Adopt Me Pride Month Update 2023 is Here: Pride Flags, New Items & Events

Adopt Me Pride month

Get ready to embark on a rainbow-colored adventure as we dive into the exciting Adopt Me Pride month festivities in Roblox. Throughout the month of June, Adopt Me radiates love, inclusivity, and all things Pride, making it the perfect time to spread the message of equality and embrace the beauty of being true to yourself. Let’s know every little detail about the Pride month update in Roblox Adopt Me.

From vibrant parades to special events and rainbow-themed goodies, the game is buzzing with excitement. If you want to know new features and updates on Roblox Adopt Me Pride month, you just have to check this article out once.

Almost all games celebrities this special Pride month, be it Valorant, Minecraft, or Overwatch. It’s time for us to know about our favorite Adopt Me Pride month update. Let’s know everything, from how to get Pride flags in Adopt Me to its new features and pets.

Adopt Me Pride Month Update 2023: Start Date & End Date

Adopt Me Pride Month Updates 2023 | Pride Flags, New Items, Start Date & End Date

Adopt Me Pride month started on June 1, 2023, and will end in 2 weeks, that is till June 15, 2023. Adopt Me has already released many new changes and updates as the Pride month has already started.

Adopt Me Pride Month Start Date – June 1, 2023.

Adopt Me Pride Month End Date – June 15, 2023.

Know about all new and the latest Adopt Me Pride month updates by scrolling down below.

All New Adopt Me Pride Month Updates: Items, Pet, & Fixes

Adopt Me Pride Month Updates 2023 | Pride Flags, New Items, Start Date & End Date

From Pride flags to Pet accessories, you can check out all the latest Adopt Me Pride updates here in this section. Not just new items of accessories, but Adopt Me has made major fixes and new interfaces; check them all out.

New Adopt Me Pride Month Items Update

Adopt Me Pride Month Updates 2023 | Pride Flags, New Items, Start Date & End Date

On Adopt Me Stand, you can find the following new items for this Pride:

  • Sixteen new 2023 Pride flags
  • Rainbow Popsicle Friend 
  • Rainbow Cake Chew Toy
  • Pride Wand Rattle
  • Pride Paw Flying Disc
  • Pride Balloons
  • All for 50 Bucks each!

New Adopt Me Pride Month Pet

Adopt Me Pride Month Updates 2023 | Pride Flags, New Items, Start Date & End Date

This Pride month in Adopt Me is going to bring a brand new pet called Caelum Cervi! This new Adopt Me Pride pet called Caelum Cervi is a new winged deer pet that is available for 650 Robux.

New Adopt Me Pride Month Fixes

Adopt Me Pride Month Updates 2023 | Pride Flags, New Items, Start Date & End Date

Along with new flags, pets, and items for this Pride, Adopt Me has made some changes and fixes along with the Pride updates. Take a look below.

Fixes of New Adopt Me Pride Month:

  • If you change your pet while they’re drinking a Ride or Fly potion, the potion will still stay in your inventory.
  • The front feet of the Ribbon Seal will no longer flip when you hold it.
  • A pop-up message will now appear to let players know if the price of a stand changes while they’re buying it.
  • The Reindeer leash will no longer cause models to appear far away.
  • The Crescent Moon Car has been adjusted to fit in the tunnel between the Neighborhood and Adoption Island.
  • Pets with sealed salon paint or wearing accessories will now be displayed correctly on Display Stands.
  • Stool tops will no longer fall off in the School

How To Get Pride Flags In Adopt Me?

Adopt Me Pride Month Updates 2023 | Pride Flags, New Items, Start Date & End Date

Now that you know Adopt Me Pride month has bought in a lot of new Pride flags, let’s know how to obtain them. Check my easy steps below and follow them one by one to successfully get the Pride flags in Adopt Me.

Steps To Get Pride Flags In Adopt Me –

  1. Launch the Roblox Adopt Me game on your preferred platform.
  2. Navigate to the main game screen and open your backpack or inventory.
  3. Click on the “Shop” icon to access the in-game store.
  4. Look for the section that features decorative items, which may include flags and banners.
  5. Browse through the available options and search for “Pride” or “Rainbow” flags.
  6. Once you find the desired Pride flag, click on it to see more details and the price.
  7. If you have enough in-game currency (Robux), you can purchase the flag by clicking on the “Buy” or “Purchase” buttons.
  8. After successfully purchasing the Pride flag, it will be added to your inventory.
  9. Return to your backpack or inventory, locate the Pride flag, and click on it to equip or place it in your virtual home.
  10. Voila! You now have a Pride flag in Adopt Me to celebrate and show your support during Adopt Me Pride month or any time you wish

Wrapping Up

Adopt Me Pride month celebration is a fantastic opportunity to spread love, acceptance, and unity within the game’s vibrant community. With an array of colorful decorations, outfits, and activities, players can express their support for the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate the values of diversity and inclusivity. Whether you’re adorning your pets with Pride flags, participating in parades, or simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, Adopt Me provides a safe and joyful virtual space for players to come together and embrace the spirit of Pride Month. 

Happy Pride Month, Everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Adopt Me’s Pride Month In-Game Event?

Adopt Me’s Pride Month event is a special celebration held in June to promote inclusivity, diversity, and love within the game. It features various Pride-themed decorations, outfits, activities, and opportunities for players to express their support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Q2. Are There Any Special Activities Or Events During Adopt Me’s Pride Month?

Yes, Adopt Me typically organizes special activities and events during Pride Month. These may include parades, themed quests, competitions, or mini-games that allow players to come together and celebrate the spirit of Pride Month in a fun and interactive way.

Q3. Can I Trade Or Gift Pride Items To Other Players In Adopt Me?

Yes, if the Pride items are tradable, you can trade or gift them to other players in Adopt Me. However, not all items may be tradable, so it’s important to check the item’s trading status before attempting any transactions.

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