GogoPDF: A Brief Guide on Adding Page Numbers to PDF Documents Online

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GogoPDF is one of the most efficient PDF editors today as it does not require any app installation. You can access this cloud-based platform just by surfing the Internet. It offers almost all the tools you need for customizing and modifying your PDFs.

Add Page Numbers to a PDF Document in 4 Easy Steps

Editing PDFs might sound quite challenging for some, but with PDFBear, you modify a PDF all you want with ease. This article will be focusing on numbering pages to a Portable Document Format. Here is the brief procedure on how to add page numbers to PDF documents.

Step 1

The first step to begin this process is to prepare a working computer or an Android smartphone and connect it to a stable internet connection. Once you are all set, navigate your device to the internet browser app and type ‘GogoPDF’ on the search box. The first link address on the results should be GogoPDF’s official website, so click on it.

Once you are on GogoPDF’s home page, you have to look for the ‘Number Pages’ button. Scroll down up to the bottom part of the screen and click on the last rectangular box. After that, you will be instantly redirected to the platform’s page numbering online tool.

Step 2

The next step is to upload the PDF document that you want to modify. There are two ways to upload files to GogoPDF’s cloud servers. The first method applies to computers and Android devices. Click the button in the middle of the screen with a ‘Select Files’ text and choose your desired PDF file to add page numbers.

The second way to upload a PDF document only applies to laptops and desktops. Navigate to the folder that contains the file you want to edit. Drag and drop it from that folder to the site’s designated uploading box. This process usually takes a few minutes, or maybe lesser, depending on your internet connection.

Step 3

After uploading your desired PDF document, you can begin modifying it. You can choose between the available options on where you want to place the page numbers. It is either on the top-center, bottom-center, upper-right and left, or lower-left and right.

Once you have finished deciding what part of the page you want the pages to appear, save all your PDF changes. Wait for an instant while GogoPDF’s system is generating a download link.

Step 4

The last step to finish this process is to download the PDF file with page numbers on it. To save the modified PDF to your device, you can click the ‘Download’ button or the generated link shown on the screen. You can even send it through email or share it with one of your social media accounts like Google Drive.

What are the Benefits of Using GogoPDF?

Secured Transactions

One of the benefits that GogoPDF boasts most is its high-end security technology. It is guaranteed to provide safe and encrypted transactions. You will be at ease whenever you want to modify your PDFs. Plus, GogoPDF also has a unique feature that will automatically wipe all your shared data on its cloud servers after an hour.

Quick Processes

Another excellent feature about GogoPDF is its speedy processes. It is one of the fastest PDF editors on the internet. For as quick as five minutes, you get to modify your documents. So, if you need to do something with your PDFs instantly, GogoPDF is the best platform for you.

All-around Compatibility

GogoPDF is one of the most accessible PDF editors on the internet as it is highly compatible with any computer that runs Linux, Mac, or Windows operating systems. It also supports any tablet or smartphone as long as it is running the Android OS.

High-quality Results

If you want to customize your PDF but does not want to compromise its resolution or quality, then you are in the right place. GogoPDF offers the best online tools for customizing and editing PDFs that guarantee high-end results.

Straightforward Interface

If it is your first time editing a PDF document, GogoPDF is the best online tool. This platform has one of the most straightforward interfaces for modifying PDFs throughout the internet. It even has short but brief instructions on its website to help you with your transactions.


GogoPDF has always been providing excellent services to its users. If you need a hassle-free online tool that can edit, customize, and modify PDF documents, then this platform is the best you got.


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