13 AI Art Generators That Will Make You Rich in 2024

AI Art Generator From Text-Everything You Need to Know

Today, AI is such a hot topic that every time I scroll through my Instagram reels, most of my feed is about the latest AI innovations. The most common ones are AI art generators teaching new ways to get the work done in a matter of seconds with the help of AI. Did you notice, too?

This is a time when people are seriously wondering if AI is taking over. So many writers, artists, analysts, and even drivers are very seriously insecure about AI taking over their jobs.

There are those people, too, who are just having fun riding the wave and finding new ways to put AI to work for them. These people are literally making money sitting at home just giving commands.

At this point, even teenagers are earning and starting their businesses with the help of AI art generators. How? Well, here in this article, you will find a lot of help on AI art generators and how you, too, can experiment with them. I promise it is fun.

What are AI Art Generators, and How Do They Work?

AI art Generators are basically tools that use artificial intelligence and technologies to generate unique and original visual artwork from images to videos or even movies and virtual games. AI has lately started to show its usefulness in so many areas that people’s insecurities regarding AI stealing their jobs have become totally understandable. But worry not, that is not going to happen too soon; why? You’ll read this ahead in the article.

AI Art; 13 AI Art Generators That Will Make You Rich in 2024

AI art generators work in a way where they create the image that is asked by the user by putting in the prompt and selecting their preferred settings. Prompt, if you didn’t know, refers to a mode of interaction between a human and a large language model that helps the tool generate the intended outcome. In layman’s language, it is a message that you will need to write in detail for the AI tool to explain the work that you want generated. So, it is not as complex as it might seem.

Like all other AI tools, even AI art generators use the algorithm to utilize existing art patterns to create distinctive art. All you have to do is engineer a prompt that can easily explain the AI program exactly what you desire from it. AI can do this because it has been trained on millions of image and text pairs to identify what you demand from it. This is how it learns the meaning of the text that the user inserts. 

The next step in this process is rendering the results. Right now, there are at present two models in the industry:

  1. Diffusion Models: These models transform noise into data through a diffusion process, which means that they learn from their own iterative refinement process.
  2. Generative Adversarial Networks: GANs or generative adversarial networks, unlike the diffusion model, are made up of two neural network models to analyze and capture information.

Both of these models have the ability to create stunning and professional images, But lately, diffusion models are being used more to create the aesthetically rich art we see online.

9 Best AI Art Generators

Given below are the best AI generators, regardless of price and expertise. Read further to know which one will suit your work style the most.

1. DALL E3:

DALL E3; AI Art Generators

DALL E3 is the latest text-to-image model after DALL E and DALL E2. Released in October 2023, DALL E3 constitutes two main components, which are the diffusion model and the transformer model. These two components play the role of generating images from text and understanding the text description, respectively. Developed by OpenAI, DALL E3 is responsible for OpenAI’s comeback in the AI art generators industry. 

While DALL E and DALL E2 had fallen behind in quality and efficiency, competing with newer and better players in the market, DALL E3 quickly became the fan favorite with features like better prompt understanding and more realistic and increased art accuracy. Further, it is an improvement compared to its predecessors in terms of:

  • Image Quality,
  • Understanding of natural language
  • Creativity 
  • Versatility.

DALL E3, however, comes with ChatGPT plus, costing the user a monthly subscription of $20 for almost all OpenAI apps and tools. Yet, if you want to use it for free, it can be used on Bing Image Creator, which also uses DALL E3 as its model. In this case, all you would need in order to use DALL E3 is a free Microsoft account.

From its release to the present date, DALL E3 has not shown any major deficiencies in its properties. It has been reviewed to be beginner-friendly as well as a useful tool for developers and digital artists, making it the best choice in the latest AI art generators.

2. Pikaso AI Art Generator

Pikaso AI Art Generator; 13 AI Art Generators

Pikaso AI Art Generator is one of the best AI tools. It was created by Freepik, a popular online platform for graphic resources and design tools. Pikaso uses real-time AI technology to generate stunning and unique images based on prompts and drawings provided by the user.

To use Pikaso, you simply need to type your desired prompt or keyword into the provided bar and start drawing on the canvas. The AI will then generate an image based on the prompt and your drawing. In addition, you can upload images and add icons to complete your design. Users can also change colors and backgrounds to customize their images.

