Five Amazing Drinks to Try Out in Australia

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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The Land Down Under is one of the best places to visit in the world. The huge country offers a wide range of tourist attractions ranging from beautiful beaches to architectural marvels. Another thing that is so great about Australia is that it has a great range of local drinks.

When in Australia, you must definitely try out some of these drinks:

1. Ginger Beer

One of the most popular drinks in Australia is the Bundaberg Ginger Beer. The drink is brewed in a traditional fashion. The first thing brewers do is grind dried ginger.

The ginger is locally sourced and this is what gives it a unique flavor. Ginger is heated after being mixed with water and sugarcane. This allows all the spice from it to be released.

After this, the mixture is fermented and passed through craft filters. Once that is done, one of the best ginger beers anywhere in the world is ready to be served to visitors and locals. Typically, the drink costs about 4.50 AUD per 100ml.

2. Archie Rose

If you are a fan of gin, Archie Rose is one of the best drinks that you could have. It is handcrafted especially for lovers of smooth gin.

It is slightly on the expensive side with a bottle costing about 68 AUD but the excellent taste and the smoothness of the drink will definitely be worth it once you drink it. To add another layer of flavor to your Archie Rose, you should add some premium tonic water to the drink.

3. Bundaberg Brewed Beverages

Most of the popular and unique drinks that you will find in Australia consist of alcohol. If you are someone who avoids alcohol or is simply wanting to drink something without it, then the Bundaberg range of brewed beverages will be perfect for you. A range of non-alcoholic beverages, the Bundaberg Beverages are brewed naturally.

They are fermented but to make them non-alcoholic, the brewers heat them before packing. Guava, Lime, Peach and so many flavors of this soft drink are yours for the taking at an average price of about 10 AUD. The brand is quite popular amongst the locals so you should definitely check it out.

4. 666 Vodka

Cape Grim is the northwestern part of Tasmania that offers brilliant views of crystal-clear water shining under the strong Australian sunlight.

From these clear waters come one of the most popular vodkas in the world. The 666 Vodka is not just famous in Australia but amongst vodka lovers across the globe. It is definitely one of the best local Australian spirits.

You will have the option to choose between a classic vodka, a butter-flavored one, or a vodka that is infused with coffee. The best thing to do would be to try all three and figure out which one you love the most. The price of 666 Vodka ranges from about 35 AUD to 60 AUD.

5. Bundaberg Rum

Produced in Bundaberg, Australia, this is a kind of dark rum. It is also commonly known as ‘Bundy’. It is quite famous among Australians and now internationally. Bundaberg’s range of rums has won many awards and accolades both locally as well as abroad.

The Bundaberg rum comes in a wide range of selections including Bundaberg Rum Original, Bundaberg Rum UP, Bundaberg Red, Bundaberg Overproof, and Bundaberg Five just to name a few.

The rum range contains up to 20 different labels that you can try from. When in Australia, you can keep a good bottle of Bundy with pride.

5. Tooheys

Who doesn’t love a good old bottle of beer? Especially when you are in a beautiful place like Australia, you would want to sit back and relax- taking in the beautiful views with a bottle of beer in hand. To enhance your experiences, you should go for Tooheys instead of any other brand.

Tooheys is a locally brewed beer in Australia that has excellent taste and will definitely make you want more. You can get a Tooheys in different sizes including a pint, half a pint, and a Schooner. The price is also quite affordable with the half a pint beer being available at just about 4 AUD.

Try to taste all of these drinks during your travels and you will definitely be able to enhance the experience of your visit to Australia. 


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