Activities To Do with the Family During Lockdown

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Since we are spending a lot of time at home, it is important to find something fun and interesting to do to help us to relax and switch away from our work or study. However, even with the many hobbies and activities that you can pick up during lockdown, some are not necessarily ideal for the entire family. Here are some things you can do during a lockdown and have everyone in the family involved.

Host a Game Night

One great thing you can do with the entire family when you are stuck in lockdown is to have a game night. You can choose to play a board game, or a video game, and you can even create bets and penalties to make it more fun. It’s important to choose a game where everyone can play or easily learn the rules to let everyone feel included.

You may feel like a game night will be limited to those in your home but with the help of technology, you can now host a virtual game night with other people as well. There are tons of multiplayer online games that are fun and can be played by everyone. You can also use video chatrooms and communication servers to talk to each other while playing the games.

Try New Recipes

Activities To Do with the Family During Lockdown

Many people have picked up cooking and baking during the lockdown as both a way to feed themselves and keep themselves entertained. If you or someone in your family are already good at cooking, you can try to up your skills by learning a new recipe, whether it is for an entire meal or just one dish. This is also a great way to try new ingredients and new cuisines from different countries that you have never tried before.

When cooking with the family, it is good to have everyone involved, especially younger children. This will be a great way to teach them a new skill, learn more about the food they consume, and teach them responsibilities. Even if everyone in the family is older, it is still great to learn how to cook and bake, even if it is a basic recipe.

Workout at Home

Activities To Do with the Family During Lockdown

It can be hard to stay active during lockdown but that does not mean it is impossible. You can try to do a simple workout routine at home and better yet, have the rest of the family join in. It does not take much to work out when you are at home during lockdown because all you need to enough space to stretch and move around but feel free to add equipment like dumbbells into your routine.

Since the workout routine will be for the entire family, you can try starting with something simple like basic exercises. If your family is used to exercising and being active, you can try harder routines or even come up with challenges. However, be mindful of everyone’s skill set and be careful when doing the workout routine. There are tons of workout apps that will recommend routines for you, but it is best to not follow a routine that can strain yourself or others.

Have a Movie-Watching Party

Activities To Do with the Family During Lockdown

Movies are always a great choice of home entertainment and there are so many movies to choose from now, thanks to streaming sites like Netflix and Disney+. These sites have also provided children-friendly options so that the entire family can join in on the fun. You can watch the movie from anywhere but make sure to have enough space for everyone to be comfortable.

When having a movie-watching party, you can create a setup to have a more cinema-like atmosphere line darkening the room and using surround sound speakers for more immersive audio. You can choose to munch on your favorite snacks during the movie or just go with the classic popcorn but feel free to add any new flavor to the mix. If you are watching with younger children, you can even print out fake tickets with the title of the movie and time to provide them with a more detailed movie-watching experience.

Redecorate the House

Activities To Do with the Family During Lockdown

As you spend more time at home, you will start to get inspiration to redecorate the place. Whether it is to change the vibe of the place or make it more practical for your new at-home lifestyle, redecorating the house is a great way to keep yourself and your family entertained. You can do something as simple as moving your furniture around to change the layout of your room, or go to the extreme and do a full makeover with a new paint job, such as a creative piece of art with a wall mural.

Redecorating the house is not just limited to buying new furniture or decorations because you can also design and make your own décor from scratch. Many people have started on DIY projects during a lockdown and there are tons of fun things that you can create with your own hands. Some projects are also child-friendly so you can get younger kids involved and help them learn a new skill or two. It is also great because they will also gain something tangible in the end which will create a sense of accomplishment.


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