Pikaso offers high-resolution image and video downloads for people who want to create animated artwork. Additionally, users can improve their results by adding written prompts that specify changes in lighting and colors, for example.

One of the best features of Pikaso is its easy and user-friendly drawing system, making it accessible for both experienced AI artists and beginners. While there is a certain number of images that you can generate for free, premium subscriptions are available for unlimited usage. There are different plans to choose from, starting at $12 per month.

3. Midjourney:

Midjourney; AI Art Generators

I am very sure that this is not the first time you have heard this name. Midjourney on Discord made a very wide user base as soon as it arrived in the industry. It is a free-to-use AI image generator and is very beginner-friendly. Just like DALL E3, Midjourney is also a text-to-image tool that uses text prompts to generate desired results. It uses a diffusion process, which relies on machine learning and generative AI technologies to provide desired results.

There is no particular website or app designed for the use of Midjourney. The only way to use Midjourney is through Discord. To guide you through the process, the steps to using Midjourney are given below:

  • Download Discord and Sign Up.
  • Sign up for Midjouney and Accept the invitation to their Discord channel.
  • Find the newbie channel and type /Subscribe.
  • Pick the plan most suitable to you.
  • Open Discord again and start experimenting.

As for customer reviews and experiences regarding Midjourney, it is also one of the most fan-loved AI art generators. Its free usability and easily understandable interface were the main reasons for its leap in the year 2022. Even the image quality and detail are factors that are most appreciated about Midjourney.

4. Canva:

Canva; AI Art Generators

Have You heard about Canva? Canva is an online Graphic design platform and app that has helped even non-designers get their design work done independently. It is ridiculously easy to use and can be used for designing posters, memes, gifs, even resumes, and much more. It is available to anyone with readymade templates and various photo editing tools. Plus, it has a very easy-to-use interface.

Canva has its own online website and app available for all devices. Canva uses an AI tool called Magic Design. It can be found on the Canva homepage and inside the editor to support easy image generation and editing. Magic Design AI on Canva is free for the first 25 prompts, after which you will need to purchase Canva Pro or Canva for Teams, which can be used 250 times per person each month.

As for user reviews, there is not much I can write for Canva as it is a very common app these days, mainly because of its easy-to-use properties. Canva has a wide variety of design functions, which are built to be highly beginner-friendly. Though there have been reports of bugs related to the exporting image feature, it will still not be much of a nuisance thanks to Canva’s auto-save feature. In case you face a crash while exporting, all you will need to do is relaunch the app.

5. NightCafe AI

NightCafe AI; AI Art Generators

NightCafe is another worthy contender for this list. It has the same properties as any other AI art generator in this list, but additionally, NightCafe provides an active community for its artists to share their art. This online community, which users have reacted very positively to, is one reason that NightCafe turned into a success. Other factors involve fast response speed, astonishing image quality, easy accessibility, and unique and beautiful pieces of art.

NightCafe AI can be used on their official website. You can follow the given process to generate images on NightCafe:

  1. Visit the website and click “Create.”
  2. Choose a required model. You can choose any if you are a beginner.
  3. Input your text Prompt.
  4. Choose your style from plenty of choices given.
  5. Choose the number of images and credits.
  6. Finally, Create and Share with the NightCafe artist community.

6. Adobe Firefly

Adobe firefly is such an enormous brand when it comes to software and tools that almost the whole world is its market. Adobe Firefly is Adobe’s introduced AI tool with an independent web application that offers new ways to ideate, create, design, and communicate. Even though you will need to buy a Creative Cloud subscription plan, Adobe might allow users to use partial features of Firefly in the free plan. 

When it comes to reviews, though, Adobe did not make much of an impact with its entry, and even the user compliments are somewhat neutral. Being a highly established brand, too much might have been expected from Adobe Firefly, which it could not fulfill with its barely above-average functions. But there are news and comments from the team hinting at more upgrades for better usability of the tool.

7. Jasperart

Jasperart; AI Art Generators

When using Jasperart for the first time, its stunning interface leaves a very impressive mark on the user. Plus, it’s so easy to use that the user does not need to do anything more than give in the prompt or keyword.

