kindle; Top 7 Amazon Kindle Scribe Features- October 2022
  • The Amazon Kindle Scribe comprises the MediaTek chip that boosts the device’s performance over its predecessors.
  • Amazon said that its new boy Kindle Scribe could run up to 2 Giga Hertz in some applications requiring high-end performance.
  • This device can easily handle many performance-based applications. 
  • Amazon has offered the latest streamlined software on Kindle Scribe that allows the users to share the files via the kindle app, website, or email.

4. Access to Kindle Store:

  • The latest Kindle Scribe takes place with swift access to the Kindle store, which covers a huge selection of around 13 Million titles, including millions of non-fictional books.
  • For a short period of time, Kindle Scribe comes with the 4-month free Amazon kindle unlimited membership.
  • The prime members also get a bonus of having access to the hundreds and thousands of titles found in the Kindle store.
  • Millions of writers want to publish their content and stories in the garden of the Kindle store. With the help of “Kindle Direct Publishing,” self-published writers in any part of the world can bring their work to millions of book-readers around the globe.

5. Climate Pledge Friendly:

  • Amazon has revealed that the Kindle Scribe acquires the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge. The company says they are helping the customers to go for more sustainable products. 
  • The device is designed with a cent percent recycled aluminum with 48% post-consumer recycled plastics in the device.
  • For U.S customers, The device packaging is 100% recycled with sustainability kept in mind.

6. Battery Life:

  • The company claimed that the battery life in the Amazon Kindle Scribe could go for upto weeks, and you dont have to worry about it.
  • Amazon says the Kindle Scribe will last around 12 weeks on 30 minutes of reading daily and just 3 weeks based on 30 minutes of writing daily.
  • However, we have recognized that the Scribe will have unlimited access to the Kindle Store for buying ebooks directly on the tablet and will come with a 4 subscription to Kindle Unlimited, just like the company’s other e-readers.

7. Pricing and availability:

Amazon Kindle;Top 7 Amazon Kindle Scribe Features- October 2022
  • The Amazon Kindle Scribe launched at a phenomenal retail price of $339.99.
  •  It’s available for preorder, and users can place the order immediately without waiting a moment. 
  • It will be available in three storage variants, i.e., 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. It comes with two pen options; a Basic pen and the other is a premium pen.
  • The kindle Scribe offers a premium pen at the cost of $59, while the basic pen comes free along with the device.

Some More Features of Amazon Kindle Scribe Launched in 2023

Amazon Kindle Scribe
Price $339.99
Dimensions9.0x.7.7×0.22 inches
Display Size10.2 inches
Warm LightYes
Storage16,32,64 GB
Stylus supportYes
Document MarkupYes
microSD cardNo
Touch ScreenYes
Headphone Jack (3.5mm)
Climate Pledge FriendlyYes
USB-C PortYes
Wireless ChargingNo
Battery LifeUp to 12 weeks
Kindle Unlimited Free plan4 Months
Weight433 gm
Cellular VariantsNo
Audible ReadyYes
Dark ModeYes
Release DateNovember 30, 2022

Wrapping Up

We have discussed the top 7 Amazon Kindle Scribe features in our list. I hope it helps you to gain some insight into the new product in the Amazon Kindle family. Though the company has unveiled that the product is ready to preorder.

It’s high time to have a look at the feature set of Kindle Scribe and lock in your product right now. Comment down to let us know about your favorite features in the Amazon Kindle Scribe, and wait for the device to land in your hand on November 30, 2022.

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