AI Meme Generator: Best in 2023 And Are They Better Than Humans?

AI Meme Generator: Best in 2023 And Are They Better Than Humans?

AI is getting so advanced that even Google is concerned about the content getting published every day. AI-generated content is starting to swarm the internet. From texts to images, Artificial intelligence is helping humans to come up with unique creations that look perfectly humane. Now, AI meme generator is something that is being talked about. I mean, is everything human-made going to be replaced by AI?

Memes are the fuel that keeps social media interesting. Even our physical lives are now impacted by memes. Our jokes revolve around memes. But AI meme generators? What are even those? Are memes generated by AI better than those by humans? With the advent of ChatGPT, Bing AI, etc, the AI world is booming at a very fast pace. It is only a matter of time before a lot of human jobs will be obsolete as AI will be able to do multiple tasks simultaneously.

In this article, I will first discuss what a meme is. I will then talk about AI-generated images. I will also define an AI meme generator and tell you whether it is better than humans or not. And lastly, I will mention the 4 best AI meme generators right now. So, let’s not waste any more time.

What is an AI Meme Generator, and The 4 Best of Them

What is an AI Meme Generator?
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To turn a picture into a meme, all you got to be is witty, sharp, and sarcastic. Today’s generation is pretty deft at meme-making. They are good at making people see situations from their perspective. And people relate to memes because they cover topics that are real-life, viral, and funny. 

What meme-generators do is help you become more creative and assist you in your creative flow. They help you choose the best images. Meme generators provide you with tools to design memes easily. You can also use pre-designed templates. 

The things that you can do are in plentitude. You can resize images and texts, customize shapes and sizes of other elements, edit a video, change background audio, and much more. 

But what is an AI meme generator?

AI meme generators are different from normal meme generators. The latter is basically a meme-maker application. The AI meme generators can create memes just by following a simple text you insert. It is as if they can read your mind. AI generators can combine dreams and reality to create stunning visuals.

A grumpy cat
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AI generators are still developing. But, they are quite promising in regards to the fact that they are a great help to people who are struggling with creativity or ideas in general. The AI-generated images are of better quality and perfectly customized than those made by humans using meme-makers.

AI can predict the image you are looking for simply by analyzing the text you input. Color, contrast, lighting, resolution, and quality, everything can be better by using an AI meme generator. AI generators use neural networks to generate images based on your commands. Neural networks help AI to process data based on commands. There are two neural networks; the first creates images depending on the command, and the second compares the created images with reference images. 

4 Best AI Meme Generators

4 Best AI Meme Generators

AI meme generators can help you convert your ideas and concepts into pictures. In this article, I will help you find the best AI meme generator. I will dig a little deeper into the features and capabilities of different AI meme generators and curate a list of the 4 best AI meme generators out there. 

If you want to give people the good old gags in a new way, take help from these meme generators that will let you make memes out of your ideas. These memes will help people with stress relief by making them see the humorous side of tough situations.

It was not easy for me to scour the internet searching for the best AI meme generator for the sake of this article. But I have come up with four for you. It was tough, but it was fun. Let’s have a look at the 4 AI meme generator applications.

1. Super Meme

Super Meme home page

Super Meme is an AI meme generator that lets you convert text to an AI meme. All you have to do is describe your emotions, and the app will predict the template you have in mind. Super Meme can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use this AI app to promote brands, make posters, and make memes. You can customize texts and images and edit videos, et al.

You can start using Super Meme for free. A lot of customization is allowed for free here. The interface is user-friendly, and results are quick. On Super Meme, you can generate unlimited videos without a watermark. Isn’t that cool? Also, the search tool of this app is pretty powerful. You can easily get what you are looking for using the search tool Super Meme.

2. Craiyon

Craiyon home page

Craiyon is an outstanding meme generator. Formerly known as DALL E mini, the app will get you the image you are seeking just by analyzing what you type. The image generation of Crayon is pretty impressive. It is available in the Google Play Store.

You can generate unlimited unique images and get unlimited watermark-free images, vivid fonts, and customization options on Craiyon. The interface of this AI generator is very user-friendly. Even beginners can easily use this app. Craiyon also offers many latest templates. The generated images can be both saved and shared via social media. 

You can use Craiyon also to generate brand logos. The application provides round-the-clock support and accepts feedback. You can share your experiences through feedback and help Craiyon grow.

3. Imgflip

Imgflip home page

Imgflip comes with a variety of free tools and editing options. This app might be the first result Google shows you when you search for ‘AI meme generator.’ Imgflip is a very simple meme generator. Imgflip uses an artificial neural network that helps it to design captions according to the template. 

The template creation process on Imgflip is very quick. Why? Because of the ease of use. The interface is seamless, and the tools are very straightforward. The platform gives you access to the most viral memes on social media. If you pay a little extra, you will get plenty of customization options too.

To get watermark-free images, you have to spend a few bucks; get the Imgflip Pro account. Your memes generated by the platform will look 100% original. It takes just one click to get a meme out of Imgflip. The next thing you do is name the image and then download the meme in any format you want.

4. makememe

makememe home page

If you are looking for a popular AI meme generator, makememe is the one. makememe is powered by GPT-3 by OpenAI. Even if you have zero editing knowledge, you can easily use this tool to generate templates.

When you give a command to makememe, it selects an appropriate template based on the text command. You can get a lot out of it just by signing up for free. On this platform, you can express ideas through memes. It is as simple and good as that. As the GPT models are improving every day, so is makememe. The AI tool uses both AI systems and NLP systems to generate memes. 

makememe’s security is top-notch. It ensures that only you can access your files. Also, makememe works on all devices and lets you download generated memes in the format of your choice.

Wrapping Up

So, are AI meme generators better at making memes than humans? Well, it is too early to claim that, but at the same time too late to stop it from becoming better. An AI meme generator like makememe or Imgflip can easily become the future of meme-making that won’t even need human input. Well, for the most part, I have mentioned the most used AI meme generators in the world now. Don’t let anything staunch your flow while you are making use of these apps and tools. Ciao!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best AI meme generator?

Some of the best AI meme generators are Imgflip, Crayon, Super Meme, makememe, and supreme ai.

What do AI meme generators do?

AI meme generators convert text commands into visual representations. Your ideas and thoughts can be turned into memes using AI.

What is the best AI meme generator app? 

The best AI meme generator app, in my opinion, is Craiyon.

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