What is different about Jasprtart is that it offers two modes for artists: free-form mode and templates. The free-form mode lets you type your requirements in your own words. Meanwhile, Templates mode lets you choose an art style of your choice and get an image generated related to a keyword you will need to provide.

Jasperart is available at the rate of $20 per month on its official website, which, in my opinion, is not worth it. We have a wide range of AI art generators available for the same or less cost, which provide comparatively better service than Jasperart. Additionally, there are some reports stating Jasperart AI to be slow with even the easiest of its functions.

8. DeepDream AI

DeepDream; AI Art Generator

DeepDream AI, like Limewire, is one of the AI art generators that is very suitable for artists who want to set up an online presence through their portfolios and socialize with other artists in the community. It turns simple texts into unique and unrealistic images.

Moreover, Deepdream gives you a choice of three AI generator modes, which are:

  • Text 2 Dream – Text to image generation.
  • Deep Style – Generates image from a base image.
  • Deep Dream – For stunning abstract and psychedelic art.

Deep Dream AI offers a free version, too, but it is no different than a free trial with limited functions. If you start with the free plan, you will be given 50 credits to use. Though to develop expertise over all the functions, I would suggest that you buy one of the paid plans available. 

9. HotPot 

This is also one of the best AI Image generators that turns your crazy imagination into artwork. It empowers the users to create enticing paintings, images, and illustrations. You need to input the sentence, and Hotpot claims to bring the text into realistic images.

The tool is available in free and paid versions. The waiting time for free conversion will take place in 1-15 minutes, depending on the traffic, and the paid version takes place in 3-10 seconds. 

I have input the Text “A dog sniffing on Mars,” and the output in the form of an image is generated below.

HotpotAI; AI Art Generators

So, in a crux, there is a very wide range of AI art generators in the present time. Choices are so many that people are finding it hard to decide on which one to buy. In reference to that, this article will help you choose the AI art generator based on your own needs and preferences. 

Especially for beginners out there, they do not need to pay for anything until they are sure they have a grasp on prompt writing. Until then, if you are a beginner, I would suggest you to experiment with free trials for as long as you want.

5 Free AI Art Generators

Starting with the list of 5 of the best Free AI Art Generators. This list is especially for you if you want to begin experimenting with AI art generators. This list is particularly on for the free AI art generators; these might not be the top contenders of the niche.

1. Limewire 

Limewire; AI Art Generators

Limewire has a free basic plan and various subscription plans designed for different types of work. It still counts as one of the best free AI art generators because even in its free basic plan, the user is offered ample flexibility. It allows users to create, publish, and even monetize their artwork on the platform.

Limewire works with different AI models such as SDXL, SD 2.1, DALL-E2, and even a proprietary model that is yet to be released in the future. Plus, it is said to have some of the most exotic-looking art.

Limewire even allows the user to create their own custom fan pages with their own tradeable artwork for free. Users can use this as their own personal space to create and trade NFTs for extra income.

Limewire’s features, limitations, and reviews are respective to the plan you choose to buy. Below are keynotes associated with the free plan.

  • Best Features – Easy to use, Easy login process, Custom fan pages, Own NFT space, Earning options.
  • Limitations – Limited image generation, slower image generation in comparison to other plans, and access to limited AI models.
  • Reviews Even with the free plan, Limewire has been a very fun and enjoyable tool to use for new as well as experienced users. Plus, its earning feature excites artists who are already using the tool.

People have shown a very positive response towards using this tool and are even waiting for its upcoming audio and video editing AI. So, in my opinion, it might not be a wasteful investment for artists even if they decide to buy some paid plan.

2. Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator; AI Art Generator

Offering first place in the list to Bing Image Creator might be a little controversial for people who know the AI industry. But you have to keep in mind that this list is mainly for beginners to figure out their own ways and styles.

Bing Image Creator, even though it has some limitations regarding generating and editing tools. In my opinion, it still stands at the top place when we are talking about free and easiest to use. Unlike any other AI image generator, Bing art generator requires nothing more than a Microsoft account for you to get started with your idea.

