Alleged rapist of 13-year-old gets light sentence, sparks outrage

Alleged rapist of 13-year-old gets light sentence, sparks outrage

The Tel Aviv Criminal District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment on Thursday in the city’s Magistrate Court against 21-year-old Yarin Sherf for forbidden sexual relations with a 13-year-old. The charge also includes sexual harassment, threats, assault and supplying alcohol to a minor. 

The said offenses were allegedly committed by Sherf in a hotel designated for young corona patients who do not have family support.

Sherf met the 13-year-old minor while sitting with a group on the porch. He indicated that he was interested in her and kept hinting that he wanted to come with her upstairs. 

After seeing that he was 21 on Tik Tok, the girl told him, “Dude, leave me alone. You’re too old.” Sherf continued to hit up on her despite her disinterest and asked her to go up to her room. At one point he threatened to do an “Eilat Part 2” to her. He additionally offered her alcohol and marijuana. The girl told Sherf that she was tired and didn’t want to go to her room with him today. She told him to leave her alone.

The following day a hotel counselor noticed them together and warned Sherf to leave her alone, but when she went upstairs, he followed her. The counselor told him again to stop bothering her and Sherf responded, “What did you think I’ll do to a 14-year-old girl? Like I can’t get with anyone?”

Not long after this incident, Sherf messaged the girl to come down. She responded that he should come to her room and they had sexual relations.

A few hours later Sherf asked if he could come back and the girl said, “No, not now – I want to be alone.” He knocked on her door anyway and she answered. They again had relations. 

When the counselor came up to check on her, he found Sherf hiding in the bathroom.
Ravit Shapir, the lawyer who filed the complaint, said that “the respondent took advantage of the age gap between himself and the minor, and despite his knowledge of her very young age, he did not stop until he got what he wanted. He refused to accept his rejection, and stubbornly and while exerting pressure on the minor, repeatedly made repeated sexual offers towards her, and did not stop even though she initially expressed her unwillingness in them. “The respondent demonstrated a real fearlessness in his actions, while he continued to act to achieve his goals, despite his explicit warning by a counselor on the spot, who instructed him to stay away from the minor in light of her young age,” she said.
Shapir added that on Tik Tok, Sherf has a “habit of expressing himself in a degrading and abusive manner towards women and doing ‘shaming’ on the net.”Following Thursday’s procedure’s, the young girl’s mother reacted, calling Sherf a “rapist and danger to the public.”

Chairman of the Committee for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality, MK Oded Forer responded to the indictment:

“If that’s not rape, then what is it? Where is the consent in threats, harassment, assault, and providing alcohol to a minor?

The time has come for law enforcement to wake up and start responding harshly against all acts of violence and sexual assault in particular. Stop pitying the cruel!”

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