  • Best Features – Most Approachable, Free To Use, Easily accessible, Safe, and secure for individuals as well as the workplace.
  • Limitations – Minor inaccuracies in generated images, over-moderation, and comparatively slow output.
  • Reviews – There was a time when Bing was one of the best AI art generators, but recently, with updates and along with moderation conditions, it has become much more restricting and limited to users with experience.

Though for beginners, it still stands to be one of the most easy-to-use AI art generators.’Though for beginners, it still stands to be one of the most easy-to-use AI art generators.

3. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by Wombo; AI Art Generators

Dream by Wombo is number 3 on this list mostly because of its fan love linked with popularity. I have seen numerous Instagram reels relating to it or even made by this AI tool. There was a whole trend of this tool for a time on Instagram. People used to use WOMBO tool on their deceased close ones to turn their pictures into live-speaking videos.

Those generated image-to-video files looked as real as the hype this tool had. Around May 2023, WOMBO became unavailable, and as per the latest updates, developers are said to be working on its comeback. It was a selfie tool for this app that worked as a photo-video maker to make your selfie sing or speak with the help of AI.

Dream by WOMBO AI, on the other hand, is a text-to-image tool that is still available to use with a variety of options regarding image generation and editing. Listed below are some of its features:-

  • Best Features – Easy to use, Fun and enjoyable, friendly interface, available on AppStore as well as Android Play Store.
  • Limitations – Exotic editing options are only available with a premium, images can’t be downloaded, and they are limited to one image option.
  • Reviews As mentioned earlier, there was no AI app that enjoyed the same hype at that time as Dream by WOMBO. But looking at the text-to-image generator, people were very disappointed to find out that most of the exotic-looking styles are unavailable without premium, and the worst thing about it is its restriction on downloading the image. 

Other than its selfie tool, this AI is still considered one of the best due to its ridiculously easy-to-use interface. 

4. StarryAI

Starry AI; AI Art Generators

StarryAI is another art generator that offers free image generation. It works on a credit basis, meaning each image will use a credit from your wallet to be generated. The more credits you have, the more images you can generate. Even though you will be given a handful of credits on sign-up, your account is credited with 5 more credits each day, which is more than sufficient for beginners.

  • Best Features – Clean and simple images, Easy to use, user-friendly customization, diverse art style, full ownership of generated images.
  • Limitations –  Limited image generation and limited editing are the only two limitations faced by users.
  • Reviews – The StarryAI is said to be one of the most fun and versatile AI art generators on the Google Play Store. Even though the app is updated very frequently with new updates and amazing features, still the app is reviewed to be very buggy and laggy in terms of use. So, the official website of StarryAI is a preferable platform to try this tool.

5. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI; AI Art Generators

Leonardo AI is built on stable diffusion technology and uses the GANs model to generate its images. Yet it promises such high-quality images as any other AI art generator. It is often compared with Midjourney, which holds the title of the most used AI image generator and is preferred by users for its much easier process of image generation and image editing.

Leonardo AI offers a wide range of advanced AI tools to free users.

  • Best Features – Free to use, Quick Image processing, background removal, object removal, and Training your own models are some of the best features of this tool. Leonardo AI comes with a lot more advanced AI tools, which makes it an outstanding option in this list.
  • Limitations – For a beginner, Leonardo AI already offers much more than what the user would need. The only limitation one could face with this AI is the speed of the internet, as it is the only factor that affects this AI.
  • Reviews – Leonardo AI, as per user reviews, is simply one of the best AI art generators present right now. It has a wide variety of features and is easy to use, making it perfectly suitable for full-blown AI artists as well as beginners.

Businesses You Could Start With The Help of AI Art Generators

AI Image; AI Art Generators

Everybody in the present era is looking for a way they can set up a source of income online. To your surprise, this is a very easy task to do as compared to the times before AI. As AI supports people, it replaces the need for big teams in their businesses. The e-commerce industry was the first one to put AI to work. 

If you search Google right now, you will find all kinds of people, from housewives to young teenagers, sharing their stories about their businesses with the help of AI.

If you are also planning to start something or even just doing research about opportunities out there, then you are in the right place. Given below is a list of businesses you could start right now.

  1. Selling Prints or Designs Online: You won’t believe how easy this one is. All you will need to do is to generate creative designs using your imagination. A design that stands out from your normal art or art as per some occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

Next, sell it on an online marketplace like Etsy, Adobe Stock, or Wirestock. See, that isn’t too tough, is it?

  1. Freelancing: In the freelancing industry, there are so many things you can do for clients using your AI art creation skills. All you will need to do is create an account on any freelancing website like Fiverr or Freelancer and upload an attractive portfolio there. Clients can hire you for tasks like thumbnail design, prompt writing, AI artist, logo making, etc.
  1. Print-on-Demand Business: This is a very trendy business model at the moment, as people are really excited by the idea of having a hassle-free online store. With websites like Shopify or Tee Republic, all you have to do is choose a product like a bag or a t-shirt and upload your AI-generated designs on such products. When your product gets purchased, all you have to do is pay the website its manufacturing cost, and they will handle the rest.
  2. Designing and Selling Book Covers: You can design and sell your own diary or book covers in so many ways. Even on freelance websites, you can find such projects, or you can offer individuals and businesses that have such requirements.
  1. Designing Comics or Story Books: If you have an interesting story to share or a character you would like to put out in the world, AI art generators can act as a major support system in your journey. All you have to do is bring your art to life with the help of the AI art generator tool of your choice and then sell it on Amazon or to any other publisher of your choice.

This list is just a drop in the pond, meaning it is just a of activities on how you can use AI art generators to earn money online. There are so many more things, like posters, stickers, to-do lists, NFTs, etc. You are probably thinking of 5 more ideas that pop into your head. Your imagination does not have any limitations, but maybe so doesn’t AI, so I suggest finally trying something creative you have been putting off for a long time.

Is It Legal To Sell AI-Generated Art?

AI Image girl; AI Art Generators

Though there are no clear copyright or intellectual property rights laws related to AI yet, it may also depend on the AI art generator you are using or the plan you have purchased in the AI model. For example, when Adobe sensed people having legality concerns, they introduced an indemnity clause stating that Adobe would pay any copyright claims related to works generated in Adobe Firefly.

If someone put this question in your head or naturally, then you’ll find in this paragraph what you need to do to make sure that the whole process goes organically and ethically.

It is not as scary or complicated as it sounds. You just need to make sure of two main things.

  1. Honesty: Your art should be your idea. It won’t work if you use any AI art made by some other artist.
  2. Watermark: Make sure to watermark your art. You won’t need this where all you are doing is making a design for some product, but if you are planning to sell the image itself, then watermarking until it’s sold the image will probably be a good idea.

Deep AI is another easy-to-use AI art generator that has stated in its terms of service page that all content created using its AI tools will be free of copyright.

Where to Stay Up-To-Date About AI?

If you are also an AI enthusiast and like to keep track of its evolving market, or you just like to stay up-to-date on your AI resources, Here are some ways to always be one step ahead of others:-

  1. Newsletters and Blogs – You can find the option to subscribe to the latest notifications by any AI company on their official website. After enrolling, they will email you all the necessary news and updates. 
  2. Researchers and influencers – Researchers and influencers are the other sources of information regarding this topic. You can follow multiple influencers or researchers on social media who make content in the same niche. This is a very easily accessible way to get updated on the AI industry.
  3. Online communities – There are numerous online communities like Discord or Reddit. People are very eager to share their opinions and reviews on such platforms. So there, you can get a first-hand review of such experiences.

Wrapping Up

Ai Money; AI Art Generator

In this article, “13 AI Art Generators That Will Make You Rich in 2024,” we have only covered one aspect of how AI can help you break out of this fear. Additionally, there is a wide variety of AI programs that can help you earn in different fields of work, regardless of teams or excessive manpower, as AI can do much more than just art.

AI is such a fast-paced industry that is planning and does have the potential to be of great use in almost all the fields that exist out there. From Art to Law or Schooling to security, AI has something or some service to offer everyone.

That is why people are afraid that AI might steal their jobs. But you don’t need to worry as AI is far imperfect with its reserves of knowledge and how to use it, so it does and will need personal supervision for a long time before it can work independently. Also, if you are a TikTok influencer, check out this link here to learn to use AI at your advantage.

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